How to change chat theme in instagram? 2024 (Step by Step)

Have you also been bored by using Instagram’s normal pre-existing themes of chat? If yes then you can easily change your Instagram chat`s themes and background color. So, if you are also interested to know that how to change chat theme in instagram then you are at the right place.

If you are not knowing then we would like to tell you that a few months ago only, instagram updated many new features to their Instagram app for the Instagram user.

How to change chat theme in instagram

By the way, there have come many latest features in the instagram application but one of the features has also rolled out of Chat or DM themes in instagram app.

What is instagram chat theme?

When you create your account on Instagram and chat with anyone then the chat background theme is in normal by default theme of instagram chat which is in the white background.

In the same way, Whatsapp has also its own by default chat theme and you might be knowing about it that whatsapp provides to change the theme of the whatsapp chat since a many years ago.

But changing chat theme features was not available in the instagram. So, instagram has also brought changing chat themes features for their users.

So, we can change the instagram chat theme with many themes available in it and many background color as you change in whatsapp. I hope that you would have understood that what is instagram chat theme?

How to change chat theme in instagram?

  • Update your instagram app
  • Update instagram messaging
  • Follow process of instagram chat theme changing 

Update your instagram app

How to change chat theme in instagram android

If your instagram application is not updated then firstly, you have to update it from the playstore or apple store. For updation of instagram app, just you have to go to playstore or apple store,

according to your device and search there instagram. If there is appearing the update option then click to update. Or if update button is not showing then that means your instagram application is already updated.

Then, follow the next procedure of updating your instagram message options. So, let`s know.

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Update instagram messaging

Since, theme features of instagram chats comes under the instagram messaging only. Therefore, you will need to update the instagram messaging to access the instagram chat theme option.

Follow the below procedure to know that how to update instagram messaging chat:- 

  • open your instagram app and tap to the profile icon.
  • Tap to the three menu line bar on the top and also click to the setting options.
  • Tap to the ‘update messaging‘ options.
  • Finally, tap to the update options.

By following the above procedure, you can update your instagram messaging options to get the features of the theme in your instagarm message them.

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Change instagram chat theme

Below we have mentioned the step by step process for changing the instagram DM Chat theme on your instagram application. So follow it as given but make sure to update your instagram application and instagram messaging.

How to change chat theme in instagram

Follow the below procedure to change chat theme in instagram :-

1. Open chat

select instagram chat

open your instagram message and open any chat in which you want to change theme.

2. Tap on i icon

tap i icon instagram chat theme

Tap to the i button icon which is at the top right on your chat.

3. Click theme

select instagram chat theme

Tap to the theme options as you can see in the below screenshot.

4. Select Instagram chat theme

change instagram chat theme

Select the theme which you like to set from the list.

  • Back and you will see that your particular chat`s theme has changed from previous.

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How instagram chat themes works?

We would know how it works and about its function. I would like to tell you that you cannot change all chats of instagram theme at once like whatsapp.

You are given to change the theme of each particular chat (not for all chat at once). So, according to your wish, you can change themes of multiple chat using the different themes according to the chat.

Another things of this theme chat instagram features is that if you change the theme of any particular chat then that theme will also change to the other party which means if one party will change the chat theme then that will also appear to the both party.

As the one party change the theme of that particular chat then the next party of that particular chat is notified about it.

One more things is that when you tap to the theme option for changing the them of your chat then you get the list of themes and list of gradients & colors.

So, if you select any theme from the theme list then that theme appears to the whole chat and accordingly to it, the background color of the text message changes.

And when you select the gradient & color list options then that only appears to the background of the text (not in the whole chat).

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How to fix instagram chat theme not working

Most of the instagram users face the problem that they don`t appear the theme options on their instagram application. Or update messaging options also not appear to some of the instagram users.

So, we have told you below the solution of this features. I would like to tell you that update messaging options is based on the instagram account not in the based of instagram app.

Like when you update instagram from playstore then this update comes for every instagram users. But under the app, that updates comes on the basis of the account.

Follow the below procedure to get the theme features if not appearing-

  1. Clear cache instagram app:- If the features is not appearing then you must clear the cache of your instagram app. Clearing cache process is very simple which can be done by the phone setting.
  2. By requesting through help options:- After doing everythings if theme options is not appearing then the last solution is to report your problem about it to the instagram. Follow below procedure to report problem about it:-
    1. Go to profile icon < three line bar < Setting.
    2. Tap on the help option.
    3. Tap the Report a problem.
    4. again tap to report a problem.
    5. Explain your  – ‘Instagram chat themes problem that it is not appearing in your account
    6. After explaining the issue, tap on the submit button.

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FAQ on Instagram chat theme

Why can’t I change my Instagram chat theme?

There may be many reasons if you are not able to change your instagram theme of chat. By the way, we have given solution to fix instagram chat theme not appearing option. But the reason may be that your instagram app cache problem, app update problem, or not available in your instagram account by the instagram.

If we change our chat theme on instagram will they know?

Yes, if you change the theme of the particular chat then the next party or person will be notified that theme of the chat have changed. As well as this, if you change the theme then that theme will appear to both of you.

Can i change the chat theme on my instagram on Desktop through Website?

No, you cannot change instagram theme through your desktop on instagram website. As well as this, if you have changed the theme of any particular chat from default to another theme then that will not appear in website while chatting from dekstop even with the same account.


I hope that you would have known well to change chat theme in instagram android and iPhone? All the detailed information about the Instagram theme chat is provided to you in this article.

We have provided you step by step procedure with the help of a screenshot for changing Instagram chat theme. Also, we have given the solution that if the theme option not appearing or working.

If you have any queries related to the changing instagram chat theme or background color then you can ask in the comment below.