How to Send gift message on instagram? 2022 (Complete Guide)

Are you also interested for sending instagram gift box message through instagram latest feature? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to send gift message on instagram?

As you know that instagram frequently brings some special features which attract and make helpful for Instagram users. Instagram is trying to make as better as its system to make more user-friendly and awesome for its audience.

How to send gift message on instagram

So. With the many great features, Instagram has also brought one awesome feature of gift message in its Instagram messenger. If you don`t know about that what is instagram gift message?,

then you don`t need to worry as we have mentioned that how to send gift message in instagram with step by step? As well as other details related to instagram gift box message are introduced. So, Let`s know.

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What is Instagram gift message?

Inatagram gift message is same as a normal message but the message is packed or covered by gift. It means when you send message to anyone in instagram then message send as a gift.

Then the receiver (next person) receives a message in the form of a gift. So, the person needs to touch the gift for opening it and viewing the message.

It is same as you give gift to your friends or relative on their birthday or any function in which inside there is some goods or wishing letter. So, the persons need to open that particular gift for looking the goods or anything kept inside the cover.

I hope that you would have understood easily that what is gift message features on instagram? Now, lets know that how to make gift message in instagram?

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How to send gift message on instagram?

Sending messaging with a a gift on instagram is very easy, just you need to know the procedure once. We have mentioned the step by step procedure with the help of screenshot for creating gift message on instagram and sending it.

Follow the below procedure for sending instagram gift message on instagram messenger:-

  • Open your Instagram application whether it is android or iPhone, no matter.
  • Tap to the message icon for opening the chat list.
instagram gift message box
  • Open the chat to whom you want to send Instagram gift message.
  • Type a message whatever you want to send as a gift.
send gift message on instagram
  • Now, Tap to the Search icon which is in the blue color as shown in the below screenshot.
How to send instagram gift message
  • Scroll to the right side for getting gift images. Now, Tap to the Gift images as it appears.
How to send gift message on instagram
  • Finally, you can see that your message has been sent in the form of a gift. When you or the next person touch the gift then only a message will appear.
How to send gift message on instagram

By following the above procedure, you will be easily able to send message as a gift in the instagram messenger to your friends or relatives. You can type any message whatever you want, there is no any criteria of word length.

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Why not able to gift box messages on Instagram?

Sometimes many Instagram users face problems that the search icon does not appear for sending gift message on instagram messenger. So, if also face that problem then you don`t have to be worry.

You can easily fix that problem and be able to send messages on Instagram in the form of gift. Firstly, let`s know that what are the reason by which the search icon doesn`t appear while typing a message.

  • Updating Instagram messenger
  • Switching account to business account
  • Instagram app update
  • Cache problem of Instagram application

If you have followed our procedure of how to send gift message on instagram and could not able to send instagranm message then obviously the reason would be the following above.

So, above are the following are the reason why you are not able to send instagram gift message. Now, lets know that how to fix if you don`t able to send gift message on instagram?

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How to Fix Instagram gift message not showing?

Following are the solution for fixing the Instagram gift not showing problem. Just follow the each process whatever mentioned below if you are also facing this type of problem.

Updating Instagram messenger

You just need to update instagram messenger in your instagram appplication by following some simple steps. Follow the below one:-

  1. Open your Instagram application and click to the profile option which appears at the bottom right.
  2. Go to the menu icon and then tap to the setting option.
  3. Click to the update messaging option and then just tap to the update button.

Switching account to personal account

If you have switched your instagram account from personal to business account then also this problem arises. So, Follow the below process for switching Instagram account to the personal:-

  1. Go to profile < Menu icon < Setting option.
  2. Tap to the account option.
  3. Scroll down and then click to the Switch Account Type option.
  4. Finally, Click to the ‘Switch to Personal account’ option.

Instagram app update

Just visit t]9 o the play store or appstore and search there instagram. If your instagram application is not updated to the latest version then update button will appear.

So, just tap to the update button and wait until it is finished. If you use android then go to the playstore and for iphone visit to the appstore.

Cache problem of Instagram application

Sometimes due to the cache problem of your instagram application also, this problem occur. In this situation, you also need to clear the cache once again of your Instagram app.

By the way, there are many various option for clearing cache of any application. But let`s know the short and simple way for clearing cache of your instgaram app:-

  1. Keep long-press your instagram app on the bn bhome screen of your mobile.
  2. Tap to the app info option.
  3. Find the option of cache and tap it for clearing.

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FAQ on How to send gift message on instagram

How to unsend instagram gift message?

If you have already sent message in the form of gift on the instagram to anyone and want to delete the gift from that person`s instagram chat then you can unsend it.

As you unsend any normal images or photos on the instagram chat, in the same way, you can also easily unsend Instagram sent gift message. Just you need to long-press the gift and tap to the unsend button.

How to open the gift message on instagram?

If anyone has sent gift on instagram chat then you can easily read the message which is inside the gift box.

For it, Just you need to touch the gift once then the gift box will open like animation and you will be easily able to read the message whatever you have received.

How do you send a gift message on Instagram?

By the way, step by step process with the help of screenshots are mentioned on how to send gift message on instagram?. Just you need to follow it as mentioned.

Let me tell in brief here, Just you need to type the message and tap to the search icon, and then select the gift icon. That`s set, your message will sent in the form of gift.

How do you send an animated text on Instagram?

How to send animated message on instagram

If you want to send any message at any length with animation then you can do it. As well as gift box messages, Instagram has also given features for sending animated text on Instagram chat.

By the way, For sending animated messages in Instagram, the procedure is the same as sending gift message. Just you need to tap the animation according to your wish which are beside the gift icon option.

Whenever a person opens the chat then the message appears with the animation as you send.

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Conclusion on how to send gift in Instagram chat

I hope that you would have known well that how to send gift message on instagram chat in detail and other information related to it. Now, you can easily send gift & animated message to your friends or anyone on Instagram chat.

We have tried our best to make you understand in a easy way about Instagram gift box message. You can also directly DM to anyone with gift message as well as it doesn`t matter to the follower or folowing.

If you have any query or problem related to the gift message in instagram then you can tell us by commenting below.

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