How to hard reset jio phone? Fix forgotten password / Hang

Do you want to know that how to hard reset jio phone keypad? There are many reasons due to which you are required to factory reset your jio phone.

So, If you have forgotten the lock pin password of your jio phone then you need to format it completely to unlock your jio phone. Or if your jio phone hang or runs very slow then in such a situation also, you need to factory reset.

How to hard reset jio phone

So, if such problems or issues has been occurred on your jio phone keypad then you don`t have to worry in both situation. We have guided step-by-step procedure on how to format jio phone in both situation.

As you are knowing that Jio Keypad phones come with many different model. So, the solution are mentioned of every model of your jio phone in this page.

We would like to tell you one important thing about that the word Hard reset, Factory reset, and format are the same. You don`t have to confuse about these words.

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How to Format Jio phone ? 2 ways

There are two various ways to hard reset any model of jio phone which is used in different situation. They are through the power & boot key and the second one is through the Mobile Setting.

The formatting of jio phone through the power and boot key is used when the user has forgotten the lock password. And the formatting of jio phone through the mobile setting is used when the mobile hang`s or does not work properly.

Now, you would have known which methods you have to follow according to the problem of your jio phone. By the way, you can follow any way from both method if the phone is not working properly.

But you will need to follow the only method which is through the power and boot key if you have to unlock the password. Because you cannot go to the mobile setting for the factory resetting without unlocking it.

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1. Hard reset jio phone password using Boot key

The one step of this method will be different according to the Model of your jio phone. Because the boot key is different according to the model of jio phone.

And the other procedure will be the same for every model of Jio Phone. So, you need to find the boot key of your model of jio phone to reset the password of jio phone.

But you don`t have to go anywhere, we have mentioned the boot key of every model of Jio phone in the below section. So, you can find it from there and apply that in the boot steps.

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Follow the below steps to Unlock Jio Phone password by factory reset through power and boot button:- 

  • STEP 1 :- Firsrtly, you have to verify the model of your Jio phone which you will see after removing the battery o your jio phone.
  • STEP 2 :- Once you check the model of your jio phone then know the Boot Key of your jio which we have mentioned below section.
  • STEP 3 :- Remove the batter of jio phone and then insert it to switch off completely.
  • STEP 4:- Keep pressing the Boot key and power key of your Jio phone.
  • STEP 5 :- Release only the Powe button as the Jio logo appears on jio phone and continue pressing the boot key until the Boot Screen not appear.
  • STEP 6:- Select the Wipe data/ Factory reset option from the boot screen by scrolling down below and Press power button to OK.
  • STEP 7:- Select the Yes option to confirm for clearing data and then press power Red button to OK.
  • STEP :- Now, the process of wiping data from jio phone will be done after few seconds. Finally, press the Power button.

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As you press the power button then your jio phone will be rebooted. As jio phone is switched on then all the default settings will come up like when you purchased your jio phone.

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What are the boot key of all model to format Jio Phone?

According to the model of your jio phone, you can follow the boot key of your jio phone from the below table. The used of Boot key is mostly used when you hard reset and flash jio phone.

All Models of Jio Phone Boot Key of Jio Phone
F211S 8 Button
F81E 5 Key
F50 Y OK Button
f61f OK Button
F41T 1 Key
F10 Q Navigation up button
F101K 3 button
F2402 Navigation down and up button
LF2403N * and # (both) Button
F250Y Navigation down and up button
F101K 3 no. Key
F90M OK Button
F2401 Navigation up and down button
F30C  Navigation up and down button

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This is the list of all models of jio phones and their boot keys. So, you have to use the boot key of your model from the list to rest jio phone password in STEP NO.4.

If the list of your jio phone`s model and its boot key are not mentioned by mistake then you can comment. We will give boot key for your model of jio phone anyhow. Now, let`s know about the other technique of hard resetting jio phone.

2. Factory Reset Jio Phone using phone setting

If have set the password on your jo phone and are unable to open it then you cannot factory reset through this method. You will need to follow the above process if you have to reset your password.

As we have mentioned above that this method is used when your jio phone hang or not work properly or to delete all data in one click. By the way, you can follow the above method also for such problems.

Because as we have introduced above that the work of both method are same. It means that all the data will be wiped by using both methods and all the setting will got default as a new phone. So, let`s know the process of this method.

Follow the given below points to hard reset jio phone using phone setting:-

  • Open the setting of your jio phone.
  • Scroll to the right in the Device Section.
  • Click on the device information.
  • Scroll down to the last and click on the  Reset phone option.
  • Finally, Click on the Reset option through the Jio Button.

As you click to the Reset option then your jio phone will Reboot. When the jio phone turned on then all the default settings will come as a new jio phone.

So, the issue or bug on your jio phone will be fixed after resetting your jio phone through this method.

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FAQ on Hard reset Jio Phone

Is data deleted after reseting jio phone?

Yes, all the data will be deleted after reseting your jio phone through any method whether using boot key & power button or phone setting. Your all the data will be deleted which is stored on the internal storage of your jio phone.

Can we reset jio phone passoword by flashing it?

Yes, all the data will be permanently removed after flashing the jio phone.  After flashing the jio phone, the fresh software install on your jio phone as a new phone.

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Conclusion on factory/hard resetting Jio Phone

We hope that you would have known well to hard reset jio phone successfully to fix problem? We have told the procedure to fix the issue of the forgotten password of jio phone and hang the problem on jio phone through various methods.

We have provided the full solution to format all mode of jio phone such as F90MOK, F81E5, F50Y, f61f, F41T1, F10Q, F101K3, F2402, LF2403, F250Y, F101K, F90M, F2401, and F30C.