How to unlock jio phone for other sim? jio phone sim unlock

Do you want to use another telecom operator of a sim card on your Jio Phone? If yes, then you are at the right place to know that how to unlock jio phone for other sim?

If you have bought a jio phone and have the other operator of sim card such as an idea, Vodafone, airtel, etc. which has been spread all around to your family, relatives and to the most of the people.

How to unlock jio phone for other sim

So, In such a situation, you would have been thought to use that other operator of the sim card in jio phone. But whenever you would have tried to insert another operator sim card then would have gotten the error as Sim Card is locked.

It shows like that because the Kaios Operating system of jio phone has been developed in such way that other operator sim card will not work.

Now, the questions arise that Can we use another Sim in Jio phone? So, let’s know the answer of it below that whether we can use another operator of sim card such as an idea, Airtel, Vodafone, etc.

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Can we use other sim in jio phone?

It is the important questions which is asked by almost every body those who want to use other sim in jio phone. So, the answer is yes. It is possible to use other sim in jio phone.

You will need a computer or laptop system to unlock your jio phone sim lock with the help of the software. So, there will be a requirement of USB Cable, Internet connection and a Windows system.

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You have to make sure to keep your important data of jio phone to the other storage because all the data will be deleted permanently after following the below procedure.

As well as these, make sure to backup your contacts also if that is stored in the internal storage of jio phone. So, let`s know in brief that what are the process you will need to follow:-

  1. Firstly,You have to download the some of the software and tools to unlock jio phone sim.
  2. Then, you will need to flash the jio phone with the custom operating system through the software.
  3. Finally, you have to execute IMEI number

Note :- Before going to the further process, you have to write the imei number of jio phone somewhere in your notebook or anywhere.

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#1. Download the Software & Tools

Download software to unlock Jio Phone Sim

Following are the software and tools which you will need to download on your laptop or computer system:-

Note:- The software and tools which are given below that you need to download. But we have not provided the links due to some of the problem. So, you will get the link in the videos description or you download by searching on browser.

  • Jio Phone flash file:- You will need to download flash file to upload custom operating system in your jio phone. The link of the software is given in the above youtube videos description or you can download by searching on google.
  • Miracle box 20.8 Free:– It is a software through which your jio phone will be unlock to use other sim. So, it is the most important tools which you will need to download. All the process will be dowe with the help of this software.
  • Qualcomn Driver:- You will need to download the qualcom driver to connect your jio phone to the Miracle box software through the Laptop or computer.
  • Qualcomm Imei Tool:- As you flash the phone with the custom operating system, the imei number deleted from the jio phone. So, this tools helps to execute the IMEI Number in your Jio Phone.

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#2. Flash Jio Phone through Miracle box

As I told above that the current operating system of jio phone does not allow to use other sim in jio phone. Therefore, by flashing the Jio phone through this tool will be changed to the custom operating system.

Which is developed in such a way that it supports all operate of sim card. So, the current OS of jio phone will be removed and then Custom OS will be programmed on your jio phone.

Follow the below process to change Custom OS of Jio phone to unlock sim in jio phone:-

  • Open the Miracle box software which you have installed on your system.
  • Click to the Qualcomm option in the second row from the various given option.
  • Then, click on the Read/Format Flash option.
  • You have to untick the programmer option and then click on the programmer button to upload a file.
  • Select the file which will be named as prog_emmc_firehouse_8909_ddr.mbn
  • Then, select the Read partition options and then switch off your Jio phone.
  • Keep pressing the boot button of your model of jio phone and connect it through the USB cable to the computer. (You can search the boot button on the internet for the model of your jio phone)
  • Click to the Port option and then click to the Start Button to connect successfully.
  • After a few seconds, Select the wipe option and then click to the Start button to delete the current operating system.
  • As the process of wiping the operating system of jio phone finished to 100% then click the Flashing option.
  • Then, untick the auto option in the file horse.
  • In the file section, click on the programmer to select the file which will be as prog_emmc_firehouse_8909_ddr.mbn
  • Then, click on the Raw programs and select the file which will be as rawprogram_unsparse
  • Then, click on the patch file and select a file which will be as patch0
  • Select the EDL mode and new method option. 
  • Finally, click to the Start button for flashing your jio phone to use unlock jio phone for other sim.

As the process complete to 100% then your jio phone will be flashed successfully with the new custom operating system which will enable you to unlock jio phone sim card.

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#3. Execute IMEI Number in Custom OS

As the jio phone gets flashed with the new operating system through the miracle box software by following the above process. Then, the IMEI Number will be removed permanently from your jio phone because the previous operating system of jio phone has removed.

Therefore, you will need to execute the Previous IMEI number with the current operating system with the help of Qualcomm IMEI Tools. Then you can able to unlock jio phone for other sim easily using the all services.

You can check by dialing USSD code *#06 then your EMEI Number will appear 0 which indicates that it has removed.

Follow the below given steps to unlock jio phone for other sim by rewriting IMEI number:-

  • Switch on the jio phone after flashing the jio phone.
  • Open the QLM IMEI Repair tool by extracting it.
  • Enter the previous IMEI Number in the IMEI 1 & IMEI 2 Section.
  • Click to the Write IMEI Number and you will be notified as done.

As you follow the above process then the previous IMEI Number will be successfully executed to the current operating system.

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FAQ on related to unlock JIO phone for other Sim

Can we call, message, and use internet after unlocking Jio Phone SIM?

Yes, as you flash & execute the IMEI Number in your jio phone with the new custom operating system then the sim card fully locked. When you insert the Other sim in jio phone then you can use all services such as calling, SMS, and internet as a jio sim.

Can we use 3G other sim card Idea, airtel, after jio phone sim unlocked?

You cannot use 3G Sim card of any operator in jio sim card because its hardware does not support 3G Sim. You have to use only 4G Sim to use another sim in jio phone.

Can we unlock any Model of jio phone SIM?

Exactly, we can`t say because we have not done on the other model than the F90M Jio Phone. So, if you have an F90M Model of jio phone then you can surely unlock the F90M jio phone sim locked to use other operators of sim card.

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Conclusion on unlocking Jio Phone Sim locked

Ultimately, we expect that you would have known well that how to unlock jio phone for other sim? We have mentioned the full process step by step with the help of videos to unlock other sim in jio phone.

If you get any problem while downloading software, flashing and rewriting the IMEI Number of your jio phone then you can comment below. we will try to solve your query related to unlocking other sim in jio phone.

By the way, it is not an official method but if you want then you can try the process of unlocking airtel, idea sim card on jio phone with the above procedure.

Finally, we will not recommend you to unlock the Jio Phone sim locked because it is not the official method by Reliance Jio.