How to disable this call is now being recorded?

Google phone is the default calling app in almost all android and hearing the announcement of the call recording is one of its annoying things.

There are situations when we want to record any call, but it becomes embarrassing and annoying at the same time when we hear the recording alert.

how to disable this call is now being recorded

Not only this, we also get alerted when the recording is stopped. Well, to be honest, we can’t do anything to stop the recording alert the other person gets when we record the call.

But you can stop yours, and this is today’s topic of discussion – How to disable this call is now being recorded alert. So let’s begin –

Can you stop call is now being recorded?

Hearing your call is now being recorded while talking to anyone can be frustrating or embarrassing. But don’t worry; you can stop this alert easily (on your side only).

But before knowing how to stop this, let me tell you that you have to install another application first. So if you are ready to install the application, you can stop this alert. 

How to stop call recording announcement

Stopping a call recording announcement isn’t that difficult. But don’t worry; below-mentioned is the steps required to stop the call recording announcement. 

  • Get the TTSLexx application for the google play store. 
TTSLexx application download
  • After installing, move to the settings and then to accessibility. 
accesseblity option on settion on mobile
  • Scroll a bit and hit the “text-to-speech output” option.
"text-to-speech output" option to disable call is now being recorded
  • Here you’ll see a preferred engine option; click on it.
  •  Select “TTSLexx” from there. 
  • Now, you will see a pop-up on your display. Read it and then click on “ok”.
click ok
  • The next step is clearing the storage of the phone application. How? 

–  Open the settings and then head on to the apps and notifications section.

– Click on “see all apps” and choose the phone app from there.

–  Now, smash on storage and cache.

–  Hit the clear storage option and confirm your action if required.

clear the data of your phone application

● It’s set; now your call recording alert is stopped. 

The call recording alert will be disabled till the application updates its data. So if you feel that you should change the text-to-speech provider to “speech services by google” again, you can do it. 

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Why call is now being recorded alerts when call recording?

Well, there can be different reasons behind the alert. While talking to someone, we just by mistake start recording but we don’t want to record the call. You might be alerted so that you can confirm if you wish to record the call or not. 

If the person you are talking to records the call, you should know that you are being recorded. And that’s why both the individuals on the call get the alert. 

While recording, people often change their might that they shouldn’t/don’t want to record the call. In this situation, the call recording alerts work as a confirmation. 

These are some of the possible reasons why you are alerted when recording a call.

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FAQ on Stopping Call recording alerts

Is it possible to stop call recording announcement?

Yes, it is possible to stop the call recording announcement. But be clear that you can’t stop the announcement on the other person’s side; you can only stop it on your device.

How to disable this call is now being recorded in mi Phone, realme, Vivo, Oneplus, oppo, Samsung?

Disabling the “call recording alerts” announcement on androids isn’t a big deal. You just need to change the text-to-speech output to TTSLexx and delete the “phone” app’s storage. For the proper guide, you can read the steps as mentioned earlier. 


This is how to disable this call is now being recorded alert on your device. If you’ve doubts about any step or something regarding the same, the comment section is all yours. I would love to clear up your queries.