Coaxial speaker cable

Hey friends, I know that you also want to know about the coaxial speaker cable. If you want to know all about coaxial speaker cables then keep reading this entire post.

Coaxial cable is one of the most common cables that we can find in almost every house. This is because of the many benefits and convenience.

Coaxial speaker cable

A coaxial cable is an electric cable that is used to carry high-frequency electric signals with low losses of signals as compared to other types of cables. We use this cable on many devices to transfer audio and video signals in digital format.

Coaxial cable was first used in 1858 but it was painted after 22 years in 1880 by Oliver Heaviside. So if you also want to know complete details about Coaxial Speaker Cabel. Then keep reading this post In this post I have given complete details including its advantages and disadvantages.

Can Coaxial Cable Be Used as Speaker Cable?

As we know Coaxial cable is used to transfer audio and video signals so this is one of the most common questions that come to mind that is can Coaxial cable be used as speaker cable?

So let me answer your question and the answer is Yes, you can use Coaxial Cabel in your speaker. But there will be many problems that you will face if you will use Coaxial cables.

The first problem is that to make the coaxial cable work with your speaker you have to replace standard F-connectors with RCA connectors and after that only the coaxial cable will work properly with your speakers.

and other than this also there are many problems that you will face such as first of all you will face a problem with your amplifier, You won’t be able to use your speakers smoothly.

And other than this one of the biggest problems is that using coaxial cable can even Blow Your System. I will recommend using a long coaxial wire and the frequency should be under the kHz range. And you should use coaxial wire in your speakers only if it is very important and you don’t have any other options.

What is Coaxial Speaker Cable?

Now. let me give you a brief description of what is coaxial speaker cable. many peoples are still confused about coaxial cables and their uses so now let me tell you about coaxial cables and solve all your doubts.

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So the coaxial cable is a type of electric cable that transfers audio and video signals from an input source to any other audio output. A coaxial cable is a type of cable that transfer that transfers RF signals.

A coaxial cable can transmit or transfer audio video data between the radiofrequency range from the upper end of the audio spectrum to the lower end of the infrared spectrum (20kHz to 300GHz).

what does coaxial cable look like?

Coaxial cable just looks like other cables from the outside but internally it contains 4 main parts by using those 4 parts coaxial cable is made. So now let me tell you what are the 4 main parts of Coaxial Cable.

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  • Plastic Cover
  • Dielectric Insulator
  • Metal Shield
  • Core Conductor

When you want to see what’s inside a coaxial cable and start opening the cable from the top first you will find a plastic cover this is to protect us from current and wires from water.

And after the layer of plastic, you will find a dielectric Insulator this protects the inside wire so that the wire does not get easily spoiled. And after this layer, there is a metal shield which is also very important.

These are intertwined aluminum wires this preserves copper wire so that it does not get easily cut or any scratches because the copper wire is the most important thing is the cable that is only known as the core conductor.

What are Advantages & disadvantages of Coaxial Speakerthe Cable?

Advantages Disadvantages
Affordable in terms of moneyCostly to install for longer distances
Easy To UseOne error in Cabel can stop the entire network
High Durable CableHeavy Construction
Obstructive to EMI and RFICable takes time to run and hide
Supports high-frequency signalsVolatility concerns result from high capacitance
Supports High-bandwidth transmissionSpeed fluctuates during bulky use
Reliable transmission in short distances alsoFeels signal loss in long-distance transmission
Less signal lossSignal leakage

Why should you use a coaxial Speaker cable?

You should use a Coaxial speaker cable as it has many advantages and benefits. Now I am going to some of the major benefits of using Coaxial cable.

One of the major advantages of using a coaxial cable is that it can transmit very high audio signals with a frequency of 50 MHz and higher. Other than this in coaxial cables, there are very less signal losses.

And other than this one of the best things about this cable is that is cable comes at an affordable price and it comes with high durability so these are some of the reasons why should you use a coaxial speaker cable.

Which Purpose Coaxial Cable is used?

Well, the main purpose of Coaxial cable is to transfer audio and video signals in digital format. We use Coaxial Cable in our day-to-day life such as Coaxial cable is used in our TV.

Other than this many peoples use Coaxial cable to connect their speakers to home theater. TV etc. And not only this there is much more use of Coaxial cable.

Where Coaxial Speaker cable is used?

Coaxial cables are so common we can find them in almost every house they are very commonly used nowadays. Coaxial cables are used in many things such as cable boxes, TV antennas, and modems, and they can even be used as speaker cables. And other than this also there are many places where it is used.

What is Coaxial Digital Cable?

A coaxial cable is an electric cable that is used to carry high-frequency electric signals with low losses of signals as compared to other types of cables. We use this cable on many devices to transfer audio and video signals in digital format.

What are the Components of Coaxial Cables?

Well there are only 4 major components of coaxial cable and the 4 major components are

  • Plastic Cover
  • Dielectric Insulator
  • Metal Shield
  • Core Conductor
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What are the types of Coaxial Cable?

You might be wondering how many types of Coaxial cable are there in the market. So the answer to this question is there are 5 types of coaxial cable based on the construction and 2 types based on Ohm. Now I am going to tell you about them one by one.

On the Basis of Construction

1. Triaxial Coax

Can coaxial cable be used for speaker wire

This cable provides the best shield and noise immunity. This cable has two outer conductors and both are separated by a dielectric layer of wire. One conductor works as signal ground whereas the second one works as earth ground and because of this only this cable gives the best sound transmission.

2. Twinaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable for TV

These cables are used for high-speed multiplex transmissions in very big computer systems. this cable contains two insulated conductors covered by a shared outer jacket. And the conductor between them may run parallel to each other.

3. Dual Coax

Coaxial cable Audio

This cable consists of two separate coaxial cables surrounded by a shared outer jacket.

4. Semirigid Coax

Can I use coaxial cable for audio

This cable is very durable as this cable is made up of tubular metal outer conductor that resembles a pipe. And due to this type of construction, this cable provides similar characteristic impedance. In this wire, you will get a shield also which will help in fewer losses on RF signals.

5. Flexible Coax
Coaxial cable to speaker wire adapter

this is the most common Coaxial cable type. This coaxial cable is very flexible. This is constructed with the help of fine wires because which this cable has very much flexibility. And this cable doesn’t offer a shield and because of this, you can feel RF signal losses in this cable.

On the Basis of Impedence

50 Ω Impedance

These are mainly used to transmit radio applications because 50 Ohm is best for the transmission of antennas and radio transmitters. 50 Ohm cables are also used for high-frequency digital transmission and also for Ethernet networks.

75 Ω Impedance

these are mainly found in our homes and offices. Because they are used to transmit audio and video signals and also for telecommunications also. And other than this we use these for RF video transmission and cable TV systems.

On the basis of Radio Guide (RG)

Cable TypeCore diameterOuter diameterImpedanceUsage
RG-6/U1.024mm6.86mm75Ωsatellite TV, Cable TV, cable modems
RG-6/UQ1.024mm7.57mm75Ωsatellite TV, Cable TV, cable modems (with better shielding)
RG-71.3mm8.13mm75Ωsatellite TV, Cable TV, cable modems
RG-8/U2.17mm10.3mm50ΩAmateur radio
RG-8/X1.47mm6.1mm50ΩAmateur radio
RG-11/U1.63mm10.5mm75Ωsatellite TV, Cable TV, cable modems (with low losses )
RG-58/U0.81mm5mm50Ωradio communications, Amateur radio, Ethernet
RG-59/U0.64mm6.1mm75ΩHQ HD video signal transmission for fixed distances
RG-60/U1.024mm10.8mm50ΩHigh-speed cable internet, HD cable TV

What Types of Connectors are used in Coaxial Cable?

There are many types of connectors that are used in coaxial cables due to many reasons such as to protect the cable from getting spoiled and other than this to make connection easy to devices.

And due to this, there are many connectors used in coaxial cables now I am going to tell you about all of them one by one.

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BNC Connector

BNC stands for Bayonet Neil-Concelman these are RF connectors. They are used to quickly connect/disconnect TVs, radios, RF equipment, test equipment, and many other devices. these come in small to medium size

SMA Connector

SMA stands for SubMiniature version A. The main thing about this is that these connectors can work with frequencies up to 24 GHz. These cables are used in radio antennas, mobile telephone antennas, microwave systems, Wi-Fi antenna systems, etc.

RCA Connector

RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America and these are also known as cinch connectors. They work with cables that have red, white, and yellow cards that plug into the mains for the Television.

N-Type Connector

N-type coaxial speaker cable connectors are primarily made for use with low microwave frequencies up to 18 GHz. It is used for various RF applications.

F-Type Connector

The F-type connector is the most common type of coaxial speaker cable, the cable is used for TV cables and antenna cables. These F-Type cable connectors can handle frequencies up to 1 GHz.

How to Connect Speaker Cable to Coaxial Cable?

Do you also want to connect the speaker to a coaxial speaker cable you don’t know how you can do it so don’t worry because I am here to tell you how you can do it. So follow all the steps that I have mentioned below to connect your speakers to your Coaxial cable.

Check Length of Coaxial Cable

This is the first step and one of the most important steps because if you use a small Coaxial cable then you will end up blowing up your speakers. So if you want to use your speakers without spoiling them then follow this step very carefully.

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So in this step take a measuring tool and make sure that the cable you are using is more than 6 feet make sure to check the length of the cable multiple times to avoid human error after that you are ready for the next step.

Remove Coaxial Cable Connectors

You will find two connectors on each side of the Coaxial cable this is because the Coaxial cable is used to transfer both audio and video signals. So in this step, you have to cut out that connector.

You can use any sharp thing such as a knife to cut out the connector from the Coaxial cable and after this step, you are ready for the Next step.

Removing coaxial Insulation

In this step, you have to remove the outer case of wire that is made up of rubber you can use any sharp object to remove the rubber cover of the cable.

What is a coaxial audio output?

Make sure to do this step very carefully because if you don’t pay attention while doing this step then you can spoil the whole cable.

Open The Shield

After performing all the steps above you in this step you will find a shield of wires. This is to protect the main copper wire. So make sure to remove this shield very carefully so that you don’t cause any damage to copper wire because we are going to connect that only to our speaker.

How to Connect Speaker to Coaxial Cable

Now after doing all the main steps that I have mentioned above you are ready to connect your coaxial cable to your speaker so follow this step.

Take the core conductor wire and insert it into the red (positive) connector of your speaker after that Grab the other end of the cable and insert it into your receiver or amp. But put on the port of the same color. And after following this step your speaker will be connected to your Coaxial cable.

What is difference between Digital Optical (TOSLINK) & Coaxial Digital Cable?

Both digital Optical and Coaxial digital cables are used for the same thing they are used to transfer audio signals to receivers and there are significantly fewer differences between them. the only difference between them is that a Digital Optical connection contains a fiber optic cable.

Whereas a Digital Coaxial cable contains a cable that has RCA-type connectors. Digital audio is transmitted using Digital audio pulses of light through this optical cable in digital optical cables whereas digital COaxial cable is made to handle higher wide frequency audio signals.

FAQ on Coaxial Speaker Cable

Can coaxial cable be used for speaker wire?

Yes, Coaxial Cable can be used for speaker wire. But you should use coaxial cable only in the case of emergency when there are no other options than only you should Coaxial cable for speakers.

Is RCA and coaxial Cable the same?

No RCA and coaxial cable are not same. A coaxial cable is a type of electric cable that transfers audio and video signals. Whereas RCA is a standard connector.

Can I use coaxial cable instead of RCA?

Coaxial cables are used to transfer audio signals and video signals whereas RCA cables are used for low-frequency sounds.

Can you use house wire for speakers?

Yes, sure you can use your house wire for speakers but there should be the same size conductors for positive and negative.

What sounds better optical or coaxial?

According to my experience, Coaxial cable has a better sound that is because it supports higher audio up to 24-bit/192kHz whereas Optical supports up to 96kHz

Can Coaxial Cable Be Used for Subwoofer?

Well, the answer to this question is yes sure you can use your Coaxial cable for Subwoofer and it will definitely work.


So now I hope that now you might have come to know all about Coaxial speaker cables and you got the answer to all the questions regarding coaxial cables and their uses.

But if you still have any doubt regarding the coaxial cables then you can ask me in the comment sections I will definitely reply to you with a solution.

I have tried to explain to you in detail with photos and videos and many frequently asked questions related to this topic. So that you can get complete information about this topic

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