Refurbished phone meaning

When we use shopping platforms like Amazon, etc., We find some mobiles are marked as refurbished. Sometimes, when we go to shopkeepers to buy phones, they talk about refurbished ones.

And after seeing this word, many people wonder what refurbished phones mean. Do you also have the same questions?

Refubished phone meaning

If yes, then read this article carefully as I’ll describe some things about the same like refurbished phone meaning, pros and cons of buying such mobiles and some things to take care of before purchasing. Let’s start-

Refurbished phone meaning

A refrubushed mobile is a mobile that someone has already purchased, but has returned it due to some faults. Some mobiles are also marked as refurbished when the buyer changes their mind and returns it. 

The faulty mobiles are repaired, then checked and examined to check their performance. After repair, most mobiles are sold with a warranty to protect the consumers if any fault emerges again.

Many sellers also add a detail in the mobile’s description to help the users understand the expected condition of the mobile. These grades are – 

  • Grade A :- This grade’s refurbished mobiles are just like the new ones. They contain no scratches or marks. The chance that you can get them with the original box and accessories is high. 
  • Grade B :- This grade’s device might have marks or scratches. In short, you will only find cosmetic damage. But the performance of the mobile will be proper. 
  • Grade C :- Well, the refurbished mobiles that come under this grade are usually used. But they are in good condition.  

You may also see “like new”, “perfect”, or “nearly perfect” in the mobile’s description. The meaning of all these terms is self-explanatory, but if you still face any have any confusion, you can consider – 

Like new = Grade A

Perfect = Grade B

Nearly perfect = grade C

What are the pros and cons of Refurbished phone?

A refurbished mobile will cost you less than a brand-new device. 
The reason behind this is that these products are returned by the customers. Sometimes, they also have marks or scratches, so they ultimately cost less.
Price higher than a second-hand one
Second-hand mobiles are cheaper than a refurbished one. 
Protect environment
When a smartphone is rejected or isn’t purchased (because of damage), it is thrown away for disposal. We all know that mobiles contain lithium-ion batteries, which are hard to get disposed of. Mobiles also consist of plastic material which is also not easily disposable. 
So if someone purchases a refurbished mobile, it has a chance to work properly. And if it successfully works, there won’t be any need to dispose of it.
Not brand new
Nothing can compete with a brand-new product, not even refurbished ones. These products might have some scratches etc., that will make them like a second-hand products. 
It might not even come with the original box.
Usually, most refurbished mobiles have a warranty which is a plus point. If you also face any issues in the working of that mobile, you can return it. 

The warranty you get with a refurbished phone is less than a brand-new one. For instance – if the new brand mobile has a warranty of two years, the refurbished one will only come with one year warranty. Sometimes, just six months.
Before putting the product on sale, the manufacturer or seller does proper checks regarding its working. It ultimately means that the mobile you get will not have any issues.
Harder to insure
You might face difficulties in ensuring the refurbished mobile. 
Consumer Rights Act 2015
This act makes sure that the product you get is as it was described. If you don’t get it, you can take action against the seller.
The chances of getting original accessories with the mobile are significantly less. 
Might have scratches
If the mobile you purchase is of grade b or c, it will have marks and scratches. And scratched mobiles are something no one likes.

What should you check before buying Refurbished phone?


refurbished phone warranty

Most products have a warranty, although there is no certainty about who is providing that warranty – it might be the manufacturer or reseller. 

The trusted platforms do proper checks and various tests before reselling the product. These tests are done to check whether the product is working properly or not. 

So look only for the refurbished mobiles that have a warranty with them. If they don’t, you need to think again before purchasing it. 

Network locks

Don’t forget to check the network locks. Before purchasing, you should clarify whether the products work well with your SIM or not. 

Make sure that the refurbished mobile you’re purchasing is working well with your country’s networks. 

Trusted sources

Purchase from a trusted source only, and don’t forget to check all the papers of the device. 

Stolen phones

The refurbished mobile market also consists of stolen and fake devices. So to avoid purchasing this kind of mobile, check the original invoice and other important details. 

Return policy

Only buy the mobile that offers a return policy because refurbished devices also contain a return policy. 

It’s essential because these devices have had problems before, so there are chances they won’t work properly in the future. So return policy is a must. 


Check whether the device has its original accessories. If the originals are not with it, check if the given ones are of good quality. 

FAQ on refurbished Smartphone meaning

Is buying refurbished phones a good idea?

Well, buying a refurbished mobile is worth it if it’s in good condition and available at a fair price. If you’re ready to buy the mobile that someone else has returned, you can consider it worth it. 

Is refurbished same as original?

Yes, refurbished goods are original. It’s just that they were owned by someone else before, and then they returned it for some reason. 

Is refurbished better than new?

Well, many people consider them better than the new ones. You can get it at lower prices. Although, it totally depends on your perspective, which one you find better.

Do they replace the battery on refurbished phones?

No, they don’t replace the battery on all refurbished phones. The battery is replaced only of the devices whose battery wasn’t working well.

How do you know if a phone is refurbished?

Refurbished phones are clearly marked as refurbished. You don’t need to make any extra efforts to find this out.


I hope now all your doubts regarding the topic are clear. Still, wanna ask anything regarding refurbished Smartphone? Comment your query, and we’ll get back to you asap.