How to see instagram private account posts?

Are you also curious to view someone’s private account of their Instagram for accessing the photos, videos, stories, followers list etc.? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to see instagram private account posts?

As you are knowing that the Instagram provides us to switch account on two types, that is a private accounts or public accounts. Most of the users have a public Instagram account but also there are many Instagram users who have a private account.

How to see instagram private account posts

Since, we can easily see someone`s profile photos, stories, photos, videos, post,s etc. of anyone`s Facebook or Instagram account. But, Now, the problem arises that,

the people who have a private account, their any contents like stories, videos, photos, posts etc. are not visible or accessible to the other stranger account users unless and until that private Instagram account users don`t accept our follow request.

But if you want to see anyhow that Instagram private account of that person then you don`t have to be a worry. We have mentioned the step-by-step procedure for it.

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What is private instagram account?

When a users creates his/her instagram account successfully then that account is automatically in a public mode. As the account is in public mode then anyone can see the post or other things of that particular public account.

But if anyone wants to keep secure their instagram account that any person can`t access their or visible the post, videos, photos, stories, follower list, profile picture, instragam account Bio etc.

then that user need to enable the private account from the normal public account. As that Instagram account switched to the private account then any other person without his / her knowing will not be able to see the data of their Instagram account.

This feature is very beneficial to most users to keep their security and privacy safe. As same features are also provided on the Facebook.

Now, we will know that is it possible to view anyone’s Instagram private account post? So, let`s answer below then accordingly to that only we will follow the further procedure.

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Is it really possible to see instagram account post or stories?

By the way, many websites or videos are available which tell the procedure for viewing anyone`s private Instagram account detail but most of the techniques do not work from that.

We have followed many ways to see instagram account private but only few works. If your question is can we see private instagram account post?

Then my answer is, You cannot directly aceess anyone`s post, photos stories, videos etc. of anyone`s instagram private account with the help of any website or application.

But there are some genuine tips or ways through which you can view instagram post of private account. Since, I have mentioned all the methods which work and don`t works.

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How to see private account photos on instagram 2022

There are total 4 methods are mentioned below for seeing the post of private instagram from which 3 methods works and 1 does not works because the methods which is very popular on the internet which does not work, we have told something about that.

So, the methods are mentioned by following that private account, by craeting and using the other fake account, by requesting from friends account, and by through instagram private account viewer tools.

1. by following that account
2. using fake account
3. using private account viewer
4. requesting from friends’ account
ways to view instagram private account posts

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1.  By following that account

How to view private instagram account by following that account

If you have been using the instagram account since a huge times ago, then obviously you know that we can only see the private instagram account`s post, stories other contents when the other users follow and the private instagram users accept the request,

then only that the next people able to like the post, comment, see the stories, profile etc. So, if you were not knowing about it and want that the private instagram account user let know that you want to see their post then you should follow from your account.

I hope that you would have got an idea about to view instagram private account photos using the follow and accept genuine method.

If you want that private instagram users not know that you want to see their post then you can follow the next methods. So, let’s know about the other methods or techniques.

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2. By creating Another Account

If you send the request to that account which is a private Instagram account that is not acceptable to you or you don`t let his / her know that you are then you can follow this technique.

In this method, you have to create one fake account which should look like a real account as there should be a profile picture according to the next person whether a girl or boy,

keep something interesting in the bio, and keep the name according to the next person like if you want to see the post of girls’ Instagram private accounts then you have to create a another account accordingly to that only.

As you create successfully one genuine fake account by looking at the other Instagram private users then follow that account.

Once that private Instagram account users accept then you can easily able to see the stories, posts of that account.

Following short points to see posts of private profile in instagram using fake account:-

How to see private account photos on instagram using fake account
  • Follow that account from that fake account.

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3. Using instagram private account viewer

How to see instagram private account posts using instagram private account viewer

There are many website available with the name like private instagram account viewer on the internet and most of the people searches and visit this type of website for looking the instagram account private.

But when they visit and follow the steps that processes are given then they are unable to view anyone`s Instagram account`s post, videos, stories etc. of their private account.

And finally, they come to know the reality of those websites. We have tested those website, so those who don`t have tried for viewing the instagram private account using the tools techniques,

then i would like to tell them what things happen when you visit to that website. When you visit then they asked to enter the username of the Instagram private account on which you want to view posts.

When you enter then you are asked to do the surveys or Human verification after submitting the username which is a very hard procedure. And when you finished the task then they ask for money for showing the Instagram private account.

So, this method is not recommended for viewing Instagram account photos or posts.

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4. Using Eyezy

Eyez is a phone monitoring tools that allows you to monitor your phone such as call recording, reading text message, all social media application like facebook, instagram, snapchat etc.

Just you need to visit to Eyezy for Instagram Private accounts monitoring tool. for it. After visiting the link, just you need to follow the procedure as the instruction given.

5. By requesting from friends’ accounts

If you don`t want to create an extra another account then also send a request to that private account of Instagram which you want to view posts. So, tell your friends to send request from that account.

When your request gets accepted to your friend`s instagram id then you can see the content of the private Instagram account whatever you want to see.


I hope you would have got an idea for seeing anyone`s Instagram private account posts using the various methods.

However, still there is not any official way for viewing private account but you can use the technique given below. Also, the Website or tool method technique is not recommended for it.

If you have any query about it then you can ask us in the comment.