What are Difference between blog and Vlog? Blogging vs Vlogging

Have you also heard the terms blog and vlog? But if you are getting confused about the difference between blog and vlog then continue reading it.

By listening, both the word blog and vlog is almost similar but the spelling and its means is totally different. If you are not knowing that what is blog and vlog?

Difference between blog and vlog
Difference between blog and vlog

then no need to worry as we would tell you that What is the difference between blog and vlog? Today, Blog and vlog both is very popular among the current youth.

It is a good way of earning money, marketing, networking, etc. from the internet through content creation. Also, for sharing information or anything with the help of text, videos, images, graphics, etc.

So, let`s know that what is difference between blogging and vlogging? in a simple way and also other important information related to it.

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What is a Blog?

The bog is similar to a website where information are shared to the people on various topics. It is the short form of web log and information are given on it in the form of text, images, etc.

Now, you have entered to extradevice.com blog for getting some information in a particular topic that blog vs Vlog.

what is blog

In the same way, there are many blogs where you get information on some topic. Whatever query your search on different search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc.

then the links of blog & websites are appear in which the particular topic or query is covered. So, whatever you get the information on google that is from the blog & website only.

In blog, the process of publishing information in the form of article is known as blogging and the person who do it is called a blogger.

The person who run & control blog, they earn money also if massive people land on their blog. Earning could be done from various way, by placing ads and other way.

Every blog can be accessed from the browser by entering the domain name.

Readers also get the benefit that they got the answer of their query through the blog. Now, you have known that what is blog?,

What is a Vlog?

The vlog is similar to a video where information are shared to the people through video content by some people.

what is vlog

In vlog, the person use their mic and camera to speak and to show useful content to the audience. The Vlog is mostly uploaded on youtube and also you have watched.

It is also a good source of earning money by making vlog and entertaining people or sharing some information.

There are various type of vlog which people do like personal & lifestyle vlog, food vlog, travel vlog. professional blog etc.

Also, It is the best way of earning money from making vlog as well as for marketing, network building, gathering audience etc.

Vlog can be uploaded in free of cost on youtube platform and money can be earn from various sources with the help of your video blog.

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How you can do blogging?

If you have proper knowledge on any topic or niche then you can share that through the blog to the needy people and can earn money by google Adsense.

Firstly, you would need to decide on the topic or niche according to your knowledge and interest. After that you need to create a blog and start publishing the article related to that topic.

You can create bog in blogger platform which is free of cost but our recommendation is to go with the WordPress.

So, for the WordPress, you require some investment in which you would need to pay charges for the hosting where your blog would be hosted and domain also would need to buy even in blogger.

After writing some article and driving some traffic, you can apply for google Adsense and can earn money through your blog by monetizing with google adsense.

It would take more time to be successful in this field but you can also make a career by doing blogging.

How you can do Vlogging?

In this, you would need to decide that on which type of making vlog, you are interested whether lifestyle vlog, food, vlog, travel vlog or professional vlog or anythings else.

After deciding the types of vlog, just you would need to create your youtube channel related to that for uploading and sharing vlog through youtube platform.

As the youtube channel created, then you can start making engaging vlog for your youtue channel regulary with the help of your youtube channel.

As you are eligible for monetization then you can apply for it and can earn money according to the views of your vlog.

In this way, you can do vlogging and become a vlogger. Now, you have known that how you can become blogger and vlogging?

Which is better blogging or Vlogging?

After reading the above content, the question would be arising in your mind that which is better blogging or vlogging?

So, there is no clear answer to this because both belong to different filed and both have a future sope and you can grow easily.

Also, if you would like then you can do both blogging and vlogging. So, In my opinion both way is great way to generate online money.

You can earn good amount of money from both way. Blogging is time taking process to get the good result and Vlogging also some times make successful in a little time if your vlog goes viral.

FAQ on Blog VS Vlog

What’s the difference between blogger and vlogger?

The blogger is said to that person who does blogging, publishing contenton blog for sharing with people. Whereas the Vlogger is said to that person who does vlogging, making video vlog and uploading on youtube.

Which is better blog or vlog?

Both Blog and vlog is better , you can choose according to the interest. If you would like to be popular infront of the people then you should definitely choose vlog. But if you want to earn money online then you can do blogging.

Can vlog be shared on blog?

Yes, vlog video can be embedded or shared on the blog which could be consume by people also. But the content of blog could not be shared on the vlog directly.

What is difference between Blog and website?

The blog is almost similar to website but little bit different from website. On the blog, mostly information are shared in the form of text, images etc. Whereas on the website, the user interact with the web page such as by entering some detail and getting data.

Which is best way to earn money either blog or vlog?

By the way, both blogging and vlogging way is good for earning money. But you cannot expand more the Vlog by creating multiple youtube channel for higher earning whereas Blog can be expanded by creating multiple blog for higher earnings.

Difference between vlogger and YouTuber

There is no difference between vlogger and youtuber. Here, both vlogger and youtuber terms is same and refers to the person who shares content through the video on youtube.


I hope that you would have got an idea about the difference between blog and vlog or blogging and Vlogging.

In this article, I have tried to share all the important information related to the blog and vlog that coud be useful for you.

If you had also been confused about the blog vs vlog then after reading the whole article, I am sure that your doubt would have been cleared.

If you have any query related to the difference between blogging and Vlogging then you can comment below.