How to use jio phone sim in smartphone? 2024 Step by Step

Do you have also a jio phone and want to insert its sim in your android phone? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to use Jio Phone sim in smartphone?

Whenever you need to recharge the sim of jio phone, you need to pay a very less amount to use the internet and voice calls. Whereas if you have the same operator of jio sim which is used in a smartphone then users need to recharge of high amount.

It is one of the reasons due to which they want to use jio phone sim on a smartphone due to the low recharge plan.

how to use jio phone sim in smartphone

As you get the new jio sim with jio phone then after a long time, it comes your primary number which spreads to all the people of your surrounding. And then they have upgraded their mobile from Jio Phone to smartphone.

So, in both situations, you think that Can we use jio phone sim in smartphone?  If yes then how to convert jio phone sim to smartphone sim? Therefore, we have guided in detail about it.

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Can we use jio phone sim in smartphone?

The answer is yes, you can easily use Jio Phone sim in any android or ios smartphone. But you cannot use it directly just by inserting the jio phone sim in the sim slot of android mobile.

If you have bought a new Jio Sim for your android phone then you have to pay Prime Membership of Rs.99 an extra with the Recharge plan.

Therefore, if you want to use Jio Phone sim card on a smartphone then you will need to Purchase prime membership of Rs.99 to use it on your smartphone.

We would like to clear one thing that there will be a difference in the recharge plan if you use jio phone sim in Android mobile. You cannot use the same recharge plan of jio phone sim to the android.

After using jio phone sim on an android device, you have to recharge the plans that come for the android phone with a prime membership.

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How to convert jio phone sim to smartphone?

As you directly insert the sim of jio phone in any other phone then all the services are deactivated except incoming calls. So, as we have mentioned above that you need to do recharge with the Prime membership to activate all services on your android phone.

Therefore, you will not be able to use anyhow jio phone sim card in a smartphone until you don`t recharge with the Prime membership. You will not need to go to any Jio Store or Retailer.

All the processes you can do by your smartphone only. So, let`s know that how you can recharge jio phone sim with prime membership for use in a smartphone?

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How to use Jio Phone Sim in Smartphone by activating Prime membership?

As we told that to activate jio phone sim card in an android smartphone, you need to recharge. Therefore, you should have a smartphone with an active internet connection.

As well as these, you should have internet banking or other services through which you can make payment of recharge.

Follow the given below steps to know that to change jio phone sim to smartphone :-

  • If you have not installed my jio application then install it from the playstore.
  • Open and log in using any jio number.
  • Click to the Recharge for a friend option as you can see in the below screenshot.
    how to activate jio phone sim in smartphone
  • Enter the Jio Phone sim number and then tap the proceed button.
    jio phone sim to android phone recharge
  • Then you will be entered into the popular plan section which is for monthly unlimited with the internet data and Voice calls according to the plan.
  • Whichever plan you will see in the list in the popular plan section, all plans will be already included jio prime membership. You can check the validity of each plan by clicking on the view detail.
    how to use jio phone sim in android phone
  • Therefore, you need to recharge at least (149 + 99) Rs.248 which includes prime membership. So, click on the buy option of the plan which you have selected.
    connect jio phone sim to android phone
  • Select the payment options which is available to you. As you complete the payment then prime membership and recharge will be activated on your Jio phone sim.
use jio phone`s sim in android mobile
  • Finally, insert the Jio Phone Sim card in your smartphone and you can calls, use internet data, and can send messages.

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Therefore, you don`t have to do any complicated process for activating jio phone sim in android. By the way, you can do this process from the website also by visiting if you have a computer or laptop.

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FAQ on using Jio Phone sim in Smartphone

Why Jio phone SIM is not working in another phone?

The Jio phone sim card does not work on any other smartphone because the prime membership is not activated on that number. You cannot use Jio phone sim on a smartphone unless you can`t purchase jio prime and recharge (without jio plan).

Is Jio phone recharge work in a smartphone?

No, Jio phone recharge will not work in a smartphone if you insert a sim card of jio phone in smartphone anyhow. Therefore, you have to make sure that you use the current plan in jio phone till the last validity before converting to use in a smartphone.

What are Jio Prime and non-prime?

As you recharge with the Prime membership of your Jio Phone sim card then the previous active plan of Jio phone will be expired. And you can use the plan which you have recharged while purchasing the Prime membership. After using jio phone sim card in android by activating prime Jio prime and recharge plan, you will need to recharge a plan which is without jio phone in the future every time.

Can I use the Jio SIM of my smartphone in my Jio phone?

Yes, you can use Jio Sim of your any smartphone to your Jio Phone without doing anything. As you insert the smartphone jio sim card which is active then you can access all services.

How to recharge jio phone sim in other smartphone?

As you recharge other jio sim previously, you will need to recharge the jio phone in a smae way. There are many ways through which you can recharge your jio phone such as through the upi app or other recharge apps.

Is it any tricks that jio phone sim in smartphone can be used without prime member?

No, there is not any way through which you can use your jio phone sim in your android mobile without purchasing the membership of 75.

How to use Smartphone Jio Sim in your Jio Phone?

If you want to use your working and inserted jio sim of your android phone then obviously it would have a prime member and make sure that it should be recharged.Yes without doing any changes or purching anything, you can easily use your smartphone inserted jio sim in your jio phone by just simply inserting.

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Conclusion on activating jio phone sim in android phone

We hope that you would have got the proper solution on to use Jio phone sim in smartphone? If you had thought that you can use the sim card of jio phone in smartphone by using the same plan then we have cleared about it.

But if you want to use the same number in your smartphone without using the Jio phone plan then you will follow the process which we have mentioned.

We have tried to solve your problem online at home without going to any mobile shop with the step-by-step process and screenshot. If you have any queries regarding this information then you can comment.