Top 5 SEO Free Online Courses in 2022

Now a day, the importance of SEO increased fastly in every field of life. Are you interested to
learn SEO with full tactics?

If you want to learn everything about SEO, then SEO-free courses are the best option. You should have to know about SEO online free courses which help a lot to build strong link-ups and credibility of your website.

In this article, we have found and elaborated on the top SEO-free online courses for your better
know-how. By this, you will become able to teach yourself about top SEO courses online freely.
So, let’s start it.

Top SEO Free Online Courses in 2022

There are several free or paid SEO courses available when you come to learn about SEO. But in
our blog, we will discuss those SEO courses which are offered to users online freely.

As we know that you are here to know which the best SEO-free courses are to learn about SEO. So,
let’s move forward to discuss all these courses which are offered freely.

SEO Training for Beginners (Yoast)

It is a top-rated free course for those who are beginners to SEO. This course is best and suitable
mostly for students which are not much familiar with SEO basics.

It starts with the basic principles of SEO and also about its working process. In this course, you will be able to learn about three basic concepts like Introduction to SEO,Content SEO, and Technical SEO. This course helps you a lot if you are a beginner at SEO.

Through this, you will be able to learn about different techniques of SEO and the terms and
conditions on which starts its working process.

How is it Beneficial For you?

This course helps you in learning about basic factors of SEO by using easy to understanding
approach. It is best to know about the latest modern technical SEO skills to get high traffic and
ranking on Google pages.

Through this course, you will be able to learn about white hat SEO strategy which helps to make
your SEO completely cooperative with Google quality guidelines. It also provides easy access to
a powerful SEO system for high Google first-page rankings. You can also learn different SEO
strategies for either video or voice search.

Link Building SEO Basic Tactics

This course is best to learn about link building to get more ranking competitions. It also helps
you to know how you can create a high Google ranking and high traffic by creating link building

This course is more suitable or designed for SEO specialists, Link Building specialists, Content
Marketers, Business Owners, and many more.  It is the best course for engaging and entertaining
SEO backlink building.

How is it Beneficial For You?

This course is helpful in different terms like best to create the most engaging backlink
connection. It used different techniques to get high ranking and traffic on the Google page. By
learning this course, you become able to know that how where can you use the latest SEO

You also learn how to conduct a backlink analysis and discover four factors for the contribution
of backlink quality. It also helps you to build a more profitable relationship with an easy three-
step system.

Custom SEO Strategy

Do you want to learn how can you rank your website? You are right place. This course consisted
of all information that you want to know about ranking your website. Through this course, you
become able to rank websites at higher ranking on Google pages.

This course helps you to learn about the main 3 areas of SEO to rank websites which are Custom
SEO, Profitable Keyword Research, and Link Building. When you start your SEO working with
profitable keyword research, you can rank at high traffic.

How is it Beneficial for You?

From this course, you will be able to learn how to use strong and profitable keywords to rank
your website with the highest traffic. You can also generate a strong keyword for your SEO. It
also helps to know about competition and how to rank your keyword best and also provides
guidance related to different best link-building tools.

Digital Marketing Guide

If you are new to SEO and you don’t know anything about SEO digital marketing strategies you
should have learned this course. It helps you to learn about today’s modern digital marketing
tactics to get higher credibility for your website.

It is a 100% practical course. Whether you are looking for a tech site marketing or any other, it will help you a lot in gaining knowledge. From this course, you become able to learn about the setup of your website and post content on your blog. It is best to create ads by using digital marketing strategies. This course is best for

anyone who is struggling to get a higher ranking and traffic. The people who to become masters
in the Digital media marketing field.

How is it Beneficial For You?

By learning this course you become able to grow your business online. It also helps you to work
as a digital marketing freelancer and you can also hire as a digital marketing expert.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

This course is helpful for beginners to learn about SEO techniques. It will guide about all basics
principles of SEO, an overview of SEO, optimize a website for better search, advanced content
and social tracking system to optimize SEO, strategies, and website optimizations.

How is it Beneficial for you?

This course is helpful to know about the t ms and conditions of SEO to get a high ranking.

Final Say

Finally, from our study, you should be able to learn about top SEO with Free Online Courses in
2022 to rank your website high ranking. It helps a lot to get high traffic on the Google page. We
hope so our study guide you in all aspects.

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