Best 3 Converters For Convert PDF to TXT

Are you also looking for a quick solution to convert PDF to TXT without compromising accuracy and speed? Then, we must say you are at the right place.

converter for convert pdf to text

Here, we will share some reliable software that are easily accessible and known for providing desired output. Wait! Are you wondering about the need for these tools? Let us brief you on how important and valuable they are for converting files from PDF to TXT format.

PDF is becoming a prevalent format for sharing various types of data across the world.

Therefore, it is increasing the possibility that a large amount of data is available in PDF format. However, PDF does not allow us to edit the data it contains.

Hence, we can’t do so if we want to modify it to improve the results. At this time, these online converters came to our help, and we could quickly get our PDF files’ data in text format.

1. HiPDF PDF To Text Converter

If you are a beginner and don’t have the upper hand in using online conversion software, HiPDF PDF to Text Converter is the right tool for you.

It is easy to operate and does not cause any problem for a fresher to deal with its functions. It also possesses a built-in OCR feature enabling it to identify and extract the plain text from any PDF file.

This feature makes HiPDF PDF to Text Converter a remarkable tool to maximize your conversion experience. HiPDF PDF to Text Converter is also efficient in batch conversions.

What does it mean? It indicates that this tool supports the conversation of more than one PDF file (or many files) at a time.

Therefore, if you have several files to work on simultaneously, you can seek help from this tool and get your data extracted as plain text from all of them.

Furthermore, all these services of HiPDF PDF to Text Converter are free and available in both online and
offline mode.

For conversion, all you need is to select the file directly from Google Drive or Dropbox and choose your conversion option to let the process start.

2. 2pdf

You don’t have to worry about how to convert PDF to TXT for free when 2pdf is here. However, it will not be enough to say that 2pdf is an excellent online conversion tool because it offers much more.

With 2pdf, you can edit, merge, rotate, split, compress, and convert your PDF files from one format to another.

2pdf has a wide range of options to convert and edit PDF files. Moreover, it is a free online service you can avail of from anywhere.

3. Abbyy Finereader

Abbyy Finereader also features a built-in OCR and provides free yet incredible services to convert PDF to TXT. For the selection of files, it employs both methods;

you can either upload your file or choose directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. Moreover, this tool supports more than 200 languages that you can select for the input document.

It also has a user-friendly interface so, individuals find it easy to handle. At the end of the conversion, it gives you the freedom to combine all pages in a single file that you can save to your drive or dropbox.

Final Words

Though we now have unlimited options to choose from for free online conversion from PDF to TXT because of the perks of the latest technology, you must know which one will be suitable for your needs.

Through this article, we share the top three tools you may pick according to your convenience. Implement any of these conversion tools, and you won’t have to lift a finger to retype the entire content from PDF files.