How to set caller tune in jio? using jiosaavan, SMS, My Jio, IVR & Copy

Do you want the other person to listen to the tune while calling your JIO Number? If yes, then you are at the right place to know that how to set caller tune in jio easily.

Nowadays, As you have listened to a caller tune while calling to most of the people on their jio Number. It is just because Reliance jio offers to set a song or tune for free.

How to set caller tune in jio

Reliance jio is one of the telecom operators which is providing to activate caller tune according to their wish as they want. It is the reason for which every jio users want to activate caller tune according to their choice.

As well as these, the Jio users are allowed to change and remove jio caller tune at any time whenever they need. Whichever songs or tune they wish to set on their jio sim, they can activate those songs.

So, if you don`t know to set jio caller tune in your android smartphone and Jio Phone then we have mentioned the step-by-step procedure in this article.

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How to set Jio caller tune using various ways? – 5 Methods

There are 5 various methods to activate a song or tune in jio sim as a caller tune. They are using the JioSaavna application, MY JIO Application, SMS (Message) Service, IVR Calling Service, and by Copying other`s Caller tune.

Therefore, you can follow any methods from the below section to activate jio caller tune in jio sim on your android smartphone. From the 5 ways, every method is easy which we have mentioned step by step and you can follow it.

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1. Set caller tune in jio from jiosaavn app

Jio Saavan application is also known as Jio music which is launched by the Reliance Jio telecom operator for their Jio Customers. This application is available for the Android and ios Operating systems.

It allows for free to listen to music or any song, to set jio tune, manage playlist etc. features are available on the Jio Savaan application. Mostly this app is used to set jio caller tune on a jio sim for free and to change it.

By the way, it can be used by the other operator of numbers such as an idea, Airtel, Vodafone, etc. But it is mandatory to have a jio sim to activate caller tune.

Follow the below-given steps to know to set caller tune in jio from my music:-

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  • Firstly, you have to install the Jio Savaan application on your smartphone. If you are an android user then you will get it from the playstore or if you’re ios then you will get it from the app store. So, just search “Jio Savaan: and install it as you install other application.
  • open the jio savaan application which you have installed on your phone.
  • Select the Display language from the list according to your choice and click on the Next option.
  • Select the languages in which you want to listen or set jio caller tune and click to the Done button.(You can select Multiple languages)
  • Now, complete your profile by entering the name, age, and gender and then click on the Finish button.
  • Click to search options and search the song which you want to set as a caller tune.
  • Click to the music which you want to set jio caller tune.
  • As the music stars play, click to the three-dot as you can see in the below screenshot.
  • Click to the set jio tune options.
  • Finally, Click on the Set jio tune button.
  • Then, you will get a message from jio that Jio Tune service has been activated on your jio number within a few seconds.

The main benefit of jio Savaan application is that you get millions of songs to activate as compared to the other method.

2. Activate caller tune using my jio application

If you are a jio user then you must know about the MY Jio application. It allows managing your jio sim by providing various features. You can track various activities of your jio number through the my Jio application.

The My jio applications allows you to activate and deactivate jio caller tune of your jio sim. You can use this application if you are a jio sim. In this application, there is a very easy process for activating jio caller tune.

Follow the given below procedure for enabling caller tune in your jio sim using my jio application:-

  • Install my jio application from the playstore or app store according to your operating system.
  • Open my jio app and then logging by entering your jio number and OTP. (You have to login by the jio number in which you want to set caller tune)
  • Click to the Jio Tunes option which will be available below the trending now section or you can find jio tune by clickng the 3 bar menu.
  • Now, select the song from the list or you can search which you want to set as a caller tune in jio number.
  • As you click the song, you have to click set as jio tune option as you can see in the below section.
  • Finally, you will get a notification in my jio app that jio tune set successfully which you can see in the below screenshot.

There is a simple process to set caller tune through my jio application which you can follow it.

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3. Using SMS Service

As you are knowing that many services are provided by the bank, telecom operators, etc. to activate and deactivate the services. So, in the same way, there is a facility to activate jio caller tune using the message service.

Follow the below points to activate caller tune using Message service on your jio Number:-

  • open the message service app on your mobile which is pre-installed and available on every type of phone.
  • Type JT on the chat section and send it to the 56789 Number.
  • Now, you have to select the category from the given option. If you want a Bollywood song then Type 1 and send it. or If you want an international song then type 2 and send it.
  • Now, type the first 3 words of the song or movie or album or Singer and send it.
  • Now, 10 lists of songs will come according to your search.
  • Select the song from the list by entering the serial number of it and send it.
  • Now, you will be asked for confirmation to set the caller tune. So, type 1 and send it.
  • Again you have to reply to Y for confirmation.
  • Finally, you will be notified that jio tunes service has been activated for your jio number.

Just you have to message JT to the 56789 jio toll free number and then you have to follow the instructions which is given by them.

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4. Using IVR Calls

As you are knowing that many services of the customers are done through the IVR Calls which is an interactive voice response system. This system is used by most banks, telecom operators,s and other big companies of products or services.

There is a jio caller tune set toll-free number for activating it through the calls.As we have mentioned the process using the message service, Almost, in the same way, you have to follow the process using the IVR Calls.

Follow the given below steps to activate caller tune in jio using the Calling services:-

  • Open dialer of your phone and dial 56789 and then call it.
  • Select the languages by pressing the number as the instruction given by them.
  • Select the category from Bollywood, regional and international.
  • Now, select a wide variety of songs from the song of the day, top 10 songs, and popular songs.
  • Then you will be given a song. So, select by pressing the number.
  • select the type of user to set jio tunes such as for every user or some special user.
  • Finally, you have to press to activate jio caller tune on your jio number.

It is a very easy step just you have to follow the instruction by pressing the number.

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5. By copying other`s jio tune?

Sometimes while calling your friends or somebody on their jio number, you listened to their caller tune and you get liked. You also think that i have to set as a caller tune in my jio number because of the best song.

So, you don`t have to listen carefully and then search it in jio savaan or my jio application to activate it. The jio has given the best facility to set your caller tune which your friend has activated.

This system is known as copying other jio caller tune. So, whenever you like the caller tune of your friend then you can activate it.

Follow the given below procedure to set jio calller tune by copying other`s jio tune:-

  • Whenever you call someone and if you like that song then Press * before the call is answered by the next person.
  • After pressing the *, you will get a message f0r confirmation. (you can talk to that person then afterwise you can confirm it)
  • Finally, reply to Y with the same number for confirmation.

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How to set caller tune in jio phone?

If you have a jio phone then you also want to set caller tune on your jio phone. The method which we have mentioned that same method apply on the jio phone but some of the methods does not work in jio phone.

There are various ways to set jio caller tune in jio phone. They are through the Jio Savvan app, SMS Services, IVR Calls, and copying others jio caller tune.

From the above 5 methods which we have mentioned for the smartphone, only one method will not work on your jio phone that is through the my jio app.

By the way, my jio app is pre-installed on your jio phone but jio tune feature is not available on the Jio phone. So, you can follow the same method to activate jio caller tune using the JioSaavan app.

The JioSavaan app is pre-installed on your jio phone. You have to follow the same process as we have mentioned for the smartphone but the interface of jio phone will be different which you need to adjust.

And by the message service, Calls and copying other`s method are the same for the jio phone as we have mentioned for the smartphone. So, in this way you can easily activate caller tune in jio phone using the various methods.

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FAQ on activating jio caller tune

How to set jio caller tune from youtube & Internal storage?

Reliance jio operator does not allow their users to set caller tune from the phone storage or youtube. They can`t allow choosing any song or sound from outside otherwise there will be a problem.So, there is not any official way to set jio caller tune from youtube and phone storage

How do I activate my name caller tune on Jio?

Currently, there is not any options to set caller tune by your Name in jio. If there were the facility to set caller tune from the phone storage then it is possible.

How much time takes to activate jio caller tune completely?

The process of activating and deactivating of jio caller tune through any method is very fast. So, within a few minutes the caller tune gets activated on a jio sim.Sometimes it may take time due to some issues but ideally, it doesn`t take much time.

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Ultimately, we expect that you would have got a solution to set caller tune in jio for free using the various methods? Everey official methods we have shared to activate caller tune in jio sim.

We have mentioned totally 5 different official methods to making jio caller tune using the Message service, the Calling service, the Jio Savaan app, My Jio app, and copying others jio tune.