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Almost all individuals use mobiles, and speakers are one of the essential features of these devices. But sometimes, it doesn’t work properly because of many reasons.

fix my speaker remove dust

Are you also suffering from the “mobile’s speaker not working” issue? Are you also curious to know about the causes and solutions for the mobile speaker not working?

You came to the right article as here I will dive you through all the reasons and solutions behind this problem. Get to the end of this article to fix my speaker of the phone.

Can you fix my speaker if not working due to any issue or water/ dust/ fallen?

Yes, you can fix your mobile speaker if it is not working for any reason. But first of all, you need to hunt for the reason behind this. There are various ways to fix it-

  • Update the software
  • Disabling the do not disturb feature. 
  • Rebooting the device. 
  • Moving to the service centre. 
  • Adjusting the volume, etc.

What happen to speaker if phone falls down onto water?

It can cause a considerable amount of damage to your mobile. Your mobile can stop working entirely, or its partial functions won’t work. 

But if you dry out your mobile just after it falls onto water, it might work properly. 

What happen if dust inserted in your phone speaker?

If dust is inserted into your speaker, your speaker might not work properly. To make your mobile work properly, you must first clean the speaker grills. 

Why my speaker of phone is not working?

There can be n number of reasons why the speaker of your phone doesn’t work. The most common grounds behind this are-

Dust :- With this, dust and other materials got collected in the speaker grills. This can also hinder the volume of your device. 

Application glitch :- Various applications are not good for our devices. That’s why the speaker of the device doesn’t work properly. 

The software not updated :-The old version of the software can also be the reason behind your device’s speaker not working. 

Do not disturb:- Do not disturb is a feature that silents your device according to your instructions. So if you have enabled the do not disturb feature, the speaker might not work. 

Water :- If any liquid is inserted into your device, your entire device won’t work properly. So dry it out and then clean it with a clean cloth. 

Bluetooth :- The mobile speaker also doesn’t work when connected to Bluetooth, headphones or any other device. So check if you have disconnected this stuff first. 

How to fix my Speaker of iphone & android?

1. Try switching to safe mode

Often we download various applications on our mobile, but let me tell you that they can also create speaker problems. 

So you can use the safe mode on your device to-

– Troubleshoot the problem

– Deleting the problem-causing applications. 

How to activate the safe mode on your device?

The process is simple –

  • Hold power button for some second to switch off your device.
  • Now, switch on the device.
  • Once you see your device’s logo and model, start pressing down the volume down button. You must press this until you see your home screen.

Look at the bottom side, there you’ll see the safe mode. It will represent that your mobile has entered the safe mode.

fix my speaker dust clean sound

After this, all the applications that you’ve installed will be disabled.

2. Try Hard Reboot

Performing a hard reboot on your device is the most common way to fix the speaker issue on android devices. Turning the device off and on can solve the issues interfering with the mobile’s speaker. 

With this, this solution has no risk, so you can perform it without any worries. 

How to perform a hard reboot on your device?

Well, it’s easy to do – you just need to use the power button. Hold the power button for rebooting the mobile. 

The second way to do this is using the on-screen options. Click on the reboot feature on your screen.

fix my speaker for dust

3. Check for Software update

The developers regularly send software updates so the users won’t face any problems. So check if there is any software update available or not. If available, download the software first because there are chances that the old version is interfering with your device’s speaker. 

How can you check if there is any software update?

For Android users-

  • Move to your device’s settings and then look for the “software update” option. 
fix my speaker eject dust
  • Go to that, and you’ll know if there is any update. 

For iOS device users-

  • Open the settings and hunt for the ” general” option. 
fix my call speaker dust android
  • Click on it and then on “software update”. 
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  • The updates are mentioned there, so if there are any, you’ll find them. 

4.Try adjusting the volume of your phone

Sometimes, people are concerned about the problem of speakers, but in reality, there is no such problem. 

At times, the speaker of the device doesn’t work because you’ve set the volume to zero or the volume is too low to be heard. 

So the only thing you need to do is adjust your device’s volume. Your problem might get solved.

5. Clean the Speaker Grills

With time, dust, dead skin cells, etc. Particles get collected in the speaker vents of devices. This collection can interfere with the sound system of the device. 

clean my speaker dust sound

So it is required to clean the speaker frills. It is highly suggested that you should take experts help in cleaning the grills. Doing it on your own can harm your device. 

But still, if you wanna clean it yourself, follow the guide-

  • Clean the speakers and the space near them lightly with a clean cloth.

6.Try by using fix my speaker type of app

There are various apps available on the google play store and app store to solve the issue of ” speakers not working”. You can download these apps to fix the speaker’s not working problem. 

fix my android

Some of these apps are-

  • Speaker cleaner
  • Fix my speakers
  • Fast speaker cleaner, etc.

7. Check for Any Application Glitch

Users often face the “speaker isn’t working” problem after downloading an app. If you notice that the speaker has stopped working after downloading an app, then delete the app because it’s not suitable for your device. 

Safe mode is the best option if you don’t know which particular app is causing the problem. But take backup as once you enter the safe mode, it will disable all the apps you’ve installed. 

Second option-

Try using a different app and see if the speaker is working or not. If it’s working on other applications properly, you can delete the application it’s not working on.

8. Check Do not disturb option

Do not disturb is an option that silents your device at particular times. If you’ve enabled it, your speaker won’t work. So check it first. 

Steps to disable it-

  • Tap on the settings icons and head on to “notification”. 
  • Go to general and then select “do not disturb”. 
  • Disable it. 
fix my speaker com android

Note – the do not disturb feature works according to your preferences. So also look at the preferences that you have set. 

9. Try Formatting your phone

Formatting your device is also an effective way to solve the ‘speaker isn’t working” matter. So try formatting your device. 

How to format?

  • Head on to the settings and to the reset options. 
  • Choose “erase all data” (factory reset). (It is given at the bottom). 
speaker dust cleaning sound online
  • Now, you need to confirm your password to proceed.
  • A warning pop-up will be displayed on your screen, saying that all your data will be erased.
call speaker dust cleaning sound

10. Go to the service center

If any of the above methods are unable to fix your speaker, you should go to the service centre. 

Experts in the service center will fix the speaker ( only if it can be fixed).

How to clean my speaker of phone if dust inserted?

Curious to know how you can clean the speaker grills? 

It is highly recommended not to clean the speaker on your own. But if you still want to clean it on your own, use a clean cloth. Don’t use water or other liquid substances, as they can worsen the condition.

How to fix phone speaker water damage?

Here’s what might help you-

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to take out the water from your device. 
  • Hair dryer: it is also a great option if you want to dry your device. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to remove all the water. However, the duration of removal also depends on the amount of water in your mobile. 
  • Rice: if you don’t have a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner, you can also put your mobile in the rice. Rice will absorb all the water from your device.

You can also go to the service centre as they will remove the water from your device.

FAQ on Fix my speaker

How fix my speaker calling?

There are various procedures to fix the speaker calls. Some of the common ones are-
– Reset the sound feature, disable do not disturb mode, disconnect Bluetooth, clean the speakers, reboot the mobile, and many more.

How do I reset my phone speaker?

Restarting the speaker is an easy process. Here is the thing you are required to do-
– Hold the volume and power button for some seconds (at least six). 
– Then reset the device, and all your functions, including the speaker, will be set to the factory settings.

Can I fix my Speaker?

Yes, you can fix your mobile’s speaker by various methods. I’ve given all details of those methods above.

What should I do if i`m not able to fix?

Not able to fix your speaker? Take it easy; just visit the service centre. They’ll solve your worries regarding the speaker of your mobile.

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