What does No Service Validity Means? validity NA means in VI, Airtel

Have you also seen No Service Validity or NA service validity while doing recharge using VI app, Airtel app etc.? If yes but don`t know exactly about the No Service Validity means then all your doubt would be cleared in this article related to Validity NA means.

no service validity means
No service validity

Recently, VI (Vodafone & Idea), Airtel, Jio etc. telecom operators have made some changes in their Recharge plan by which No service Validity or NA validity term came around the customer.

Actually, when people go to recharge their number then they see these terms in many recharge plan.

Due to this they are confused that What is No service validity or validity NA means? So, you don`t have to be worry about it as we have told in a simple way to understand in a better way and all other information related to it.

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What is No Service Validity Means?

When you have to recharge your number of any operator such as VI (Vodafone & Idea), airtel etc. then you need to visit to the mobile recharge service platform like VI app, Airtel app, Phonepe etc.

There appears various types of plans but in some of the plan, NO Service validity or NA validity appears. Basically, these types of plans are talktime – top up voucher or only data pack.

VI Pack detail of no service validity means

If you recharge no service validity of plan in your mobile number then it will work only if there is service validity plan otherwise you can`t use NA validity plan.

Mostly, the No service validity plan of VI and airtel are like ₹10, ₹20, ₹30, ₹50, ₹100 ,₹500 in which customer gets the talktime or data plan.

It was working previously without having any other service validity recharge but recently, they have changes their plan which require service validity plan to use these types of NA validity plan.

Also, you would not be able to make call to anyone even if you have a No service validity plan until and unless the number is not recharged with the service validity plan.

It means outgoing and incoming call would also not be able to occur if there is No service validity plan. NA Validity recharge plan can only be avail in the presence of active service validity recharge plan.

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What is Validity NA Means in Recharge of VI or Airtel?

The full form of NA is Not Applicable which means validity is not applicable in these plan which is for unlimited, there is not any expiry date of plan.

Na alidity NA Means in Recharge of VI or Airtelmeans

But there is no any benefit of doing NA validity recharge as it would not work if there is not service validity recharge plan.

Because you need to do the service validity recharge plan which is mandatory to use the services, So, why you would do double recharge.

Basically, when you put your VI (Vodafone & Idea) number for recharge on the recharging platform then there shows No Validity and for airtel number, NA validity shows.

There are also other different terms that are related to it which you need to understand. They are:-

  • Service Validity Plan
  • Existing Validity plan
  • No outgoing SMS plan

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What is Service Validity Recharge?

The Service validity recharge is a plan in which the services are provided to you but for a limited validity. Every unlimited recharge plan are service validity recharge plan and also most of the talktime plan are also Service validity plan.

Service Validity Recharge

It means until and unless service validity recharge plan is not active on your number then you would not be able to use any services.

Even incoming call would also not work on your number. So, it is mandatory to recharge your phone number with the service validity recharge plan to keep your phone number working.

So, No service validity or NA Validity service plan would work in the presence of service validity recharge plan.

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What is No Outgoing SMS Recharge plan?

In the, No outgoing SMS Recharge plan, you cannot send the message to anyone if that plan is recharged in your phone number.

So, if you recharge the plan in which No outgoing SMS appear then the sms can`t be send to anyone with your number.

And if you need to send sms then you need to recharge other plan in which you get outgoing SMS. But you can easily receive message from anyone if No outgoing SMS plan is recharged.

Except outgoing message, you would be able to avail all other services like internet and call according to the recharge plan.

What is Existing Validity Plan Recharge?

The existing validity plan is also same to some extent as No service validity plan or NA Validity plan but they are not same.

 Existing Validity Plan Recharge

The existing validity plan would only work and valid till your current service validity recharge plan. It means when your service validity recharge plan expires then this existing validity plan would also get expire even the data or talktime is left.

Let`s understand it with the help of the example, If you have recharge your Airtel Number with the ₹209 which has a validity of 21 days. And you have used it for 19 days but 2 days left for the expiration. So, if you recharge the existing validity plan of ₹58 – 3GB Data pack then only it will work till the validity of your ₹209 recharged plan. After that, existing validity plan would be expired.

What is difference between Service Validity and No service validity?

Service ValidityNO Service Validity/NA Validity
It has validity of the recharge plan that means it has expiration date.It has no validity and have no any expiration date.
It is mandatory to keep turn on the incoming and outgoing call services.It would not provide any type of services if service validity plan is not available.
Both data pack and calling services could be provided according to the plan.Only one services are included either talktime or data pack
The unlimited service validity plan has limited data pack on daily basis.In the data pack, mostly there is no daily limit.
difference between Service Validity and No service validity means

FAQ – No service Validity Means

When you should Recharge No Service Validity Plan?

When your service validity recharge plan has left the expiration date but the services are consumed or daily data pack is limited on any day then you can do the No service validity recharge plan or NA validity plan,.

Why you should not Recharge NA Validity service?

You should not recharge NA Validity service because if you recharge it then also you need to do the Recharge of service validity plan to keep working all services like call, internet and SMS.

What is the minimum Service validity recharge plan in VI?

If you want to keep working all services on your VI (Vodafone and idea) Number then the minimum recharge that you need to do of ₹79. In this plan, you get ₹64 talktime, 200MB Data pack, but no ougoing SMS Services.

What is the minimum Service validity Recharge plan in airtel?

If you want to keep all services on your airtel number then the minimum recharge which you would need to do that is of ₹99 in which you get talktime – ₹99, Data pack – 200mb. So, it is the minimum recharge plan for airtel operator that is mandatory to keep the services turn on.

How to find service validity recharge plan for VI?

If you want to get the best service validity recharge plan for your VI – Vodafone and idea number then you can find it easily from your phone. Follow the below process for it:-
1. Install VI application on your smartphone from the playstore or appstore.
2. Login with your VI Number.
3.Tap to the Recharge option that is at the bottom.
4.Enter your VI number.
5. Select your best service validity plan
6. Make the payment and the recharge would be done.

How to see service validity plan for airtel?

Follow the below procedure to find the best airtel service validity recharged plan for airtel:-
1. Install airtel thanks app and login with your number.
2. Tap on the recharge option and then click on the mobile recharge.
3. Enter the Number and select your best plan from the list.


I hope that you would have known well about the No service validity means or Validity NA means recharge plan for vodafone – idea and airtel number.

Now, you have understood well and doubt has been cleared about the no service validity and other query related to it.

We have tried our best to explain you in a simple way and have also given all other important information which would be helpful for you to understand all the terms related to it.

If you have any query related to the No Service validity then you can ask in the comment below.