How to record whatsapp call? whatsapp call recording

Are you also interested to record audio and video call of whatsapp while talking to someone? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to record whatsapp call?

As we know that call recording option is available in almost every mobile by which we can easily record anyone`s voice call. But there is no any option available in whatsapp app to record voice or video call.

how to record whatsapp call

So, Whatsapp users aren`t able to record their whatsapp call when talking to some person even they have a most need to record. But now, you don`t have to worry about for whatsapp recording.

Because we have mentioned various tricks on how to record whatsapp call by using some other technique with step by step process. So, let`s know about whatsapp call record.

Can whatsapp call be recorded?

Yes, whatsapp voice call and video call can be recorded easily in your smartphone. By the way, you alll know that there is no any direct option given on WhatsApp for recording whatsapp call.

But by using the third-party application, whatsapp call can be recorded. So, it is not correct way to record whatsapp call but by using the tricks that can be recorded.

That`s why it is not advised by us to record WhatsApp call as it is not the official way. But if you have the most necessary to record whatsapp call then by the end of this article, you will be able to record your WhatsApp call.

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How to record call on whatsapp using 3 methods

There are total 3 methods of whatsapp call recording that are mentioned below by us which will helpful for you.

The first two method are for whatsapp voice call recording and last way is for both audio and video whatsapp call record.

1. How to record whatsapp call using cube ACR app?

Cube ACR is a best call recording application that allows to record whatsapp voice call as well as normal voice call and also supports other VOIP.

By using this call recorder – Cube ACR app, You can record whatsapp voice call automatically. You don`t require to do manually, all the incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls will be recorded automatically.

Let`s know the stepwise on how to record WhatsApp calls automatically using Cube ACR app:-

  • Firstly, Install Call recorder – Cube ACR in your mobile from the playstore.
how to record whatsapp audio call
  • Open the Cube ACR app and tap to the next button.
does whatsapp record calls
  • Then, Tap to the Grant permission option and keep tapping allow option whatever it asked.
whatsapp call recorder app
  • Now, Click to the Enable app connector option and then turn on the accessibility option for Cube ACR app.
record calls on whatsapp
  • Next, follow the instruction whatever it asks, and lastly, select the free trial option.
  • As the Cube ACR Application opens completely then whatever WhatsApp calls you make, that`s recording would be stored under this app.
whatsapp audio call recording

By following the above procedure, you would have known that how to do whatsapp audio call recording using the Cube ACR application.

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2. WhatsApp call recording app – App Call Recorder

App call recorder is an app that allows to record your whatsapp call automatically. Just you need to setup the application by allowing all the necessary permission, so that it can record incoming and outgoing call easily.

After allowing all the permission to app call recorder, every whatsapp incoming and outgoing audio call will be recorded and stored under this application.

Follow the below procedure for recording whatsapp call using app call recorder application:-

  • Install the app call recorder application from the playstore in your android phone.
how to record voice call in whatsapp
  • open the app and tap to the grant permission and keep allowing the permission which it ask.
  • Now, Enable the accessibility permission to this app by tapping to the enable service option.
is whatsapp call recorded
  • Also, give permission for notifications access to this app.
  • Finally, all setup is done. Now, every WhatsApp call record would be recorded and would be saved in this app.
whatsapp call recording app

By following the above procedure, you learn that how to get whatsapp call recording using the App call recorder.

3. How to record whatsapp audio call & video using Screen recorder?

If you want to record WhatsApp video & audio call then you can do it by using the screen recorder system. By the way, Screen recorder is pre-installed in almost every smartphone.

But if there is no pre-installed screen recorder in your smartphone then you can install any third-party screen recording application in your smartphone.

Just you need to Turn on the screen recording while doing WhatsApp video or audio call. As you start making voice or video calls to someone on WhatsApp then immediately you should start the screen recording.

You can start screen recording by scrolling down notification bar and then tapping to the screen recorder option.

FAQ on How to record whatsapp call

How can I record a WhatsApp call secretly?

You can record whatsapp call secretly without knowing the next person who is on whatsapp call. You need to follow the above any method from the given 3 methods.

When the whatsapp recording will start then the person who is on whatsapp call will not get notified that the call is being recorded.

Can WhatsApp call be recorded automatically?

Yes, whatsapp call can be recorded automatically. But if you want to record whatsapp call automatically then you need to follow the third party application method which are mentioned above.

So, for it, you can use Cube ACR or App call recorder application. In screen recording method, you need to record manually each time whenever you make whatsappm call.

Do whatsapp calls get saved?

No, WhatsApp calls not save anywhere locally on your phone storage. when you install any third party application for recording whatsapp calls that get saved in your phone.

Conclusion on whatsapp call recording

I hope that you would have known well about that how to record whatsapp call?  I have tried my best to make you explain about the process of whatsapp call recording.

After doing the extreme research, we have introduced three methods for recording whatsapp call.  Also we have cover a some frequently asked question related to the whatsapp voice call recording.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding whatsapp call recording then you feel free to ask in the comment.

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