Best smart watch under 500 – latest with Great feature 2021

Are you also finding the best smartwatch with smart features only under the Rs.500? If yes then you are at the right place to know the best smart watch under 500.

As you are knowing that Watch is very popular to increase the smartness of the boys or girls which gives us an awesome feeling. As well as this, front guys are also attracts to the person who wears watch, Am i right?

Smart watch under 500

Nowadays, almost the youth of this generation are not wearing the traditional watch which is simple just to see the time. All of them want Smart watch which gives us many smart features.

By the way, smartwatches provide all features like smartphone and external features like tracking activities but the features depend on the Price of the smart watch because it comes from 500 to 50000.

So, you can guess the features according to the price level. Here you are finding the best smartwatches under 500 only which is a minimum price.

Therefore, accordingly to it only features will be available in the smart watches of 500 below. So, let`s know the top 5 smart watches below 500 and its features.

Is it possible to get smart watch only under the 500?

Since the smartwatch you want to buy at the below price of 500 is a very low amount according to the average price of the smart watch.

But there are many guys who want to wear a smart watch but they can`t afford much amount.

Most of them have doubt that Can we get the smart watch with best features below the 500? So, yes you can get the best smart watches only below the Rs. 500 with many smart features.

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Top 5 Smart watch under 500

Below we have mentioned the list of 5 best smart watches below the price of 500 with details specifications and features given in those watches.

So, you can purchase the smart watches through the given link if you want. After doing a lot of research, the products of the smart watches and their specification with smart features according to the price are given. So, let`s know…

3. Latest Gen ID116 Smart Watch best smart watch with touchscreen under 500


  • Steps tracking while walking
  • Distance tracking
  • Heart rate & blood pressure tracking
  • Sleep monitor & calorie tracking
  • Notifications of calls & message
  • Notification from every social media
  • Battery backup – 24 hours
  • Bluetooth, GPS features are available
  • Water-resistant watch (waterproof) & dustproof
  • Touchscreen device
  • Inbuilt USB Port charger given
  • Watch weight 40 g

This smartwatch comes from a generic brand which makes the good smart watches in even at the low budget. According to the price, it has enough smart features given in this smartwatch below 500 which is excellent.

It tracks your activities of the whole day with the help of the smart sensor such as walking steps, distance, Heart rate, blood pressure, calorie, monitoring of sleeping time etc. which is very useful features for health to any person.

Since, you cannot make calls or receive  but you can receive the notification of your calls and messages. As same, you can recieive the notification message of the various social media app like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter.

It gives a bettery avergae backup of approximate hours which is well according to the price and you get inbuilt usb port to charge the smartwatch.

The most important feature available is water-resistant which works as waterproof means even if the water drops then there will not be any problem.

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2.BEATSYNIZER smart fitness watch for tracking all activity

best smartwatch below 500


  • OLED Display
  • Touchscreen
  • Water-resistant – waterproof
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Step & Distance measurement
  • Receive notification of call & message services
  • Receive notification of social media application
  • Inbuilt USB Port charger
  • Calorie counter
  • Battery backup approximate 2 days
  • 6 months of warranty

Beatsynizer is also good brand in the terms of making a budget low price good smartwatch. Guys, if you find the smartwatch of the popular brand then you won`t find at this low price such as Realme, redmi, samsung etc. smart watch.

In this watch you get almost every normal activity tracker like sleep time, step, distance, heart rate etc. Also you are notified if any calls or messages comes to your mobile.

As well as this, you get the notification of popular social media also which is installed on your phone. Other than these, it has also waterproof which will avoid by spoiling even if the water comes to it.

There is a 6 months of warranty in this beatsynizer smart watch in which you can return for repairing if anythings wrong with this smart watch.

According to the level of price, all features are good such as it has 2-3 days of battery backup.

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1. invicto smart watch for mens & womens under 500

smart watch under 500


  • AMOLED Color display
  • Water-resistant – waterproof
  • Battery backup up to 14 days
  • Battery capacity – 125 mAh
  • Stress monitoring
  • Notification monitoring of calls & message
  • Notification monitoring of social media app
  • Sports tracking
  • Inbuilt USB Charger
  • Running & walking activity tracker
  • Smartwatch weight – 100 g
  •  Women health monitoring monthly period

This invecto brand watch is the best smart watch under 500 with amazing features according to the price level. It has great features like the expensive average smart watch.

It has an AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) color display which helps to display the screen sharply and clearly even when the sunlight comes on it.

The most excellent feature available in this smartwatch is that it has 14 days of battery life which means if you do a single charge then you won`t need to charge it for 14 days.

Other than this, it has Stress monitoring features which will show the status of your stress level which is really amazing. Similarly, it has also other health monitoring features such as BP, heart rate, oxygen level, etc.

If you are a girl then you have a special feature that cares about your menstrual cycle health by monitoring it. So, there is great features about girls.

Other than this, all the normal features are given as in every smartwatch from the list such as sleep time, steps, distance, alarm etc. features.

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FAQ on Smart watch under 500

Which Smart Watch is best under 500?

There are three smartphone which is best under the price of Rs500 which are mentioned in our top 3 list of best smartphone below the 500. Their brands are invicto, Beat synizer, and generic brand which is our recommendation if you want to buy.

The products links are given of below of an each images, so you can purchase that through the amazon. As well as this, all the features are mentioned in details by us.

How do you charge a smartwatch?

By the way, the 3 smart watch which are mentioned in the list, they don`t have any external charger like smartphone or other smart watch. In that smartwatches, there is given USB inbuilt PIN to charge.

Just you have to put the USB PIN to the usb port of mobile charger or Laptop or anything else, then your smart watch will start charging. You may also charge that through the mobile by connecting through the OTG Cable.

Is internet and calling features accessible to the smart watch under 500?

No, you cannot use the internet or calling or message features on the smartwatch which we have mentioned in the top 3 list. By the way, smart watch have a internet and calling features but it is on the higher price.

As you are knowing that you want the smatphone only under the 500 which is a very minimum price, so all the higher level of features you won`t get.

What are the buying guides for the perfect smart watch under 500?

It completely depends on the price level of the smartphone because we can`t provide you the smart watch below the 500 according to the best buying guide.

But however, if you are purchasing the under 500 smart watch then already we have mentioned the product according to the buying guide only.

There should be the touch screen, activity tracking features like sleep, heart beat, Distance, blood pressure tracking etc.

Other than this, there should be the waterproof smart watch, so that it won`t spoils when the water will drop into it.The battery backup also important, so it should be at least 1 days.

Notification of social media application and calling and message features should be included through which you`ll be aware of your important notification.

Conclusion on the smart watch with many features under 500

I hope that you would have liked our the list of top 3 best quality smart watch under 500. After doing a lot of research, we have mentioned the smartphone the below price of 500.

Since, we can`t believe that whether it is possible or not to get the smartphone at the price of under only 500 with touch screen and other many excellent features.

We have tried to provide the list of smartwatch with excellent features as far as possible by looking the specif price.

If you have any query related to the smart watch then you can comment below and ask to us.

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