How to get jio fiber connection? Installation process 2024

Do you also want to know that how to get jio fiber connection in 2021? If yes then you are at the right place to know about the Jio fiber and its installation process.

Jio fiber broadband is one of the fastest internet service providers in India as compared to the other brand of Fiber broadband connection.

How to get jio fiber connection

If you have trouble using your existing internet of mobile internet or other wifi or other broadband connection by using very slow internet.

Then, you can get jio fiber connection for better internet speed through which your time will be safe. Because if there is slow internet then 5 minutes of work takes 1 hour.

So, we will know in detail about it such as What is Jio Fiber broadband connection is, Jio Fiber plans & Features, Installation charges, registration process, and other things about it.

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What is Jio Fiber or JioGiga Fiber?

Jio fiber is a broadband connection Internet provider service that is owned by the Jio Brand. Jio fiber broadband connections are provided to the Home and office by the Jio Fiber team.

It provides a very fast internet speed from 30 MB/PS to 1GB/PS according to the plan which you can use on your smartphone or computer by connecting to the Jio Fiber router.

You can use jio fiber internet with the help of Cable or Wi-Fi on your smartphone and laptop/ computer devices easily. According to the recharged prepaid plan, the benefits you get.

If the jio fiber is installed on your home or office then you get free internet access unlimited for 1 month which is an amazing offer provided by Jio. After that, you will need to recharge the jio fiber to use the internet.

Now, you have known that what is Jio Fiber broadband connection?. So, Now, let`s know about the jio fiber plans.

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What are the Jio fiber plans?

Jio fiber plans

Before getting or installing jio Gigafiber at your home or office, there is most important to be aware of its plan. By the way, there is a Postpaid plan in most of the other fiber broadband connections in which you customers need to pay bills after usage.

But there is a prepaid facility given in the Jio Fiber internet service in which you have to pay money firstly then you have to use. So, you will need to recharge jio fiber to use the internet as a mobile.

If we know about its monthly plan then it starts from 399/- per month and goes up to 8499/- per month in which there is a major difference for all internet use is the transfer of data per second.

Otherwise, there is unlimited data in every plan. Other than the data transfer per second difference there is also a difference in the OTT Subscription such as amazon prime, Netflix, etc.

So, you can use all lists of plans for Jio Fiber through the Jio giga fiber plan website. In this website, you will get the detail plan such as how many per second of data transmission is there in which plan and subscription and other detail.

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What are the jio fiber features?

After installing jio Giga fiber in your home or office then you get a Free 4K Set-top box with unlimited internet. As well as these, there are also many features which you get. So, let`s know that point-wise.

jio fiber features
  • TV Video calling:- In this jio fiber, tv video calling feature is given in which you can do HD video calling through your LED TV. HD Tv video calling requires a very high amount of data. But you don`t need to think about the data because there is unlimited data given in every plan for TV Video calling also.
  • HD Voice calling:- The free HD voice calling feature is also given in this Jio Fiber connection through which you can do HD Voice calling in India anywhere and anytime. You can connect Landline telephone also to the jio fiber.
  • Home networking:- Home networking is a feature which is given in the jio fiber through which you can share documents or any file from one device to another. Such as smartphone to the laptop, laptop to the tablet by connecting those devices to the jio fiber.
  • Gaming:- Gaming feature in jio fiber is also known as Jio Games. In this, you can play games also through the help of the Jio Fiber. You can enjoy gaming without any lag problems.
  • TV Plus:- TV Plus features is also given through which you can see movies, videos from the popular OTT Application.

So, these are the features you get if you have the connection of jio fiber.

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What is the jio fiber installation charge?

By the way, you don`t have to pay any charges to get the jio fiber broadband connection at your home or office.  But you need to pay the security deposit amount of either Rs.1500 or Rs.2500 which are non-refundable.

Firstly, tell me clearly that why there is two amount for a security deposit. So, if you pay the security deposit of Rs.1500 then you will not get an extra 4K HD Set-top box, and if you pay Rs. 2500 then you will get the 4K HD Set-top box with the jio fiber free.

So, the amount of Security deposit that will be taken by you that will be refunded to you if you cancel the Jio Fiber connection in the future. This is the reason why they ask security deposit.

Other than a security deposit, you don`t have to pay any money to anyone. Now, let`s know that how to do registration for the jio fiber for home or office?

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How to get jio fiber connection? – apply for JioGiga fiber

There are two methods through which you can apply to get the connection of Jio Fiber at your home or office or anywhere. They are through offline and online.

In the offline process, just you need to visit the nearby Jio office, and then you have to fill the New Jio fiber broadband connection form.

After filling the form, the Jio Fiber team will contact you within a few days and will reach your address. After reaching Jio Fiber technician team, they will set up all jio fiber at your home or office.

In the online procedure, you need to fill the online form in the jio fiber official website and then Jio fiber team contact you and then all the process are done. So, let`s know that how to apply for it.

Follow the given procedure for applying for a New Jio Fiber broadband connection:-

How to apply for the jio giga fiber broadband connection
  • Enter there your Name, mobile number detail and click on the Generate OTP Option.
How to get jio fiber connection in my area
  • Fill the OTP and then click on the Validate button.
  • Now, enter address detail and email id, and then click on the submit button.
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  • Finally, your application will be submitted and jio fiber team will contact you.
Jio Fiber installation procedure

In this way, you can get a Jio fiber broadband connection by applying offline or online. All the major important things and procedures are mentioned above.

FAQ on the installation of Jio Fiber

Is Jio fiber available in my area?

he first way is to go to the nearby office and enquire about it to them. Then they will tell you about the availability of the jio fiber in your area. The second way is to check through the online method in which you have to apply for the new jio fiber broadband connection and then lastly there will display – Currently, we do not have JioFiber at your location.

How long does it take to install Jio fiber?

After applying for the installation of a new jio fiber broadband connection, it takes 2 to 3 days for reaching jio fiber technician team to set up at your home or office. And if you want to know that how much time takes to set up jio fiber after reaching the jio fiber team at your location then it takes only a few hours to complete the installation.

What is the JioFiber Customer care contact Number?

If there is any query or issue related to the Jio Fiber broadband connection then you can contact by calling customer care. So, the customer care for Jio Fiber is 1800-896-9999.
You can also do inquiry in WhatsApp number 70005 70005 of Jio Fiber.  If you have any complaint related to the jio fiber technician team then you can tell the customer care also.


Finally, I hope that you would have got the procedure for getting jio fiber connection in your home or office? From our side, we have given full essential information about the new jio fiber broadband connection.

After reading this article, I hope that all the question`s answer you have gotten whatever questions was occurring on your mind related to the Jio Giga fiber broadband connection.