How to change shopify store name? 2022 Step by Step

Do you also want to know that how to change shopify store name? If yes then you are at the right place to know the procedure of changing your store name on Shopify.

Shopify is one of the best platform which allows the merchant to sell their product by creating a website on its platform. When you would have created your shopify account on the shopify platform then you would have entered there Store name, right?

How to change shopify store name

But you would have might be entered the wrong store name in a hurry or due to some reason, you think and want to rename your Shopify store.

Because store name is the name through which customer knows about the store and its authority. So, if there is a need of changes of shopify store name then you should change it immediately.

So, lets know firstly that Is it possible to change store name of shopify? If yes then how to change shopify store name step by step? Therefore, lets know about its full information.

Can i change my shopify store name?

Yes, you can easily change your shopify store name by following some procedures. As you know that the store name which you enters while creating the shopify store then that store name also creates the subdomain with shopify.

For example; if you would have entered the store name – extradevice then the store website URL be then this url will not change.

Only the store name will be changed which displays on your shopify store. I hope that changing the shopify store url and store name would have been cleared.

Now, let`s know that when you should change your Shopify store? So, lets know about it.

Why & When you must change your Shopify store?

  • Competitor similarities:- If your Shopify store name is the same as the other merchant then in this case, you should definitely change your Shopify store name. Because the customer will not be able to know your store clearly. Or if the spelling is different but the pronunciation is the same as the store name as compared to your competitor then also you should change it.
  • Mistakes in-store name:-  If there is some spelling mistake, or there is a difficulty in pronouncing the word or the store name is not cleared and unsuitable then you should change it.

These are some common reasons due to which you must rename your Shopify store name. Now, let’s know that how to change store name on your Shopify if you want to update it.

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How to change shopify store name?

There are two ways through which you can rename your store name on your shopify commerce website. They are through the smartphone by using Shopify mobile application and using the admin website on a desktop.

So, you can follow any methods whichever you feel suitable to update the Shopify store name. Therefore, let`s know it and we have mentioned step by step procedure with the screenshots to make you understand easily.

How to change store name on shopify through admin website?

Follow the below procedure for updating the shopify store name using admin panel:-

  • Go to your shopify store admin panel.
  • Click to the setting option which is located on the left bottom side as you can see in the below screenshot.

  • Click to the General option which is located at the first number from the various option. This option allows view and update your store details.

  • Click to your store name and then you can rename your shopify store by removing the existing store name as the cursor starts blinking.

  • Scroll below down and click on the save button.

These are the following steps that will help you to delete your current Shopify store name and to update the new shopify store. In this way, you would have known well that how to change shopify store name using admin panel?

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How to Update store name in Shopify through app on mobile?

Follow the procedure to know that how to change Shopify store through application:-

  • Open your Shopify store mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Click to the Store option on the right side bottom as you can see in the below screenshot.

  • Tap to the setting option.

  • Click to the general option.

  • Tap to the store name and then delete the existing store and then type your new Shopify store.

  • Finally, click on the save button the new Shopify store name will be updated to your Shopify store.

These are the following steps by following which enable you to rename the shopify store name through the shopify mobile application.

Since, there are two possible methods for removing the existing store name and to update new shopify store which we have mentioned in this article. Now, let`s know about some of the frequently asked questions related to the changing shopify store name.

FAQ on How to change shopify store name

How do I change my Shopify URL?

You cannot change your shopify store url of subdomain which is created as or even if you use the custom domain then also there is impossible to change the URL.

But if your shopify store is on the subdomain then you can easily shift to your shopify online store from subdomain to the custom domain which you will need to purchase.

How to remove shopify from url?

When you create your Shopify store account for the first time on the Shopify platform then you are asked to enter the store name. So, the name which you entered in the Shopify store name also creates the subdomain like

You want to remove Shopify from the url, right? So, you will need to add custom domain which you will need to purchase. A custom domain on the shopify store makes your store very professionally and helps customers to find easily.

Does your shopify store name matter?

Yes, your shopify store name matter too much in your online business. Your shopify store name should be easy to read, easy to understandable & clear, pronunciation should be cleared, the Store name should be short not too long, And it should be unique.

Conclusion on changing the store name on shopify

I hope that you would have known well that how to change shopify store name? We have provided the detail information by mentioning two methods for updating store name with the help of step bt step procedure and screenshot and videos.

You should change your store name if needed immediately because it may impact on your business and the customers will not be able to understand about your online store.

If you have any query or problem related to the removing existing shopify store name and setuping new shopify store then you can comment below your issue.

We will try to solve your issue anythings that will be related to the shopify store, and if you think our article have given some value to you then also read our other articles.

I`m a Founder of Extradevice as well as author of it. I provide helpful content related to the technology through which the issues are solved of the people.

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