What Are The Must-Have iPhone Apps in the USA? Why?

You may be tempted to download every application available through the App Store, but it’s essential to realize that not all are necessary to your everyday life.

If you’re like most people, you may not even require these apps. This article can assist you in deciding which is necessary. In addition, too many new apps have launched, and you must be looking to test out new ones.

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So you do not have to worry if ever face any issues with your CenturyLink Internet. Here is a list of some must-have iPhone apps. Let us look into it without any further delay.

1. Buffer

Are you an expert in social media? If yes then this one is for you. Buffer functions a lot similar to Hootsuite. It allows you to schedule Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus posts based on the time of day they will be most efficient.

Are you looking to tweet during a time that most of your followers are watching? Buffer analyzes this and determines an appropriate timing.

You can view the stats of your blog posts and check how they’ve been performing. It is perfect for any aspiring or pro-social media influencer.

2. Grubhub

Grubhub has beaten competitors such as Uber Eats and Doordash to be our pick as the top food delivery service (in the US) because of a major reason.

It is a master in what it does and has everything you would need in a food delivery application; it is also user-friendly. GrubHub also boasts the biggest selection of restaurants in multiple countries, if that wasn’t enough.

3. Tinder

You are seeing Tinder on this list because that’s where the bulk of the crowd goes for dating. It’s only natural to suggest the app with the best chance of meeting your ideal partner.

Yes, there are apps with more features and a better interface; however, Tinder is the one where you could have the best chance of achieving what you’ve set out to accomplish by using an app for dating.

4. ProCamera

ProCamera is the most popular application to take great pictures and videos for users who are taking their iPhone photography seriously. It is currently in its 12th year in existence and has earned praises from both users and reviewers.

In addition to supporting nearly every camera feature you’ll need, also it comes with some extra features that professional users will surely appreciate.

5. Strava

Strava includes almost every feature that you’d expect from a fitness-focused application.

It also works when used with an Apple Watch, too – in case you’re worried about this. Beyond the core features, Strava also has a highly active social component, which helps it stand out among its peers.

In essence, if you are beginning with a clean slate, it is logical to select Strava.


Yazio is among the most popular calories counter apps available on both Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The widespread popularity of the app may result from its quality.

It is an extremely well-designed, feature-rich application that is completely free to use. Be aware that it has a Pro version that comes with additional features.

In addition to a vast database of food items, meals, and recipes, it also supports automated activity tracking.

7. Twitch

Twitch, is the ideal platform for watching others playing video games, professionally run tournaments, or playing genuine table games. It’s the game version of having the younger sibling, but we can assure you that it’s a fierce obsession once you’ve into it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching professional players play with new decks of Hearthstone and playing a League of Legends tournament or a League of Legends tournament.

The Twitch application permits you to talkto streamers and other viewers and view recently recorded videos. Moreover, the app is AirPlay and Chromecast compatible.

8. What3Words

Moving around is never convenient, thanks to the automatic navigation apps for smartphones. However, it isn’t easy to share one place. Sure, you could share a hyperlink to anexact place in Google Maps, still, it is not the most effective option.

What3Words has solved that issue with a simple yet effective method — by adding more terms to the map. Every inch of the world has been given a distinct three-word title.

Input the three phrases in What3Words, and you’ll see precisely where you’ll need to travel. A fantastic app worth downloading in case you require it.

9. Uber

Uber remains the leader in privately booked transport. Drivers are available in all cities across the globe, Uber is what you ought to utilize when you have to travel and don’t have a car on your own.

Uber’s “private cab” service offers the security and privacy of a car belonging to a stranger, as a substitute for the public transit system, and it’s not expensive, either.

You will see your driver’s location when they agree to take you for a ride and can observe the road and rate and review the driver after your ride is completed. You won’t have to search to find change because the entire process is done in-app.


There are so many good apps available for the iPhone these days. It’s hard to recommend an app to anyone. Hopefully, this article will help you list down some apps that can be useful to you.