How to Reset Vivo phone? if forgotten lock or hang problem

Do you want to know that how to reset vivo phone? If yes then you are at the right place for knowing the procedure of formatting your Vivo mobile.

Sometimes we need to hard reset our smartphones due to some reason. There can be many reasons due to which we require to format our mobile.

The most popular reason of resetting Vivo or other are when we forgot the password of our mobile, When mobile create a hanging problem When an error occurs that not remove and other many issues.

How to reset vivo phone
How you can reset your vivo phone?

So, if such a problem is occurring on your Vivo phone then obviously you need to hard reset vivo phone to fix the problem which is creating a problem to use on your Vivo smartphone.

Therefore, if you have any model of Vivo phone and want to format it then you don`t have to worry or go any other place for knowing its procedure.

How to Format Vivo Phone using 3 methods?

By the way, there are many various methods for resetting your Vivo smartphone but we have mentioned 4 easy methods for factory reset vivo phone.

They are through the help of Vivo phone setting, Recovery mode through power & volume button, using software through computer and with the help of “find my device”.

So, these are the 4 methods and its procedure are introduced below with the help of a screenshot. So, you can follow any method which you wish.

Note: By the way, every method will work if you have not forgotten your password of Vivo phone. But you will not be able to follow one method if you have forgotten the Vivo phone password that is through the phone setting.

1. Reset Vivo phone using phone setting

As you know that every brand & model of phone can be reset by the phone setting but the procedures are different according to the phone. So, we will know to hard reset of Vivo mobile through the Vivo phone setting.

I would like to tell you that if you have forgotten your pattern or lock of Vivo mobile and want to wipe data then this method will not work. It will work only when you are able to access your vivo phone.

So, this method will be most helpful if your vivo phone is hanging or any application which you have installed that is not removing or if the viruses are entered on your phone then it will be suitable.

Follow the below procedure to reset vivo phone through android settings:-

  • Open the setting of your Vivo smartphone.
  • Scroll down below and tap to the more setting option.
open more setting on your vivo phone
  • Again scroll down and click on the Backup & Reset option as you can see in the below screenshot.
tap backup and reset option on your vivo phone
  • Tap to the erase all data option as you can see clearly in the below images.
tap erase all data on your vivo phone
  • If you have locked your mobile then enter your password or pin whatever you have activated.
  • Then, select the Format phone storage option and then click on the clear now option.
  • Now, you have to confirm by Tapping the erase everything option.
  • Finally, your phone will restart and will start wiping data of your Vivo phone which will take a few minutes to completely open your Vivo android phone.
  • As it opens then click on the setup your phone option.
set up your vivo phone
  • In the next step, you have to click on the “agree” option and then tap the “skip” option in the next step.
  • Finally, click on the accept option then your phone will be completely formatted and opened.

After resetting your Vivo phone, your every issue will be removed and the phone will look like a new phone in the software of your phone. Now, let`s know about the other methods.

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2. Factory reset your vivo phone using Recovery mode

This Recovery method for resetting a phone is mostly used when the user forgot the password, pin, or pattern of their phone.

By the way, you can also reset your vivo phone or other using recovery mode if hang or data or virus problem occur.

So, this method is most helpful to reset the password of the Vivo phone without a computer or laptop. In this method, all the processes are done through the power and volume key of a phone.

Follow the below procedure to format Vivo phone pattern or password using recovery mode:-

  • Power off your vivo phone. So, long press the power button and tap the Power off option on your Vivo phone.
tap power off option on your vivo phone
  • When the Vivo phone is completely switched off then keep pressing the power and volume up button for a few seconds until the option not appearing on display.
  • Press the volume down button for selecting the Recovery mode option.
  • Then, press the power button for clicking the recovery mode option.
Tap on recovery mode
  • Now, come to the second option of wipe data by pressing volume down and then press the power key for clicking it.
tap to wipe data
  • Again scroll below and select the wipe data option using the volume down and power button.
tap on the wipe data on your vivo phone
  • Finally, press the power button to wipe data and then your vivo phone will start resetting.
press the power button to wipe data
  • Within a few minutes, you will be notified that wipe data successfully. So, click to “ok“.
wipe data successful
  • Then, click on the Back option and then click on the Reboot system option. Within a couple of seconds, your Vivo phone will be opened completely and just you need to set it up as a new mobile.
reboot system

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3. Hard reset using Find my device

You can hard reset any smartphone using the find my device option and the procedure are same for the every smartphone. But this is also the method for resetting a phone on Vivo that’s why we are giving the procedure of it.

The most interesting thing about this method is that you can reset your phone with the help of another phone. It means that you don`t have to do anything on your Vivo smartphone or other.

Just internet data should be turned on your Vivo phone or other phone and the google account or Gmail id should be signed on the phone that you want to reset.

And that Gmail account and password, you should know then you can control reset option of your phone with the help of another phone.

Follow the below procedure to format vivo phone using find my device:-

  • Take another smartphone and install find my device application from play store.
  • Tap on the sign-in as a guest option and then log in by entering the email address and its password of account which is signed on your Vivo phone that you want to reset.
  • Click on the erase device option and then again tap to the erase device option.
  • Again login with your Gmail account and then tap to the erase device option which will be asked you as confirmation.
  • As you tap erase device option then on the other side, your Vivo phone will start resetting and then you have to set up it.

What should you do before resetting your vivo phone?

There are many things you should do before resetting your vivo phone. As you know that every data which is stored on your smartphone will be deleted after hard reset.

So, you have to backup all your data of your vivo phone before resetting. By the way, if you have forgotten the password then you will not be able to backup data of your vivo phone before resetting.

But if you format your vivo phone for the reason such as hang problem, phone storage full or due to any software error then you should back up your data before resetting such as essential photos, videos, documents, etc.

One most thing which you should backup is your contact number. So, you should move it to your sim card or google account, or any other storage.

Follow are the two points which you should do before formatting Vivo phone:-

  • Before resetting your Vivo phone, you should remember the Google account and password which is signed on that phone or you should remove your google account from your Vivo phone. And if you don`t remove or remember your google account then after resetting it will ask which is known as FRP lock.
  • The second thing is to backup all your essential data whatever you need after resetting your Vivo phone.

Faq on Formatting vivo mobile

How I can reset my vivo phone without losing data?

You want to reset vivo phone without losing data, means you have forgotten screen lock and would like to unlock without losing data. So, you would need computer for unlocking without losing data by software like dr.fone,4ukey, Droid kit etc.

How to hard reset vivo phone if forgot password?

If you have forgotten password of screen lock of vivo phone then you would need to hard reset through recovery method by power & volume down key. or also it can be unlocked using computer through some software like dr.fone, droid kit etc.

How to Hard reset Vivo mobile without Computer?

There are total 3 methods for resetting your Vivo phone without computer or laptop. They are through the Vivo phone setting, using Recovery mode, and Find my device. Thsese 3 ways are mentioned for formatting vivo phone step by step in this article.

Can we unlock the password of Vivo phone without hard resetting?

If you hard reset your phone then every data is deleted from phone including lok password. But if you have forgotten a password and the essential data are Stored on your Vivo phone then you can unlock your vivo phone easily without deleting any data but with the help of some software through a computer.

What is recovery mode in vivo phone?

Recovery mode is a hidden tool that is available on almost every smartphone to fix issue. It is used when you are not able to access smartphone through touch display. It provides option to hard reset, data clean, Backup, other functions available that is used through power and volume up & down button.

What will happen if we forgot gmail id & password or not remove it before resetting?

If you don`t remember your Google account and password or if you don`t remove google account before resetting then your vivo phone will be locked as FRP Lock. FRP means Factory reset protection which clearly means that it protects if anybody resets your phone. It can be unlocked only through software by PC.

How to Wipe data in vivo phone?

Wiping data is same as hard resetting or formatting your vivo phone. So, you should not confuse in it, you can wipe data in your vivo mobile using various method such as by factory reset phone setting, recovery mode etc.

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I hope that you would have known well to hard reset the vivo phone using various methods. We have shared total of 3 methods in this article for factory reset your vivo phone.

The most interesting thing about this article is that i have shared every method & procedure for resetting vivo phones without the need of a PC.

I expect that the purpose for which you have visited this page that you would have been got in a proper way. As well as the solution, we have also mentioned many important things such as a Frequently asked questions.