How to activate flipkart account? Reactivate flipkart account – If account inactive /deactivated or blocked

Does your flipkart account has been inactive or deactivated or blocked and you`re unable to login? If yes then you`re at the right place to know that how to activate flipkart account?

Sometimes flipkart inactive or blocked our flipkart account due to some reasons which would discuss later. due to this error, we`re not able to login our flipkart account.

How to activate flipkart account? Reactivate flipkart account - If account inactive /deactivated or blocked

So, if you are also facing the same issue in your fipkart mobile app then by the end of the article, you would be able to login & access by reactivating flipkart account.

In this article, we have told the step by step to reactivate your flipkart account, so that you can login and also that how this error comes and other FAQ questions related to it.

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What is “Account inactive. Please contact to customer support to activate it” error?

When you to enter the mobile number and then tap to send OTP, then after it, “account inactive. please contact to customer support” or “your flipkart account has been blocked. Please contact to our customer support to fix” error appears.

Due to this error, you can`t proceed to further procedure to enter OTP and verify for login as this error keep showing.

What is "Account inactive. Please contact to customer support to activate it" error?

So, Obviously, you have known that this error tells that your flipkart account is deactivated or blocked by Flipkart due to some reasons.

So, Now you have known that this error means flipkart account has got deactivated or blocked but for what reason, this one, we would tell later.

Can you Reactivate Flipkart account if account inactive or deactivated or blocked?

Yes, you can easily reactivate your flipkart account which is inactive or blocked by the flipkart system. By the way, there appears that you would need to contact to customer support of flipkart to fix the probelm.

But I would like to tell you that you don`t need to contact the customer support to resolve these issue. Just you would need to follow the procedure whatever given below using your mobile browser or PC.

How to activate flipkart account

click on reactivate

For Re-activation acount of flipkart just you need to use any browser like chrome or whatever installed on your Smartphone or PC. So, let`s know the step by step procedure of how to activate flipkart account which has been inactive or blocked:-

1. Open browser & visit to

how to activate account in flipkart

Open any browser or chrome browser on your smartphone or Laptop/Pc which is installed. Visit the official website. (If you have opened chrome browser on your phone then you have to turn on desktop mode)

2. Tap to Login.

login flipkart

Click the Login option as it appears on the dashboard.

3. Enter phone & email

enter phone and email id

Enter only your registered Phone number or email id which is an inactive.

4. Go to forgot option

tap to forgot option

Tap to the forgot? option for reactivation your flipkart account.

5. Type OTP

enter otp

Enter the OTP which will be sent to your entered mobile number or email id.

4. Type the password

enter the password

Enter the new password which you want to set for your flipkart account.

5. Click on Reactivate option.

click on reactivate

Finally, Tap to the “Reactivate” option to access your flipkart account and to activate flipkart account for permanently.

By following the above step wise procedure, you would be able to activate your flipkart account which has been inactive or blocked.

After doing these procedure, you would be also able to login in your flipkart account without any error and can do all the thing whatver you wish to do on your flipkart mobile application.

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Why flipkart account inactive /deactivated/ blocked error appears?

There could be many reasons due to which Flipkart’s systems detect that and inactive or blocked your flipkart account.

Below are the points in which all the possible reasons of flipkart account inactive or blocked are given:-

  • If you are logging your flipkart account on multiple devices then also your flipkart account might be blocked or inactive.
  • Entering many times wrong password while logging your flipkart account.
Entering many times wrong password while logging your flipkart account.
  • If you are returning many products frequently then also your flipkart account can be blocked or inactive as flipkart system detects.
  • Logging multiple flipkart account on your one device.
  • If you have deactivated your flipkart account manually then also your flipkarta account gets inactive or blocked.

So, above mentioned could be the reasons for your flipkart account inactive or blocked. Basically, when flipkart systems detect any unusual activity on your flipkart account then only they inactive or block your account.

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FAQ on Flipkart Account Reactivation

Flipkart customer care number to reactivate account?

When your account gets inactive or blocked then you are told to contact flipkart customer care to reactivate account but in most of the cases, you don`t need it. Just you have to forgot password of flipkart account using browser to fix it.

My flipkart account is inactive how to activate?

If your flipkart account is inactive then there is most chnaces that it could be fixed wihtout contact to customer support. Just you should try to reset your password of flipkart account then reactivate option will appear.

flipkart new account activation?

Your flipkart account has been deactivated or blocked or inactive, right? then only you want to new flipkart account activation. So, you would need to reactivate that account only or create new account on using other email or phone number.

Your flipkart account has been deleted. contact to customer support. What to do?

By the way, till now, we have not seen this type of error – your flipkart account has been deleted then there could be you have deactivated your Flipkart account. So, in this case, you should try to reset password or if not solving then to contact customer support.

Can I Reactivate flipkart account from flipkart app?

No, there is not any way to reactivate your flipkart account through the flipkart mobile application. You would need to reactivate by fogotting the flipkart account password on the flipkart official website through browser.


Now, your issue would have been resolved which means you would have been reactivated your flipkart account and able to access it.

If we know in short to reactivate flipkart account then you just have to forgot flipkart account on flipkart website then you would be able to activate inactive account.

Other than the flipkart account reactivation process, also we have mentioned many things related to it and we`re sure that would also be helpful for you.

If you have any issue related to flipkart account activation then you can comment below.