How to charge laptop in car? by USB Cable, Inverter, Power bank & Adapter

Hey! Do you want to know that how to charge laptop in car? If yes, then you are perfectly at the right place to know the solution of charging a laptop battery in a vehicle.

Wherever we go on a long tour by our car, then always we use to keep our laptop to use it later. So, we need to use a laptop in a car such as for office work or our personal works.

How to charge laptop in car

If you have fully charged it from home then After 4-5 hours of using a laptop, the laptop is discharged fully. Therefore, In such conditions, you think that how I can charge my laptop with the help of a car battery? 

So, you can easily charge your laptop without facing any future problems in your car. As you charge your smartphone on your laptop, in the same way, a laptop can be charged in a car.

But some of the processes will be different on a laptop. So, in this article, you would know about it for quickly charging without any problem with the full process step by step.

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How to charge laptop in your car? 4 ways

There are various ways to charge your laptop`s battery in a car. But we have mentioned below the 4 easier methods to charge a laptop from any car`s battery.

These are the methods that we have mentioned below to charge a laptop without getting any problem. Therefore, there is your choice of which way you want to charge according to the availability of the things.

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Using inverter with laptop charger

Normally you charge your laptop through a laptop charger from electricity which is AC power. But the car`s battery supply DC power which you cannot connect directly to charge your laptop because your laptop charger needs AC power.

So, You can charge your laptop in the car with the normal charger with the help of a car inverter/charger which you use to charge electricity. Through this method, you can directly charge your laptop by plugging your normal AC charger into the Inverter.

There are many types of Car inverter are available in the market. The most probably of getting this car inverter is from the online mode, so you can order it from online.

Follow the below given following steps to charge your laptop using the inverter system:-

  • Firstly, purchase the Car inverter charger to convert the output DC (Direct current) power to the AC (Alternating current).
How to charge laptop in car using inverter
  • After having the car inverter charger, plug the wire cable of an inverter into the charger slot of a car in which you put the Smartphone charger.
  • Now, connect your normal laptop charger to a laptop that you use to charge in-home or office electricity.
  • Finally, insert the plug of the charger into the Car inverter as an Electricity board.

After connecting the laptop charger to the laptop and inverter and inverter power cable to the charger slot of the car, a laptop will start charging.

So, make sure to follow the step-by-step process which we have mentioned. You can purchase the car inverter from the given link on amazon or offline if available nearby you.

Using USB Type C cable

As you need a mobile car charger to charge your smartphone with USB Cable, In the same, you will need a laptop car charger to charge a laptop in the car with a USB Type C cable.

So, that according to the watt of the battery, an exact voltage of power will supply from the car`s battery with the help of a laptop car charger. If you are thinking that why you can not charge your laptop with the mobile charger? then let me tell in brief.

Since the mobile battery has low watt as compared to the laptop, so the volts of the charger also low according to the requirement. So, this is the reason for not charging your laptop with a mobile charger.

Note:- Before proceeding to this method, you should make sure that your laptop contains a USB Type C port.

Follow the below process to charge your laptop using USB Type C Cable :-

  • Firstly, purchase the “USB Type C Laptop car charger” then only you will be able to connect it through a type C Cable. (You can buy it online or offline. In both modes, you can get it)
  • You should have a USB Type C cable which comes at a very cheap price as a USB Type-A Cable. If you don`t have then you can purchase it.
  • After having both charger and cable, plug the USB Type C laptop car charger into the charger port of a Car.
  • As you connect the charger to a car, then you have to connect the USB Type C cable to the laptop and charger.

As you connect the USB Type C to the laptop and car charger then your laptop will start charging. You don`t have to do any setting on the laptop software because every inbuilt type c port of the laptop supports charging.

Now you have known well that how to charge a laptop in a car with the help of a laptop car charger and USB Type C cable. Therefore, Follow the step-by-step process which we have mentioned above.

Using the laptop power bank

As you might have used a power bank for the smartphone which is used to charge a device without electricity as a backup. This power bank is based on the mAh and watt.

Since the smartphones have low mAH of battery, therefore it requires less mAh of a power bank. But the laptop comes with more mAh as compared to the mobile, therefore you need the high mAh of power bank to charge a laptop.

The battery of your laptop will require at least 40,000 mAh (milliampere-hour) of a power bank. So, that without any problem, your laptop can be charged with your power bank.

Before buying a power bank for a laptop, make sure that there should be included for a laptop, then only you should buy. As well as with these, also make sure that your laptop should have a Type C port.

Follow the below-given steps to charge your laptop using the power bank in a car:-

  • You have to purchase a power bank of at least 40,000 watts. You can check it from the below link to buy it.
  • Make sure to keep the full charge of your power bank, so that you can use it later whenever you need it.
  • While connecting, connect the USB Type C to the laptop Type C port and if you have a double USB Type C then connect to the type c port. Or if you have one side with USB Type c and another Type-A then you can also connect it to the Type-A port.

The power bank for a laptop which we have mentioned above is a very cheaper price as compared to the other power bank. You can buy any brand of power bank but make sure to have a 40,000 mAh of battery power which is sufficient for a laptop.

We have mentioned the power bank for the sample so that you can get an idea about that which type of power bank, you have to purchase

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Using an adapter (Laptop car charger)?

There is an adapter also for charging a laptop in a car which is like an inverter. The main benefit of this method is that other than this single adapter, you don`t have to connect and connect.

While in the above method, we have seen that there is a need for an extra cable except for the power bank method. So, for this just you need to purchase the adapter for a laptop car charger.

Follow the given below steps to charge a laptop in your car using the laptop car charger adapter :-

  • First of all, you need to buy an adapter for a laptop car charger. We have mentioned the sample of the adapter and if you want then you can check out.
How to charge laptop in car using adapter laptop car charger
  • When this adapter comes to you then you can use it at any time to charge your laptop in the car using it. Just you have to connect the charger cable to the charger slot in the car and the other power jack/pin to the laptop`s power port as a normal charger.

Now, by following the above method you would have known that how to charge a laptop in the car using the adapter. So, in this way you can charge your laptop`s battery using the laptop car charger adapter.

FAQ on How to charge laptop in car

Is it possible to charge a laptop with USB in car?

you can charge your laptop in a car using the USB Type C have to make sure whether your laptop has a USB Type C port or not. If there is a USB Type c port then you can charge it using a USB Type C cable.

Is it safe to charge laptop in car?

Yes, you can charge your laptop safely in a car. There will not be any heating issue on a laptop or charger or in a car. Not only heating problem but there also will not be any kind of electrical issue and your laptop, charger, and car will not spoil.

Will charging laptop in car drain battery?

Yes, of course, the battery of a car will gradually drain while charging the laptop from the battery of a car. In the smartphone, the battery of the car does not drain much as compared to the laptop due to the less capacity.

Conclusion on charging battery of laptop in Car

Finally, we hope that you would have known in a better way that how to charge laptop in car using the various methods. After doing the full research, we have present the information to you.

We have tried to explain and everything in an easy way so that you don`t get any problem in the future related to laptop charging in a vehicle.