How to earn money online in india for students? while studying

Are you also a student and want to make money online while studying? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to earn money online in india for students?

Every student needs pocket money to fulfill their basic needs of study and for personal expenses. So, if you are a student then also you can make money online from home as a part-time job.

How to earn money online in india for students
Earn money for students while studying

Today, many of them are earning a good amount of money from the online internet as you might have listened about it.

For example; I (Rohit Kushwaha) am also a student in the 10th class and earning money from the internet as you have entered in my blog (website). Later, We would discuss it that how you can also do it.

So, We would tell about the 21 online making money works for students by which you can easily earn money online as a student while studying.

Can Students Earn money online in india while studying?

Yes, School or College Students can earn money online while studying and without getting an impact on their studies.

Many of students are earning lakhs by working online while studying like you might have heard about the umer Qureshi.

Just you need to give some effort for a few hours daily and they can make money online using their smartphone. If there would be a laptop or PC then it is much better but the smartphone is also fine for it.

Whatever the ways are told below for earning money online for students, all are without any investment or very small investment.

Why Students should earn money online in india?

There could be many reasons for which you want to make money online while studying in your school or college.

Some students want to make money online only for just as pocket money for fulfilling their basic needs for their personal lives and for the fee of their study.

Also, there would be some students who want to start making online money for the long term as a career. So, every work has too much potential that you can do and make money.

21 Ways on how to make money online for students in India

We have listed 21 ways for making online money for students from home while studying by doing it in part-time. As I told above that all are without investment or very small investment ways for making money online.

BloggingLanguage TranslationWeb Designer
Content writingSelling photosCaptioner (Subtitles)
Video editingData entryOnline Researcher
Teaching onlineSurveys websiteSocial media assistant
Graphics designingWebsite developerYoutube channel
Affiliate marketingSEO (Search engine optimization)Selling online course
Refer and earn appsCopywritingDomain investing
Earning money online for students in india

1. Blogging

The first number on our list for making money online for students in India is blogging. As I have told about me that I (Rohit Kushwaha) am earning money from blogging.

I would like to clear from the word between blogging and vlogging. So, In blogging, you share information to the user in the form of article through the website as you have visited in my blog (website).

And Vlogging is that in which you blog about your daily life or anything in the form of videos. So, here we are talking about the Web Blogging.

earn money from blogging
make money from blogging

Just you need to make a blog (website) and write articles in which you can share your knowledge related to any field or topic.

After writing a articles in your blog, Users will visit in your blog fom the Search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc. and from the other sources like social media.

As the users start visiting your blog then you can monetize your blog with the Advertisement (Adsense) and Affiliate marketing and also there are multiple ways for monetizing it.

If you have a money for the investment then you can go with the WordPress by purchasing hosting otherwise you can start with the blogger in free. Only there is mandatory to buy the Domain for your blog.

Here we are telling just the ways, You need to know many things about it for which you need to do more research about blogging.

You can take it as a career for a long term also, If you start then you need to keep patience with consistency for success in it as it is time taking business.

After doing it for 6 months, you can expect traffic and earnings. I also had started earning money from blogging after 1 year.

2. Content writing

Content writing word can be clearly understood by the article writing. In content writing, you have to write an article for other blogs to share your knowledge about any topic or field to the people.

Above, we knew about blogging in which also you need to do content writing in your blog only. But here you have to do content writing for other blog in which you get the instant money.

make money from content writing
Earning from content writing

There are many platform where you can sell your content by writing article in any particular fields. You can post your content writing services in freelancing websites such as,,, etc. websites.

You must have proper knowledge related to any field for writing article and also you should have an interest in it.

Also. you can reach to the bloggers manually by visiting your field-related blogs and contacting their owners to get the content writing work in their blogs.

You can earn a good amount from content writing while studying and it is also best for the students. The amount of money depends on your writing skill that how much quality content you write, its a matter a lot.

There is also many demands for the content writing and also there would be in the future. It is the best way for earning money online as a student in india.

3. Earn from Video editing

Nowadays, there are many demands of a good video editor. As you are knowing that video content consumption is growing day by day.

So, if you know video editing from laptop or desktop then you can make money online as a being a students also.

earn from video editing

If you don`t have skill of video editing then you can learn it in just a few weeks for free from youtube by watching tutorials.

You should try to learn video editing from the popular software only like adobe premiere pro, filmorra etc.

Once you know to edit a video in a perfect way then you can sell your video editing services from the freelancing platform like Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, truelancer etc.

Also, you can reach out to the YouTuber from youtube to edit their videos. Firstly, you have to show your sample of edited videos to whom you want work of video editing.

4. Teaching online

If you have a good knowledge related to any subjects then you can make money online while students by tutoring the other students.

teach online to earn money

For online tutoring, you need a board in your home and a good smartphone for recording your lecture. There are many platform where you can teach online such as chegg, TutorMe, Vedantu etc.

Just you must have proper knowledge about that particular topic which you want to teach to the students, so that they can avail knowledge from you.

Even you can start teaching online in youtube but it will take a time to start making money whereas on the other platform you get the instant money.

5. Graphics Designing

The Graphics design is also the best way to earn money online for students while studying also this work can be done easily.

Many of them are switching their business from offline to online, so there are high demands of good graphics designers.

graphics designing

If you are having a graphic design skills then you can earn good amount of money by providing the graphics designing services to the people who have requirements.

If you don`t know about graphics designing then you can learn from the youtube for free. There are many popular software for graphics designing such as, photoshop, Coreldraw etc.

You can start selling graphics designing services at freelancing websites. In some of the freelancing website, you need to make a gig and in some. you have to bid the job or services posted.

Graphics designing is also one of the most effective way to earn money online in india for students.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the best ways through which you can earn higher amounts of money. It is a type of way in which you promotes other`s product to the targeted customer and you get the commission.

So, there are many eCommerce platforms like amazon, Flipkart, Vcommision, etc. from which you can promote the products using your affiliate link to the targeted audience and get the commission.

earn money from affiliate marketing

You just need to create an account of an affiliate program related to your categories of audience and then insert the affiliate link of that particular product to your blog, youtube and you also share to the social media platforms.

You should have audience to promote the products, so that they buy the products and you can get the commission.

The commission depends on the product and all the commission-related information and rules are mentioned by each affiliate program of any eCommerce platform.

7. Refer and Earn apps

earn money from refer and earn apps

Refer way is one of the easiest ways to make money online by just sharing to others and when they create an account or do the task then you get the money.

There are many real application of many categories that provides refer and earn facility. According to our research, you can use the app as refer and earn such as Upstox, Groww, Ysense survey. phonepe, rozdhan, etc.

But one of the disadvantages about its that you cannot earn good amount of money for long term if you don`t have a massive audience.

Because if you don`t have an audience then you cannot earn more through the local friends of your area.

8. Language Translation

If you know multiple languages then also you can make money online by providing translation services to the people.

earn money as freelancer by doing language translation

For example, if you know about the english and hindi language to read and write properly then you can provide services for translating it.

You can provide language translation services through freelancing websites. You just need to post your services as a gig or can bid in the posted services by the buyers, it depends on the freelancing platforms.

You will get the money according to the per word or per article of language translation.

9. By Selling Photos

Whenever we need photos for our personal use then we download from the internet and use it. But for commercially purchase, you can`t use it by downloading, it needs to be purchased from the owner of the photos.

So, you can click the photos of related to any category and can upload for selling in photos selling website and can earn money.

There are many platform where you can sell your photos such as shutterstock, picxy, adobe stock, canva, dreamstime, stocksy, cana etc.

Just you need to take photos at high quality of any nature, or related to any field and then you have to upload on the website and according to the rules of the platform, you would receive money.

10. Online Data entry

There are many data entry jobs available on the freelancing website that you can do that from your home and it is best for the making money online in india for students.

There are various types of data entry works which you can get such as Copy & paste works, Solving captcha code, online form filling, Typing job, Plain data entry work, Excel work, etc.

So, you should have a basic knowledge about the computer and Microsoft office word and excel. A data entry job is also a great way for students in India to earn money online from home.

11. Make Money from surveys Website

By the way, there are many survey website available on the internet but most of them are fake which doesn`t give money to you.

But there are also some real companies which actually have a need of customer data and they pay you a good amount of money for survey on their site.

There are some real websites like mysurvey, opinionoutpost, Vivatic etc. You can also do the proper research about the real survey website.

12. Becoming Website Developer

If you are a B.Tech student and know the coding for making a website then you can earn money from it by making the website for others.

You can also learn from youtube if you are interested in it and don`t study in the branch. You can sell website development services in the freelancing website.

13. By SEO

If you are having a blog then obviously you might be knowing about the SEO (Search engine optimization). In this, we do the search engine optimization of any blog or website to rank in search engine like google, bing etc.

So, If you have experience in SEO that how to rank any webpage on google search engine or another search engine then you can provide the services of it.

In this also, there are three parts, they are ON page seo, OFF page seo and Technical seo. So, according to your experience, you can provide the services on a freelancing website.

14. Copywriting

Copywriting is a bit different from content writing but many of them understand its same. Let me explan it that how both term is different.

Content writing is article writing in which you share information to the people via text by your expertise and knowledge in particular topics or fields.

Whereas Copywriting means writing about the products and to influence the customer for buying the products.

So, you should have a skill of copywriting for influencing people to make customer for buying the products. There is also high demands of copywriting services.

Also, you get the more money in copywriting as compared to the content writing. Many of the companies approach for copywriting services to make their ads attractable via copywriting, description of products etc.

15. Web Designer

If you know only the front-end part in web developing then you can earn money by designing website. You must have a proper knowledge of HTML (hyper text markup language), CSS (Cascading style sheets) and javascript for it.

If you are having a skill of web designer then it also the fantastic way to earn money online for students.

16. Writing Subtitles for Videos

Writing subtitles is also known as caption by doing which you can earn a money and it has also a demand. The person who write caption means convert audio of video to Text format is called a captioner.

So, becoming a captioner is also the best way to earn money online in india for students from home. You must know fluent english for speaking and writing then you can easily do it.

You can get the work opportunity by reaching to the youtubers and also you can do it from the freelancing website. is also a website where you can sell your writing subtitle for video services.

17. Online Researcher

If you are interested in researching something then you can make money online by researching of other businesses or projects.

According to your field in which you are interested for researching that you can do for companies which have requirement of it.

18. Social Media Assistant

There are many companies who need to a person to handle their social media such as instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

You need to manage the content of their social media accounts to engage more audiences. You can get this services from the freelancing website.

19. Youtube Channel

As you all are familiar about earning money online from youtube channel by making videos and uploading on youtube platform.

If you have a proper knowledge in any field then you can start making video related to that topics. Just you should have a good smartphone for it and you can shoot your video.

And you can upload in your channels. You will need to keep patience, consistency in making videos and after a few months or a years, you can monetize and start earning money from google adsense.

If you can promote affiliate products then from starting only, you can start earning money from affiliate marketing by inserting products link in your youtube video description.

20. Selling online course

If you have a expertise in any platform and have a demand of people to learn that, then you can sell your courses and earn money.

There are many ways for selling course, all you need to have a audience at anywhere like youtube, instagram, facebook and blogs etc.

21. Domain Investing

Domain is the address of any website or blog, for example;,, etc. Anyone who wants to make a website or blog, needs a domain name.

So, you have to buy a domain that would have demand in future and then you can sell in higher price. You can sell domain in,, etc.

FAQ on Earning Money Online

How can I earn money online as a student?

You can easily earn money as a student while studying without investment. There are multiple ways for earning money while studying whether you are a college or school student without getting any impact on studies by working few hours.

How can a 15 year old earn money online in India?

15 years old student also can earn money online in india easily while studying. In this article, 21 legit ways are shared for making money online especially for the students which anyone can do it.

How can students under 18 earn money online without investment in India?

There are many ways by which students under 18 can earn money online without investment in india. They are blogging, youtubing, freelancing etc. Under the freelancing, there are multiple sites such as,, etc.

How can students earn 1000 a day online?

By doing a freelancing job also as a part-time, students can earn 1000 a day online. Just you should have expertise in any one filed and proper knowledge about that then you can start selling that services on freelancing sites. As the more orders, you get, you start making money more.

I am an Indian college student. What is the best way for me to earn my pocket money online?

There are many best way for you to earn money as a pocket money for an indian college student. If you are from a or computer science field then you can provide the services of web development, app development, web designing, etc.

How to earn money online with google for students?

You can earn money online with google if you are a student by the blogging, youtubing, website, and app development. When audience start consuming your content then you can monetize with the google adsense and can earn money.

How to earn money online in india for students by playing games?

The one real way for earning money online by playing game is to uploading screen recording video of the game to youtube and casting live. By the way, there are many applications for earning money online by playing. But almost in all apps, you need to pay money which is an illegal way for students as well as for everyone.

How can a class 10 student make money online?

If you study in a class of 10th students then also you can make money online from home by doing blogging, freelancing, youtubing etc. If you start working for others as a freelancing then you get instant money wheras if you start working on your own blog or youtube then it takes time and patience as well as consistent also.

Conclusion on how to earn money as a student in india

I hope that you would have got the best idea on to earn money online in india for students. We have shared total 21 ways for making money online while studying.

We have tried to explain every online work in a brief but if you want to earn money online in any work then you need to do proper research regarding that work.

All information shared in this article are real and that works, and the information are given to you by focusing on school or college students.

If you have any queries related to making money while studying then you can comment below.100 words