How to connect set top box to laptop/Mobile?

Do you want to know that how to connect Set top box to Laptop easily step by step? If yes, then you are at the perfectly right place to know the process of watching TV on your laptop using set top box.

Sometimes our TV (Television) or Monitor spoils due to some reason and that takes time to repair it from the electrical shop. And we have a habit to watch TV per day, so we feel bore.

How to connect set top box to laptop

But if you have a laptop then no need to worry about it because we are going to tell you the process through which you can watch tv on your laptop by connecting to set top box.

If you have doubt that which type of set top box you need to connect to a laptop then we would like to tell you that any type of receiver will be eligible to connect. Either they are paid set top box or free, both types can be connected easily on the laptop.

As well as these, we would like to tell you that any brand of laptop and mostly windows operating system of any version such as Windows 7, 8, 10, etc. can be connected to set top box by the methods which we will tell.

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How to watch tv on laptop with set top box using EasyCap ?

What is EasyCap connector for connecting the receiver to laptop?

Easy cap device

Easier Cap or EasyCap is the same thing which is a device and it works as a connector. As you can see in the above image, it is called an easyCap device that transfers audio and videos from the set-top box to Laptop, PC, and Smartphone.

As you know that RCA Cable is used to connect TV From the Set-top box which is of 3 Pin or Wire. There are three 3 pins in which white is for the Left audio speaker, Red Pin is for Right Audio, and Yellow Cable is for Video transfer.

RCA Cable

So, the Same Configuration of Cable is given in the EasyCap Device connector and one cable is for the power supply which is in Black color.

Whereas on the other side, there is a USB (Universal serial bus) Pin to connect to a laptop. So, this is an Easycap device that is used to connect set top box to a laptop.

Now, you have known What is Easy cape device? So, let`s know that How you can watch TV by linking Set top Box to a laptop using the EasyCap Device connector.

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How to Connect Set top Box to Laptop Using EasyCap? Step by step

STEP No.Step-wise Procedure
1.Purchase the Easier Cap Device Connector
2.Install and Setup the Driver to use this Device
3.Connect the Wire Cable of EasyCap (TV Tuner) between the laptop and Setup Box
4.Watch the TV on your laptop from the Set Top Box as a TV
Process for connecting set top box to laptop

1. Purchase the Easier Cap Device Connector.

Firstly, you have to purchase the Easy cap device connector. There is less chance to get this device from an offline shop, so a better way is to purchase online.

Therefore, the link is given of amazon from there, you can order it. Without this device, there is impossible to connect from laptop to set top box for watching live TV Channels. Also Know:-

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2. How to Install and Setup the Driver to use this Device?

As well as EasyCap Device, You get one CD Storage in which Driver/Software is present to use this device properly and to watch TV from Set top box.

Now, you will need to install the software which is stored in the CD Storage then only you will be eligible for further process.

Follow the given following steps to install the driver connect your Set top box to laptop/Desktop :-

  • Open the CD/DVD Writer of your laptop or computer. By the way, Nowadays many of the latest laptops are coming without CD/DVD Writer because of slim and lightweight. So, in this case, you can use an external CD/DVD Writer or you can install it from the internet.
  • Insert the CD Storage on it and open the CD Drive.
  • When you open it, you get the software file as well as the product key in the Document file (Notepad).
  • Run the software to install it.
  • Continue to further process until you get the final option. When you click on the final process, then the software installed successfully.
  • Open the software which will be named Honeystech TV and enter the Product Key from the Document file.
  • Click to Ok button, Now the software installation process has been completed.

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3. How to Connect the Wire Cable or Jack of EasyCap (TV Tuner) between the laptop and Setup Box?

There are 4 Jack given in the TV Tuner EasyCap device which are in four different colors. So, from the three jacks/cables, three cables are RCA Cables which are in red, white, and yellow color.

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And the one cable which is in black color, that is for the S-videos, it means separate videos. This Jack/Cable is mostly used in the camera and other devices.

So, this S-Video jack will not be used anymore in connecting Set Top box to the laptop. Therefore, you don`t have to be confused about this Black Wire or Jack.

Connect set top box to laptop

Follow the given following steps to Connect Laptop to TV Receiver using TV Tuner (Easier Cap) Device:-

  • Connect White Audio Cable to the White Audio Jack to your Set top box. You have to connect by matching the color of the cable and the jack in your set-top box. Therefore, connect the 3 cables and ignore 1 cable which is in black color.
  • On the other side, Connect to the USB Port of the TV Tuner Easy Cap to the Laptop any USB Port.

As you connect then green small LED Light will glow. If it is not glowing, then make sure to connect properly each RCA cable and USB Cable to their suitable port. How to connect Jio Phone to TV?

4. How to Watch the TV on your laptop from the Set Top Box as a TV?

Since there are many ways through which you can watch live TV on your laptop from the Set Top box. They are through the Easier Cap TV Tuner Device official software, VLC Media player, etc.

So, the best and easy method to watch tv on a laptop using TV Tuner is by Easier CAP official software which Honestech TVR. After the installation completed, just open it.

After opening the official software, the TV Channel will start displaying on the laptop over the Honestech TVR Software. If you get any problem in displaying Live TV Channel then you can try VLC Media software.

Nowadays, VLC Media software is pre-installed on most of the laptop and PC System.

Follow the following steps to watch Live TV through VLC Media Software from Set top Box on TV :-

  • Just open the VLC Media software and press CTRL+C Button from the keyboard.
  • Now, the Setting menu will open. So, firstly you have to Select “AV TO USB2.0” option by clicking the Video Device Name setting.
  • Secondly, you have to select the “Microphone (2- AV TO USB 2.0)” option by clicking the “Audio Device Name” Setting.
  • Click to Advanced options and change the aspect ratio 16:9 on the “Picture Aspect Ratio n:m” option.
  • Tick the Device property and Tuner property and finally click to ok button.
  • Click to play option. As you click the play button, another menu setting will be open.
  • So, continue clicking 3 times the OK option.

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How You can connect Your set top box to mobile?

Follow the given below following steps to connect Android mobile to Set Top Box:-

  • Firstly, Download and install the application “USB Camera – Connect EasyCap or USB Webcam” from playstore. By the way, there are many software available in playstore to use this Easycap device but this is one good and works well.
  • Connect the RCA Cable of the EasyCap TV Tuner device to the Set-Top Box as we have explained in detail for the laptop in the above section.
  • Now, Connect the OTG Cable to the USB Cable of the easy cap device.
  • When you connect Set-top box to EasyCap Device and Easycap to OTG then you have to connect to the Android mobile in which you want to see the live TV Channel.
  • As you connect, the software will start displaying live TV channels from Set top box on your mobile.

FAQ on Connecting Set Top Box to laptop/Mobile

Can I connect my set top box to my Computer?

Yes, you can easily connect to any brand and type of set box to any type of laptop. Just you will need to install an EasyCap TV Tuner Device which helps to convert the RCA Cable of the set-top box to USB and Transfers Videos and audio to the laptop.

How can I watch TV from my laptop?

1. By connecting set top box to laptop using EasyCap device. 2. By connecting the Smart TV to laptop using HDMI Cable. 3. If you have an internet connection enough with fast speed then you can watch through the software and website.

How Can I connect my set top box to laptop through HDMI cable?

You will not be able to watch TV on your laptop by using an HDMI Cable from Set Top Box. HDMI cable is mostly used to cast laptop or computer screen to TV, projector, or other devices which transfer multimedia from laptop to the other device.

How to connect set top box to mobile?

As we have mentioned the process for how to connect Set-Top box to a laptop? In the same way, you can also connect to your mobile but some of the process will be different. Note:- Your Android Mobile should support OTG Cable

How can I connect my laptop to set-top box wirelessly?

Till now, there is no wirelessly method to connect your set top box to laptop for watching TV. You would need easier cap device connector to connect your set top box to laptop.


Finally, we hope that you will have known to connect Set Top Box to laptop and you will be able to watch Live TV Channel on your laptop.  If you follow the exact process which we have mentioned in this article then we don`t think that you will get any problem.

By the way, by using other technics also we can watch TV on our laptop by connecting from set top box but you need the HD Set top box which is not available to all people.

So, we have tried our best level to explain you step by step using an easy method. If you have any problem in connecting set top box to laptop or mobile then you can comment below or contact us.

We will try to solve your query as soon as possible if the question or query will be suitable related to this blog or article.

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