About us

ExtraDevice is a blog where solution-oriented & helpful information is provided to the users so that people`s problems would be solved and get beneficial.

Mostly information shared on this blog are related to Technology such as Social media, Smartphone, Computer, Internet, How to`s, etc.

Whatever information is provided to you that are well researched and written by the founder of this blog who has well knowledge & experience related to technology topics.

The main aim of extradevice is to solve the issue of the people whatever they are facing while using internet or their mobile or computer system.

This site was launched on 15th April 2021 by the founder of Extra Device, the Rohit Kushwaha.

About Founder / Author

Hey ! I`m Swastik Ayam, the founder of Extra device. I`m a part-time blogger, Affiliate marketer as well as students also.

As well as Founder, Also I`m the author of this blog. So, whatever content is published in this site that all are written by me (Rohit Kushwaha).

I`m very interested to learn something new related to technology and have a lot of experience in this filed that`s why thought to share with you to solve your query.

Hence, I will try to share a quality information as much as possible to you and i also expect that for better knowledge, Always you will be connected to this Extradevice.com blog.