How to fix “call ended problem” in your mobile?

Often, we encounter a sudden call end, and then when we try to call someone, we are shown a “call ended” text, and the call automatically ends after that.

How to fix "call ended problem" in your mobile?

Why does it happen? What does it actually mean? And besides everything, how to fix call ended problem on your mobile?

I understand that you might also be irritated because of this issue. It’s very annoying when you wish to call someone, but you cannot do that.

No worries, I’ve come up with some possible solutions to this “call ended” issue. Let’s know them –

What exactly is “call ended problem”?

The call ended problem mainly bothers us when our call automatically gets disconnected and when we cannot call anyone because of that. 

But what exactly is this problem? It makes us unable to get connected with someone; no incoming calls and no outgoing calls.

Why my call ended automatically?

There isn’t a single reason why your call ends automatically. There is a wide range of possibilities like – 

  • You aren’t in a stable network connection area. 
  • You don’t have sufficient recharge to make calls. 
  • Maybe the problem is with the number you are calling. 
  • The call-barring function is on.
  • The issue is with your preferred network, etc. 

How to fix call ended problem in phone (Jio/ VI/ Airtel/ BSNL)?

There are a variety of solutions to fix the call-ended problem. You just have to try them –

Try rebooting your phone

Rebooting your mobile is one of the best methods to solve the “call-ended” problem. 

How to reboot? 

  • Hold the power button until you spot the “restart” option on your screen. 
  • Click on it and wait until your phone restarts.
Tap to reboot option for disabling safe mode in mi phone

Make sure that stable network connection

Check whether you have a stable network connection or not. You are able to call because of the network connection, and if it’s not stable, the chances of you encountering the issue increase. 

How to check the network connection?

Just look at the network bars on your screen; they tell you how good your connection is. 

If it’s low or zero, just try going somewhere else to call. 

Make sure your SIM is recharged

Most companies only let people do and receive calls when their SIM is recharged. So if your sim is also not recharged, make sure to recharge it first and then try to call someone.

Turn on & off an airplane mode

Turning on and off aeroplane mode is one of the most effective methods in solving a lot of smartphone issues; the “call ended” issue is no exception. It often solves the call-ended problem too, so don’t forget to give it a try.

toggle the aeroplane mode to turn it

Try calling to another Number

There are chances that the issue isn’t with you; it’s with the number you are calling. So try calling another number and see whether you can call or not. If yes, then you can’t solve the issue because it’s not from your side.

Check & turn off call barring – outgoing call

Call-barring functions stop incoming and outgoing calls. If you’ve activated it for any reason, you won’t be able to call anyone. So check whether it’s on or not. How? Here are the steps –

  • Open phone app > call settings > call barring. 
call restriction option & call barring
  • Now, you’ll be able to spot whether it is on or off. If it’s on, toggle off the option, and that’s all.
Check & turn off call barring - outgoing call

Try replacing SIM to other Slot

Sometimes, the sim stops working in the existing slot. So if your mobile has two sim slots, try changing the sim to another one. 

Change preferred network type

You can also try to change the preferred network type by following the here mentioned steps –

  • Open settings > spot “preferred network” option > click on it and then change the existing one. 
Change preferred network type
  • That’s it. 

FAQ on Call ended automatically

How I can fix call ended issues in jio?

Call-ended problem-solving methods are the same for every company, including jio. You can try turning on and off the aeroplane mode, rebooting your device, changing the preferred network, etc.

Why call getting disconnected automatically

The call automatically disconnects for many reasons, like network connection, technical glitches, etc. 

Does call ended mean call declined?

No, the call ended doesn’t mean the call declined. Call declined indicates that the person has rejected your call, whereas call ended means the call is disconnected.

Every time I try to call, it says call ended. What do I do now?

You can try rebooting your device, changing the sim slot, turning on and off the aeroplane mode, changing the preferred network, etc.


So this was the problem to fix the call ended problem in your mobile. I expect that you will handle this issue easily now. But if the problem still persists, you must try reaching out to the customer care team.