Top 4 best laptop for students under 40000 in india 2021 – by Experts

Are you looking for the Best Laptop for students under 40000 ? Here, you would get help to make a decision that which laptop would be perfect for you?

As you are knowing that Nowadays Every type of Student needs one laptop for doing the better study. Almost, Every type of study has been transferred from offline to online due to lockdown.

So, in such a situation, there is most necessary to have the best laptop for students of School, college, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, Btech CSE, Architecture, BCA, Computer science, MBA, electrical engineering students, Programming, etc.

You should choose the right laptop, so that you may not get any problem in the future such as the Hanging problem, Lag while doing some work, Slow speed, etc.

So, You don`t have to worry about it, we have done comprehensive research on the Best budget laptop for students with a powerful processor, RAM, Disk drives, Battery life, Display quality, etc.

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best laptop for students under 40000

We have mentioned the list of Top 4 laptops for the students with the pros and cons of each laptop from the list. So, that would be easier for you to make a decision that which would be the perfect laptop for you at this price.

Note :- After every laptop`s image from the list, we have given a link of the Amazon website as you know. So, make sure to check out.

#1. ASUS VivoBook 14 – Intel Core i3 & 8GB RAM  Best Laptop for student under 40000

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  •  Intel Core i3 processor
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • 10th Generation
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Upgradable up to 12GB
  • 1 TB HDD + 128 GB SSD
  • OS Windows 10
  • 3.4 GHz Max Processing speed
  • Screen sizes of 14 inches
  • FHD Anti-glare Display
  • 6 Hours of Average battery life
  • 1.60 KG of laptop`s weight
  • Backlit with chicklet Keyboard
  • 1 Year of warranty

Processor (Performance)

If we know about the processor of this Asus Vivobook 14 model X415JA-EK092TS, then it comes with Intel Core i3 with dual-core & 3.4 GHz processing speed. 

The processor of this laptop is of 10th Generation which can be known as the latest Generation only because currently the 11th Generation is the latest. Therefore, there is not much difference.

However, If we know how the processor is given then it has a Great quality intel processor with the latest Generation. So, it is a powerful processor which provides top-quality performance.

Memory & Storage Features

In this Asus laptop, there is 8 GB of RAM given which is of the latest Technology of DDR4 type. And the great feature available is that you can upgrade the RAM of a laptop up to 12 GB in the future, whenever you need to do more multitasking.

So, there is enough RAM available in this laptop to perform a multitasking process easily. Here, Multitasking means that you can open more an application/software in a one time and can do the process, as you might be knowing.

If we see about the Storage, then there are amazing features given in this laptop. Since there are two types of Storage given and they are HDD and SSD Storage.

There is a 1 TB of storage and 256 GB of SSD storage available which is an amazing feature provided by the Asus Brand. Generally, Every brand of laptop provides only one type of storage that is either HDD or SSD.

But this has both types of storage which has two ways of advantages. Firstly, you get more storage of a total of 1256 GB of Storage.

Secondly, Due to SSD Storage, the Read and write speed would be very fast and the boot time of the laptop would be also very fast. So, there are double benefits when it comes to storage in this laptop.

Display and Battery backup Features

There are 14 inches screen sizes which is a Full HD with Anti-glare Display quality, so due to FHD, there would be better graphics. Due to the Anit-glare screen, there is the protection of the eyes and provides much better accuracy of colors.

So, the quality of a display is good enough which students can use for a long time also if they need it.

According to the Brand, the average battery backup of this laptop is 6 hours which is good enough, if you have to use it in your home at one place. But if you have to shift daily or weekly by carrying a device and using it, then this much is not enough.

So, if you think that this much is not enough for you then you can look at other laptops from the list.

Fingerprint sensor

By the way, Asus provides Fingerprint Reader features in almost every laptop Which is available on this laptop also. So, it is one of the great features which increases security as well as to make stylish.

This feature is much popular in a smartphone and gradually in a laptop device also. Since the fingerprint sensor features have not shown in the images and also not written in the description of amazon.

But when the laptop would come to your come, there would be a fingerprint sensor with the same laptop. Because we have been experienced this issue. By mistake, they have not shown fingerprint Reader Features.

Build quality, Keyboard, Software & warranty

This Laptop comes with transparent natural silver color and it has slim bezels, thin and lightweight laptop with 1.60 KG. So, overall the laptops looks very nice and have attractive looks.

In this laptop, there is a backlit keyboard which helps to type easily even in a dark situation also. Also, there is a chicklet type of keyboard given which provides a good feeling while typing.

This Asus Vivobook 14 X415JA-EK092TS comes with pre-loaded Window 10 Home original Operating software. If we know about the warranty, then it has a 1 years of onsite warranty.

Pros and cons of a Best Asus Laptop for Students under 40000

  • Fingerprint Sensor Features

  • 8 GB of RAM

  • Upgradable RAM

  • More Storage capacity + SSD Type of Strage

  • Backlit & Chicklet Keyboard

  • Only 6 hours of battery backup

#2. Lenovo Best Laptop for students under 40000

Best Laptop under 40000 for students of Lenovo

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  • Intel Core i5 processor (4 core)
  • 10th Generation
  • RAM of 8GB (DDR4)
  • Upgradable up to 16GB RAM
  • 1000 GB of HDD
  • 3.6 GHz max processing speed
  • 15.6 inches of screen size
  • Full HD Display with Anti-glare technology
  • 6 hours average battery life
  • Windows 10 Home Software
  • Chicklet Keyboard
  • 1.85 KG of laptop`s weight
  • 1 year of domestic warranty

Processor, Memory/Storage Features

If we share about the processor of this Lenovo Laptop, then it has an intel core i5 processor with Quad-core & 3.6 GHz processing speed which is a powerful processor at this budget.

We don`t think that any reputed brand provides i5 processor of best laptop for students under 40000. It has the 10th Generation of a processor which is the latest generation and the overall processor and generation of this Lenovo laptop is very good.

There is a RAM of 8GB which is of the latest technology of DDR4 type and this RAM can be upgraded up to 16GB. So, it has the capability to upgrade memory, whenever you have to do more multitasking. By the way, this much RAM is enough to do your every kind of work even normal gaming also.

In this Lenovo Ideapad S145 Laptop, there is a 1000 GB of Hard disk Drive provided by the Lenovo brand. So, there is enough storage available to store Data.

Display & Battery Backup Features

This laptop has 15.6 inches of big screen sizes which is comfortable for every type of students or user. There is an FHD (Full high definition) Display with Anti-glare technology given in this laptop.

So, due to FHD Display, you would be able to see the images or videos on a laptop with much better clarity and accurate colors. And due to the Anti-glare Technology, you would be able to use the laptop even for a long time because there would not be any problem with your eyes.

So, there is the same battery backup in this Lenovo laptop as the above Asus laptop of 6 Hours of average battery backup. Generally, In almost every type of laptop, battery backup is given something around this much only.

Build Quality, software, and warranty

This Lenovo laptop proceeds with Platinum Grey colors which gives a premium feel while touching a laptop. It is a very thin, slim, and lightweight laptop with 1.85 KG. So, the build quality and design of a laptop is wonderful.

There is a Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home software given in this laptop for a lifetime validity and 1 year of warranty like almost every laptop. So, there would not be any problem related to software and warranty.

Pros and cons of the best laptop under 40000 for Students in india

  • Very powerful i5 processor at this Budget

  • More RAM Capacity

  • Expandale RAM Memory

  • Better Quality of Display and Screen size

  • No backlit Keyboard which may create problem while typing in a dark situation

  • Only 6 Hours of Normal battery backup

Best laptop for programming under 60000

#3. Mi Notebook 14 Intel i3 Processor & 8GB RAM best laptop for college students under 40000

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  • The processor of intel core i3
  • 10th Generation
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 1000 GB HDDD + 256 SSD
  • 4.10 GHz max processing speed
  • 14 inches of display size
  • FHD Anti-glare technology of screen
  • Windows 10 Home OS
  • 10 hours of average battery backup
  • 1.5 Kg of MI Laptop`s weight
  • 1 year of warranty

Processor (Performance)

There is a core i3 processor of the intel with Dual-core & 4.10 GHzmax processor speed brand which is a much popular processor as compared to the other brand of the processor as you might be knowing.

The processor is of 10th generation in this laptop which is the latest-generation only. But as you know the 11th Generation is the latest but the 10th Generation would be also much better.

So, the overall performance is much better for this laptop due to the powerful i3 intel brand of processor and 10th Generation of the processor.

Memory and Storage Features

So, the RAM is of the same capacity as the above laptop that is of 8GB RAM with DDR4 type of latest Technology. One of the problems with RAM of this laptop is that it is not expandable RAM.

So, if you think that you would need to upgrade RAM for more multitasking then you should look other laptops from the list. Other than these, it has a great Capacity and Technology of RAM to helps in smoothly tasks and multitasking.

If we know about the Storage then it has as same as 1st Number of Asus Vivobook 14 Laptop. So, it has a 1 TB of HDD Storage and 256 GH of SSD Storage which benefits every kind of user in double ways.

Firstly, as you know that you get a total of 1256 GB of Storage by the combination of Both Storage. Secondly, there is a benefit of SSD Storage which gives fast speed while transferring & Receiving data, quick boot time, and as well as fast performance also. Because operating software is loaded into the Storage only.

Display and Battery Backup Features

There is 14 inches of display sizes which is a Full HD Display with Anti-Glare Technology. So, there is an excellent quality of display which benefits to protect your eyes as well as to delivers quality images with better clarity.

From out Top 4 Best laptop for students under 40000, it is one of the laptops which has 10 hours of average battery backup. So, there is a great time of average battery life in this laptop which is much helpful, if you have to shift and use it.

So, the Xiaomi MI Brand has done the best improvement in the Battery backup.

Build Quality, Software, and Warranty

The MI Notebook 14 laptop is made up of metal material and it has a Natural Silver color which gives premium feeling and makes an designabke and attractable laptop.

It is a very thin, slim and lightweight laptop with 1.5 KG and as well as these, the side bezels of screen are very thin. So, there is a good build quality given which looks very nice.

Also, the most interesting about this MI laptop is that you can open it with only one finger, its great function.

Like an almost every laptop, it has a warranty of 1 year vailidity and have a pre-installed windows 10 Home of operating system which is of latest version of windows.

Pros and cons of Best MI Laptop under 40000 for Students

  • More Storage with two types – HDD & SSD Storage

  • Excellent Average battery backup

  • Lightweigh Laptop

  • Fast Processing speed

  • No Backlit Keyboard given

  • No upgradabel RAM Memory

#4. Dell Best Laptop under 40000 for students

Best Laptop under 40000 for students of Dell


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  • Intel i3 processor
  • 10th Generation
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Upgradable RAM up to 16GB
  • 3.4 GHz processing speed
  • 1TB of Hard Disk Drive
  • 15.6 inches of display
  • FHD Anti-glare LED Display Quality
  • 6 Hours of Average battery backup
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 1.830 KG of laptop`s weight
  • One Year of warranty

Processor & Memory/Storage Features

Like the above laptop, it has an also same configuration as the processor. There is an intel core i3 Processor with Dual-core and 3.4 GHz max processor speed which is of 10th Generation. So, the overall processor is of good quality and powerful with the latest 10th Generation.

There is an 8GB of RAM which is DDR4 technology and this much RAM is sufficient for every kind of student even if you do programming. So, it would help for better multitasking.

The RAM of this laptop is upgradable up to 16 GB so that you can upgrade it if you need it in the future.

In this Dell laptop, there is a 1000 GB of Hard Disk Drive given which has more storage to store data but HDD is not fast. By the way, almost in every laptop, you see that if there is HDD then the storage is more.

Whereas if there is an SSD storage then the storage is low. So, the same pattern of configuration in Storage has applied to this laptop.

Display & Battery Backup Features

If we look at the display, then there is a big size of the screen which is 15.6 inches. The Display is a Full HD (1920 x 1080 Resolution) Anti-glare LED Backlight WVA (Wide viewing angle) Display and there are narrow bezels.

So, there is an excellent quality of display which would deliver better images or videos and helps your eyes from strain due to

As an upwards laptop, it has also the same average battery backup of 6 hours. So, the battery backup is good enough if you have to stay at home and use it. But if you think that these much is not enough then see the next laptop in this Top 5 Best Laptop for students under 40000.

Build quality, software, and warranty

This Dell Inspiron 3501 comes in natural silver colors and it has slim bezels. It is thin, slim, and has attractive looks and designs which give a premium feel while touching it.

It has a total weight of 1.83 KG which is considered lightweight because we can`t say that it is much heavier or much lighter weight. So, there is an average weight of a laptop which you can carry and travel anywhere.

There is a windows 10 Home operating/system software for lifetime validity and 1 year of warranty given in this laptop.

Pros and Cons of a Best Dell Laptop under 40000 for students

  •   More RAM of 8GB

  • Upgradable RAM Memory

  • Big sizes of screen

  • Excellent quality of Display

  • No Backlit Keyboard

  • Low average battery backup if you have to shift daily or weekly

Best lenovo laptop with i5 processor and 8GB RAM

Buying Guide For the Best Laptop for Students under 40000

By the way, We have mentioned a top 4 list of laptop by looking the Buying guide and Minimum Criteria only. But if you would like to know that What should you consider before buying a Best laptop under 40000 For students then you can keep reading.

Following are the Minimum criteria to buy a Best laptop under that Budget Price for students :-

Processor :- The overall price of every laptop around 35000 – 40000. So, we should go with the Intel brand of the processor which is much better & Popular in India. By the way, the Ryzen processor is also good but most of the experts suggest that you should go for Ryzen if you buy a laptop at around low price such as 30000. So, the processor of intel should be at least of core i3, and as much as a high configuration that much performance would be better.

RAM :- I hope that you might be knowing about the importance of RAM. So, there should be at least 8GB of RAM of latest technology of DDR4 which can help you to work smoothly and faster.

Storage :- As you might be knowing that mostly two types of Storage comes with a laptop/pc and they are HDD and SSD. So, we suggest to looks for SSD because it is a very fast storage and increases performance and boot time also.

The SSD storage helps to transfer and receive files very fast compared to the HDD Storage. But you get less Storage in an SSD. And more storage in an HDD but HDD is too slow. So, in some of the laptop from the Top 4 laptop of list, we have mentioned a laptop which has a both type of storage. So, you should go with that two types of storage.

Display :- There should be at least inches of Screen sizes for every type of user. And if we know that what should be the Display quality for the Best laptop for students under 40000, then there should be at least FHD Display ( 1920 x 1080 Resolution). Also, if there would be Anti-glare then it would be much better for your eyes and clarity.

Battery Backup :- How many hours of battery backup should be there a laptop under 40000 ? The answer of this question is depends on you. We means to say that if you have to use a laptop by staying at home or only one places then no need of more battery backup, 6 hours is enough. But if you have to shift and use it then there should be at least 9 hours of average battery backup.

Operating System & Warranty :- Currently, Windows 10 is the latest version operating software of Microsoft windows. So, there should be at least version of windows 10 which is known as latest. And if we know about the warranty in buying guide of laptop, then there should be at least  year of warranty as almost every laptop provides.

Conclusion on Best laptop under 40000 for students

Finally, We hope that you would be able to make a decision that which one should you buy? After doing many hard works in comprehensive research, we have mentioned a list of Best laptop for the students at the budget price of 40000.

So, we have tried to explain about the best laptop in detail with the Pros and cons of each laptop. Also, we have mentioned a laptop of various brand of laptop, so that according to your wishes you can select.

If there would be any problem or want to ask about any query then make sure to comment or contact us. We would try to help as soon as possible the answer to your query.

Also, make sure to comment to tell that how these articles benefited you?

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