How to create telegram channel & Group?

Do you also want to make your own Telegram channel and Group on your mobile or desktop? If yes then you are at the right place to know how to create telegram channel with the full procedure.

Guys, As you know that Telegram is also one of the best alternative messengers of WhatsApp messenger which is very popular nowadays as WhatsApp.

How to create telegram channel

Telegram has many advanced features as compared to WhatsApp due to which it is popular among internet users. It provides you to create a telegram channel, and a telegram group, and to chat with any personal contact.

If you are a creator means YouTuber, or you run your online business then you should have your own telegram channel which will grow your business or content popularity through the telegram channel.

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What is a Telegram channel?

A telegram channel is like a group in which multiple members can join but the conversation can be done in one way by the owner of the telegram whereas, in a telegram group, all multiple members can chat in a group.

After creating the telegram account, you can easily create your new telegram channel in which an unlimited number of people can join the particular telegram channel.

The other members who joined on the particular telegram channel will not be eligible for sending any type of messages or media. Only you will be able to send messages, media, links, etc.

You can send any type of file and any size of the file in your telegram channel, there is no limit to file size. Anyone can search your channel on telegram and can join it.

Also, you can share your telegram channel link and the others will be able to join easily in your telegram channel. The telegram channel is the best for the YouTuber or online entrepreneur.

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What are the types of telegram channels?

Since there are two types of telegram channel which has other functions. So, let`s know below that what are the two types of telegram channels and about them.

Public channel

Public Channel:- Public channels are those types of channels that are visible to all telegram users which means anyone can search the channel and can join easily.

It has a unique username, if someone has already taken the username that you are choosing then you have to choose unique as an Instagram account.

In this type of public channel, anyone can join and as well as can see and read the messages from that particular telegram channel. But anyone will not be able to send messages to it.

Only the administrator means the owners of the particular telegram channel will able to send the messages on anything, whatever the owner wants.

The main benefits of the public channel are that you can grab a huge audience to your telegram channel through the search options of telegram.

Private channel

Private channel:- Private channel are those types of channels that are invisible publicly to all the telegram users which mean anyone cannot search and join the private type of channel.

In this type of private channel, owners need to add the members or subscribers and the members can also join through the telegram channel link which is sent by the administrator of the telegram channel.

The main difference between the private and public channels is that in public, the users can search and join whereas, in private channels, users cannot search and join.

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How to create telegram account for creating channel?

If you have not created your telegram account then you have to make it then only you will be able to create a telegram channel. By the way, almost all of you have been created your telegram account and also using it.

But those users who have not created them can follow the below procedure for creating telegram account. So, let`s know.

  • Install the Telegram app from the play store on an android and apple store on an iPhone smartphone.
  • Open and then tap on the start messaging option.
  • Choose the country that from which country you belong and accordingly to it only, its search algorithm works, so that the accurate data you will get according to your country.
  • Enter the mobile number and then verify the OTP for telegram account creation.
  • Enter your First name and last name and if you want then you can upload a profile picture, And tap the Tick icon for further steps.

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How to create telegram channel?

Since some of the steps for creating a channel in the telegram were different previously but now, the process has been changed as the telegram updated.

Follow the below procedure to make a telegram channel on android or iphone:- 

  • Open your telegram account and then tap on the draw icon as you can see in the below screenshot.
  • Tap on the new channel options as you can see below.
  • Firstly,  type the telegram channel which you want to wish to keep.
  • Also, giving a description of your channel means what information will be shared in this channel or whatever you want.
  • If you want then you can put a profile picture on your telegram channel which shows a genuine telegram channel and then taps the tuck icon.
  • Now, select the channel type which you want to choose from public or private. (As I have already explained above what are the differences between public and private telegram channels? which you can see)
  • Enter your telegram public link which you want to keep. If you enter such a character that is already used by the other telegram channel user then you`ll need to enter a unique one and then tap on the tick options.
  • Select the people or contacts which you want to add to your telegram channel. Or if you don`t want it currently then you also tap on the next icon.

Finally, you will be able to create a telegram channel successfully by following the above procedure which is mentioned step by step.

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How to make a telegram channel on PC?

If you use telegram on your Computer or laptop then also you can make it. Here, I am not going to tell you the step-by-step procedure for creating a telegram channel on a PC or laptop because the almost procedure is the same as a smartphone,

Only the user interface is different from the desktop telegram applications. Since all the procedure is the same but on a smartphone, you get the option to create a new channel after tapping the draw icon.

But in the desktop telegram options, you will get the create new channel options after tapping on the Three-line menu line on the top left side.

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What is difference between telegram channel and telegram group?

As I have already told you that what is the telegram channel? So, there I have mentioned in detail about the telegram channel. Therefore, let me tell you the major difference between the telegram group and the channel.

Most of the new telegram users have confusion in this only between the channel and group. So, let`s know about it.

In the telegram group, other members also can make chat to that particular telegram group with the owner of the group and the whole multiple members connected to the group.

The discussion can be done easily in the group. In the group, the major difference as compared to the channel is that anyone cannot search and join it.

If anyone will join a particular group then it is possible through the group link or by the administrator manually adding to the group.

Whereas if we talk about the telegram then only the administrator of the channel is eligible to make the chat and others will not be able to make the chat.

And the public telegram channel is searchable which means it can be found by any user just by searching and then anyone can join it.

How to make telegram group?

Follow the below procedure to create a group in a telegram account:-

  • open your telegram account and then tap on the three-line menu at the top left corner.
  • Tap on the new group options.
  • Select the members which you want to add to your telegram group and after adding, tap on the tick icon.
  • Enter your group name which you wish to keep and then put the profile photo and then tap on the tick icon.

Conclusion on making telegram Channel

I hope that you would have known well to create telegram channel and group? We have provided detailed information about the telegram channel and telegram group.

All the procedures have been mentioned step by step with the help of screenshots in this article.

If you have any problem related to the telegram group and telegram channel then you can ask in the below comment.