How to turn off read receipts on instagram? 2024 [Solved]

Are you also want to see the message of any another person on Instagram but don`t want to know them? If yes then you are at the right place to get the information about that how to turn off read receipts on Instagram?

As you know that if someone sends you a message and when you see that, then the person comes to know that you have seen the message as the seen appears on Instagram chat.

How to turn on read receipt on instahgram

But sometimes, we need to read messages on instagram without seen. Right? So, If you also want that another person don`t know whether you have seen or not seen the message which has sent by them.

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Can you turn off read receipts on instagram?

Yes, you can turn off read receipts on Instagram easily and view messages without them knowing. As you know the Read receipt feature is available on WhatsApp by using which you read messages without seen.

If you also want to do the same thing on Instagram then you can do it. By the way, I would like to tell you that there is not any direct option given on the instagram to read receipt for turning on and Off as it is given in WhatsApp.

But you don`t have to worry because we have provided some tricks for it as your ultimate goal is to see the message on Instagram without knowing the sender person.

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How to turn read receipts off on instagram using 4 ways?

As I told you that there is not any direct option provided such as a Read receipt on Instagram for viewing the message without seen. So, We have mentioned the procedure for disabling read receipts using 4 methods to see messages without them knowing.

They are by turning off airplane mode, using the recent notification application, Direct chat application and by using the restriction feature.

All the methods are mentioned in detail with the step-by-step procedure from which you can follow anyone to turn off read receipt message. So, let`s know each method.

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Using airplane mode

Let me tell you in brief that actually, what we have to do in this method so that you can read message without them knowing. When the sender sends a message on Instagram then you don`t have to open directly.

You have to turn off the airplane mode and then you have to open and read message. Finally, you have to log out then your read message won`t appear as seen to that person.

Let`s understand it step-wise to turn off read receipts by switching off a network mobile:-

  • Open your Instagram message section and don`t open the message immediately which is sent by your friends or anyone.
  • Turn ON the airplane mode or flight mode of your smartphone by scrolling down the notification bar or by visiting settingss. (By this internet connection would be totally inaccessible to your mobile)
  • Now, open the message of that person to whom you want that the person not know about your seen message status.
  • After viewing the message, come back to the homepage and tap to the profile.
  • Tap on the three-line menu bar and then click on the account option.
  • Scroll down and then tap on the logout option.
  • Turn off the airplane mode of your mobile so that the internet connection can be enabled.
  • Now, you can again open your Instagram account and can see that the message will appear as if you don`t have seen it.

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Using Recent notification app

Recent notification is an android application that works to save the message of notifications of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, local message app, etc.

So, When anyone sends you message on instagram then that would be also stored in this recent notification from where you can see the message without opening the instagram application.

Follow the below procedure to see the message of instagram without them knowing using recent notification app:-

  • Install the Recent notification application from your android smartphone.
  • Open it successfully by allowing all the permission of notification and others.
  • Now, when any person will message you on your instagram then that will also saved in this application.
  • As the message receives to your instagram which you want to read without seen then open recent notification app and you can read.

By the above procedure, you can easily turn off read receipts on Instagram to open Instagram messages without being seen.

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Using Direct chat app

Direct chat is an application that also works as same as the Recent notification app. This application also stored notification messages from Instagram and other applications which you can see without opening its original app.

Just you have to setup the Direct chat application whoever people will send you messages on your Instagram application then that message can be directly read by tapping the direct chat pop-up icon which displays on the home screen.

Follow the below procedure to turn off read receipts on instagram using direct chat app:-

  • Install the direct chat application which is available on Play Store.
  • Open it and give permission for enabling access to notifications.
  • As the direct chat application then you have to add an Instagram application for reading its notification message. So, tap on the App option and select Instagram app by tapping add more option.
  • Now, when anyone sends the message to you on Instagram and want to read that message without seen then you don`t have to open Instagram app.
  • Just Tap on the chat head like bubbles icon will appear on your home screen of mobile and then you can easily see the message of Instagram.

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Using Restriction feature

The restriction feature of Instagram is also much beneficial for Instagram user which provide many function for using instagram smoothly. One of the function of restriction features is that you can view messages of another person without them knowing.

If you turn on restriction on a particular Instagram account then whatever message send by that person, you can see that message but the message would not appear as seen by that person.

Follow the below-given procedure for turning of read receipt on Instagram:-

  • open your Instagram setting and tap on the privacy option.
  • Tap on the restricted accounts option.
  • Search for that person whose message you want to see without seeing on Instagram.
  • Tap on the restrict option.

Now, as the person is restricted from your Instagram account then whatever message will be received to you by that person can be read without seeing. So, it also works as a read receipt option.

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FA on Turning off read receipts on Instagram

How to turn off read Receipts in Instagram story?

You can just open the instagram and then turn on the airplane mode for disabling total internet connection. After disabling internet connection, you can see the instagram story whichever you want to see.

What does Read receipt option on instagram?

there is not any option of reading the receipt given on Instagram. The read receipt option is available on WhatsApp which allows users to read the message without seen them means without knowing them.

Can you turn off read receipts for one person on Instagram?

Yes, you can read message without seen on instagram which works as turn off read receipts for one person. The tricks which are mentioned for disabling read receipt option that can be done for one person or multiple.

Conclusion on How to turn off seen on instagram dm

I hope that you would have known well to turn off read receipts on instagram? by following the 4 ways. Now, you can see the instagram message of any person without them knowing or seen.

We have tried our best to give detail information about turning off read receipt option on instagram with step by step procedure with every possible method.

If you have any query related to turn off seen on instagram or whatver related to it then you are feel free to ask us in the comment below.