How to connect jio phone to tv? using HDMI & RCA Cable

Do you want to know that how to connect jio phone to tv for watching content from jio phone on your tv? If yes, then you are at the right place to mirror your jio phone in Smart & Normal TV.

As you know that you need to recharge Jio Sim of Jio phone in a very low plan as compared to the Sim of smartphones. If you are using the Jio Phone then you may be knowing about this.

How to connect jio phone to TV

As you watch Videos and Movies on Jio Tv, Jio Cinema, etc. from the Jio phone in unlimited with the recharge of the low plan. So, if you want to watch that same video and movies of Jio Tv and Jio Cinema on your TV.

Then you will know the step-by-step process that how you can Mirror screen of Jio Tv & Jio Cinema Videos from Jio Phone to Tv? Therefore, in this article, you will be guided step-by-step for casting jio phone to tv.

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What is Jio Media Cable TV for Jio Phone?

Jio Media cable is one type of like Adapter which is launched by the Reliance Jio Brand. The main connection or use of the Jio Media Cable adapter is between the mainly Jio Phone to any TV.

As you Cast or stream your smartphone screen to the laptop, computer, TV, etc. device for watching the content of your mobile using the USB Cable.

What is Jio media cable for connecting jio phone to tv

In the same way, this Jio Media Cable is used to Cast your jio phone to TV. You cannot connect your jio phone for casting to any other device wirelessly as a smartphone.

Therefore, you need to use Jio Media Cable. This Jio Media Cable comes in two variants and both variants are used for connecting to tv in different ways.

The One Jio Media Cable variant of M533 is used to connect through the HDMI cable and port which is available in only the latest LED Smart TV. So, this model is used on the Smart TV Via the HDMI Cable.

The other Jio Media cable variant of M532 is used to connect through the RCA Cable and port which is available in every type of TV. Whether it is a Normal old CRT TV or new LED TV.

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How to connect jio phone to tv using Jio Media Cable for Smart Tv and Normal TV?

As we have mentioned above the Jio Media cable has launched in the Two variant of M533 & M532 which is used by HDMI and RCA Cable. So, we have mentioned below to connect jio Phone to TV for both Smart TV and Normal TV.

Therefore, those who have a smart TV can follow the first method, and those who have an old CRT TV will need to follow the Second method.

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Cast Jio phone to LED Tv using HDMI Cable

You have to use the Jio Media Cable of M533 variant to connect your LED Smart TV to jio Phone using the HDMI Cable. In this Jio Media Cable 533, you don`t get the HDMI Cable along with the Jio Media Cable.

When you open the package of jio media cable M533, you get Jio Media Cable device and USB Cable. Therefore, you will need to purchase the HDMI Cable to connect your smart tv to jio phone using HDMI Port.

In this Jio Media Cable M533 (Red package), you get the 3 ports. So, let`s know in brief about the uses of those 3 ports.

The one port is of HDMI port for connecting HDMI Cable between TV and JIo media adapter, the Second is USB Type-A port for connecting Jio Phone to Jio media cable, and the Last port is of micro USB cable for charging from Jio Phone charger.

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What is the process to connect jio phone to TV using HDMI Cable through Jio Media Cable M533?

Follow the given below process to connect your Jio phone to LED TV via HDMI Cable :-

Before proceeding to the below steps, you have to make sure that you should have Smart TV which contains an HDMI port and the Jio Phone.

  • Firstly, you have to purchase the Jio Media Cable M533 from the nearby Jio Store offline and as well as HDMI Cable also. (You will get Jio Media Cable from the nearby jio store offline only. Currently, Jio Media cable is not available online. But you can purchase the HDMI Cable online)
  • You have to connect the Jio Media cable Adapter from the Micro USB port to the charger of jio phone to supply the power. (This Jio media cable needs power while connecting to the jio phone to tv.)
  • Now, you have to Turn on the Wifi of your Jio phone and make sure you use the Jio Sim is working and have an active internet plan.
  • Then you have to connect the Jio phone to the Jio Media cable using the USB cable which is given along with the Jio Media cable.
  • Now, you have to switch on your Smart Tv and connect the HDMI cable from the Jio Media cable to your Smart TV. Then you will be displayed on your TV that “Ready to cast”.
  • Finally, open the Jio TV or Jio cinema application and play the videos or movies.

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Screen mirror from jio phone to Normal TV using RCA Cable

You have to use the Jio Media Cable of M532 Variant to connect jio phone to the Normal TV using the RCA Cable. If you are confused about the RCA Cable then let me tell you in brief.

The RCA port is given in every type of TV and Set-Top Box which is mostly of 3 cables. They are yellow for video composer, white and red both cable for the audio.

In this method, you don`t need to buy any extra cable. Whatever cables and adapter are required, that all are available with the Jio Medi cable adapter M532.

The main benefits of connecting the jio phone using the RCA Cable is that you can connect to any type of TV and no need to purchase any extra Cable.

After opening the package box of Jio Media cable M532, you get 2 Cable and 1 jio media adapter.  The one is RCA Cable and the other one is the USB Cable.

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Process of connecting Jio Phone to any TV using the Jio Media Cable M532 through RCA Cable

In this method also, you have to follow some of the same methods of HDMI but some of the steps are different.

  • Firstly, you have to buy Jio Media Cable of M532 variant from the Jio store. (You have to make sure that the variant should be M532 then only you will get the RCA Cable along with the Jio Media Cable.)
  • Turn on the TV and connect the RCA Cable to the RCA port of TV and to the Jio Media cable port.
  • Now, connect your jio phone`s charger to the Micro USB port of Jio media adapter.
  • `Finally, Turn on the wifi of jio phone and connect jio phone to the adapter with the help of USB Cable.

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Benefits of using Jio Media Cable

There are many benefits you get by connecting the jio phone to tv. Below are the points the advantages you get by the Jio Media Cable:-

  • You can watch whatever you want on unlimited channels from the Jio Tv and Jio Cinema.
  • You need to do recharge your Jio Phone Sim at a very low price of a plan as compared to the other mobile and TV Channels plans.
  • With the help of the same plan only, you will be able to make calls, messages and able to watch TV unlimited.
  • You can do other works at the same time when the Casting is going on from jio phone to tv.

What is the difference between the Jio media cable model of M533 and M532?

We are sure that these questions may come to your mind, so don`t worry let us explain. There are some of the differences between both variant which are given below:-

M532 (Blue)
  • It is for the only LED Smart TV which contains an HDMI port.

  • It is used by the HDMI Cable.

  • Through the HDMI Cable, you will be able to see the better quality of HD videos on TV.

  • Other than this adapter, you need to buy an extra HDMI Cable.

M533 (Red)
  • It is for every type of TV Whether it is old TV or Smart TV.

  • It is used by the RCA Cable.

  • Through the RCA Cable, you wi not be able to see the HD videos with better quality.

  • Other than this adapter, you don`t have to buy any extra cable.

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FAQ on How to connect Jio phone to TV

How does Jio Media cable work?

Jio media cable is an adapter that works is to transfer the audio and video content from the jio phone to the of Jio Media Cable is to cast the contents from Jio Phone to any TV through the application which supports the casting

Can I connect a Jio phone to a TV without a Jio media cable?

No, you cannot connect a jio phone to any TV without a Jio Media Cable because cables are made for casting but for the smartphone.

Can i watch Youtube from jio phone on TV using the Jio Media Cable?

No, you can not cast youtube videos on TV by connecting from the Jio Phone because Jio Phone`s operating system does not support youtube for mirroring.

Conclusion on connecting jio phone to tv for casting

Ultimately, we hope that you would have understood easily that to connect jio phone to TV using both methods. We have tried to explain every thing about connecting jio phone to tv.

You will not be able to watch the content of Jio Tv and Jio Cinema unless you don`t have a Jio Media Cable. We also hope that you would get this adapter from the nearby Jio Store.