How to write Date of Birth in words?

Are you filling the online or offline form for any purpose and asking there to fill your date of birth in words? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how you can write your DOB in words.

Basically, We need to fill the form frequently for various purpose such as for applying any services or for job or for getting admission in school or college or anywhere.

date of birth in words

So, to get those services or whatever, you need to fill the form in which there is mandatory to fill the DOB (Date of birth).

In most of the form, you need to fill the date of birth in figures as well as with the words as there is mentioned.

Therefore, if you have also the same issue that you`re confused in representing DOB in words then keep reading it.

How to write date of birth in words

Its very simple to write any date of births in the words, just you need to understand the format of representing or writing.

In Numerical or figure, Date of birth is written in the DD/MM/YYYY in india and also written in the same way in form. So, the same arrangement is in the words also for date of birth.

Below are the rules or format for representing date of birth (DOB) in word:-

  • Date is in the ordinal Number in words. (e.g. second)
  • After the date, month name is written. (e.g. March)
  • After date and month, Year is written in words (e.g. Two thousand six)

Finally, date of birth 02/03/2006 in words would be – Second march two thousand six

Date of birth in words example

If you are not clear with the above rules then lets understand with the example.

Suppose, your date of birth is 21/12/2001 then it will be in word as – Twenty first December Two thousand one.

DOB in FiguresDOB In words
08/12/2006Eighth December Two thousand Six
23/07/2009Twenty-third July Two thousand nine
19/10/1999Nineteenth October Nineteen hundred ninty-nine
13/01/2005Thirteenth January Two thousand five
30/09/2020Thirtieth September Two thousand twenty
01/01/2001First January Two thousand one
31/12/2000Thirty-first December Two thousand
08/04/2009Eight April two thousand nine
14/11/1998Fourteenth November nineteen hundred ninty-eight
16/02/2004sixteen February two thousand four
Date of birth in words example

List of ordinal numbers in words used for dob in words

Below we have listed the ordinal number in words from 1st to 31st as it will be used in writing the date of births in the form of words.

Ordinal No. Ordinal no. in words
2nd    second
6th  sixth
11th eleventh
23rd Twenty-Third
List of ordinal numbers in words used for dob in words

How to write date of birth in figures?

Date of birth in figures is written in many ways according to the different country. In india, DD/MM/YYYY format is used for date of birth in number or figures wherever you have to write either in any form or somewhere.

If your date of birth is 2 August 2003 then it will be written in figure as 02/08/2003 as date is written. So, its very simple that firstly, date then month and year is written.

In other country, different format is used which we will not discuss here as you want to know of india.

FAQ Writing DOB in Words

How do I write my date of birth in Word?

If your date of birth is on 02/10/2006 or 2nd October 2006 then it will be written as Second October Two thousand Six in the form of words. In word also, date of birth is in the format of DD/MM/YYYY.

How do you spell out a date in words?

The date is written or spell in a ordinal number or words if it is date or date of birth. The date is pronounced or written in the ordinal number/words. For example; 1 is pronounced or written 1st or First.

Why date of birth is asked in figure & words in form?

Basically, your question is that why there is asked in the most of the form in words and figures to write date of birth. So, it is asked for the confirmation as asked in the bank withdrawal or deposit form.


Finally, you would have known that how you can write your DOB in the words in your form. So, if finalize it then use just have to use the ordinal number in the date of DOB amd them as it is in word.

If you have any query regarding writing date of birth in figure or words then do let me know in the comment.