Jio phone battery price & products – 2023 Original battery

Has your Jio Phone`s mobile battery also spoiled after a few months or years? If yes then you should know the jio phone battery price and should buy it to use your jio phone again smoothly.

As we know that Every mobile`s battery spoils after a few months or years and we need to change the battery to keep using the mobile. As the battery spoils, then the charging problem occurs and the battery slows down fastly.

jio phone battery

If you are also facing the same problem in your JIO Phone then you don`t have to worry about its battery. Because we have mentioned the best jio phone battery original with good price and mentioned all details about it.

Mostly, you will find the local or fake JIO Phone battery in the market which also gets costly rather than its suitable price. That`s why here we have mentioned each and every things so that you can get jio phone battery original.

So, let`s know about the Jio Phone price and its original product and how you can purchase the original battery of your jio phone.

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Should you buy jio phone`s Battery online or offline?

Yes, you can buy jio phone battery online or offline, it doesn`t matter. But the main thing is that from where you are buying either online or offline.

I mean to say that if you buy from anywhere in the offline shop or online then there is a high chance that you may get the fake/local (not original) battery of your jio phone.

So, I would like to tell you that if you want to purchase the jio phone battery original then you should buy it near JIO store or office where the Jio accessories or products are sell.

And if you want to buy in online your jio phone battery then you can buy it from Amazon and Jio’s official website. You don`t have to research the battery of your jio phone because we will provide the links to purchase.

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What is the approximate price of Jio Phone battery?

By the way, the fake or local battery you can get at very less or high amount because it depends on the sellers. But here we are telling about the price of the original battery of the Jio Phone.

So, the original price of the Jio phone original battery price is Rs.200 of 2000 mAh which is available online or offline. If you buy online then you will need to pay the shipping or delivery charge also which will cost around Rs. 50 to 100.

And if you purchase offline also then Shopkeeper may also sell with a commission of Rs.50 to 100. In conclusion, you will get the jio phone original battery in the price of Rs.200 to 300.

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Best Jio Phone battery price & products

As we have mentioned above that there are two platforms for buying jio phone battery are mentioned in this article. So, let`s know how you can buy online jio phone battery and which one to buy?

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Buy jio phone battery original from amazon

As you know Sellers or merchants only sell products in eCommerce sites like amazon etc. So, for the jio phone batter i have found only one which is original after doing a lot of research like made in where and other things about that.

So, below are the products and links of amazon are given by clicking which you will be able to buy the jio phone battery online through amazon.

jio phone original battery

View on Amazon

The product which is mentioned above and also available in amazon is the original battery of amazon and you will get it with the original price. Since the delivery charge is less of the amazon as compared to the Jio.

So, you will get the product with a delivery charge from amazon at the price of Rs.249.

Jio phone battery specification

  • 2000 mAh
  • 3.7 voltage
  • 150 g – weight
  • Made in india

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Buy jio phone battery original from officially jio

Here also there is no doubt related to the original or fake battery because you have to buy the jio phone battery and obviously jio will sell its original jio battery on its portal.

View on Jio Store

By clicking the above link, you can purchase the jio phone battery original from jio store online for every models. Here alsothe specification of the battery will be the same as it available on the New Jio phone.

In this jio store, you will need to pay the charges of Rs.98 other than the original price of the battery of jio phopne of Rs.200. So, in total you will need to pay Rs.298 if you buy from it.

My recommendation will be to purchase from amazon because you are getting the jio phone original battery at low cost with a shipping charge as compared to the jio store.

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FAQ on Jio Phone battery price

What is the capacity of the ji phone battery original?

The capacity of the original battery of the jio phone is 2000 mAh with 3.7 Voltage and 7.4-watt hours which comes with the new Jio Phone also.

How long does Jio phone battery last?

There is not any exact time that when your jio phone batter will spoils or last because it depends on the many factors such as how long your are using the jio phone on the per days basis,

Can Jio phone battery be replaced?

Yes, if you have purchased the jio phone then it can be replaced within the 1 month because there is a warranty of 1 month given in the jio phone’s original battery that if anything happen then it can be replaced.

Does 1 battery of jio phone will work on all models?

Yes, the 1 battery of your jio phone will work on all models. The product which i have mentioned in this artice that will work on all the models of the ji0 phone either it is required of battery for jio phone.


I hope that you would have known well about the jio phone battery products and their price. You can purchase the battery for your jio phone from amazon or jio store anywhere.

If you have any queries related to the jio phone battery then you can comment below, we will provide you the answer of your query.