How to cancel order on dominos?

Dominos is one of the best platforms to order food from. It has a long list of items on the menu, and pizza is one of the most famous items on that list.

how to cancel order on dominos

People often order food from dominos, and later on, they want to cancel their order. The reason could be any, and additionally the reason has nothing to do with the cancellation.

You can easily cancel the order, and luckily you have three ways to do it. Want to know all those ways? Read out the article properly to know that how to cancel order on dominos?

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Can you cancel dominos order?

Want to cancel your dominos’ order? There could be many reasons behind cancelling the order, like you don’t want to eat the thing you ordered,

you’ve changed your mind, etc. But the reason doesn’t actually matter when it comes to cancelling the order from dominos. 

You can easily cancel the order by following the steps mentioned in the article’s next part. 

Vice-versa, the dominos can also cancel your order for some reasons like –

  • You’re blacklisted by dominos.
  • Your mobile number has previously been used for placing hoax orders.
  • The address you have given is considered abusive.
  • The order is undeliverable.
  • he user hasn’t picked the carryout order, etc.

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How to cancel dominos order?

Well, you have three ways to cancel your dominos order. Let’s get to them one by one-

1st way – Customer care

Open the dominos application and then move to the customer care option. After this, a virtual executive bot will display on your screen. Message it to cancel your order and then send it. 

how to cancel order on domino's app

2nd way on how to cancel order on dominos

  • Open the dominos app. 
  • Then go to your order on dominos. There you’ll see a cancel order option in front of your order. Click on it. 

Note – this option will only appear for some time after you place an order. If you can’t see this, either try the 1st method or the 3rd method. 

        3rd way for how to cancel dominos order

It is called the customer care of dominos. Call the customer care number of dominos and ask them to cancel your order. 

how to cancel order on dominos apphow to cancel order on dominos app

The customer care number is – 1800 208 1234

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FAQ on How to cancel dominos order

Can you get a refund from Dominos after order cancellation?

Yes, you can get the refund from dominos after you cancel the order you placed. But it can take upto few days, so you have to wait.

How do I cancel my Dominos online order?

Cancelling any order from dominos is very simple. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to cancel the order.

Can you cancel a Domino’s pizza order?

Yes, certainly, you can cancel a domino’s pizza order. The Steps for doing this are the same as those I’ve listed above. So if you also want to cancel a pizza order, follow those steps.

Conclusion dominos order cancellation

I’ve provided the guide to cancelling the dominos’s order; I hope this has helped you to cancel your order effortlessly.

Whatever there are ways, all are mentioned on this page for dominos order cancellation. If you have any query related to the dominos order cancellation then let us know in the comment.

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