How to mirror phone to tv without wifi? (Step by step) 2024

Do you also want to live cast your phone`s screen on your smart tv without using the wi-fi services? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to mirror phone to tv without wifi?

As you know that by watching movies or videos on a big screen like a tv, we feel differently as compared to watching on the small screen of a smartphone. It means we are able to watch anything on tv with enjoying a full screen.

How to mirror phone to tv without wifi

Sometimes you don`t want to connect your phone to tv for mirroring your mobile`s screen but you want to mirror your phone`s screen on your smart tv.

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How to connect Phone to smart tv without wifi? 4  Methods

Other than wifi ways, there are various different ways for casting a phone`s screen to tv. So, we have mentioned the 4 ways through which you will be able to mirror your phone screen on your smart tv without wifi.

The methods are through using Bluetooth, using Type C to HDMI Cable, Google Chromecast device and by using USB data Cable. So, step-by-step procedures are given below for each method.

Therefore, you can follow any methods which you like as easy ways and the availability of the services to you. So, let`s know about it.

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1. Mirror phone to tv without wifi using bluetooth

The Bluetooth service is available on the almost every device such as Computer, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, Audio speaker box, etc.

So, by turning on the Bluetooth of your smartphone and smart tv, mirroring of the screen from phone to tv can be easily done.

By the way, you can`t cast the phone`s screen anywhere using Bluetooth services. But easily you will be able to watch movies from your phone`s screen on your TV of youtube videos, and other ott apps like Netflix, etc.

So, let`s know what are the procedure you will need to follow for mirroring android and iphone screen on smart tv without wifi using the bluetooth services.

Follow the below procedure to connect smartphone to tv using Bluetooth:-

  • 1. Firstly, Switch on the bluetooth services on your android or iphone smartphone as the every users knows to turn on and off bluetooth on their mobile.
  • 2. Turn on the bluetooth on your smart TV and start searching the nearby bluetooth devices. Follow the below process to do it:-
    • Switch on your smart tv.
    • open the setting option of your smart tv by pressing the setting button from your remote control.
    • Scroll down and go to the “Remote and accessories” options with the help of remote control.
    • Tap on the add accessories options and then your TV will start searching for the smartphone turned on bluetooth services.
  • 3. Pair the bluetooth of the both devices. Follow the below procedure to do it:-
    • Open the near device availability of bluetooth in your phone and tap to the TV device which is appearing.
    • Tap to the accept option to accept the pair.
    • Also tap to the pair option in your TV. Now, your phone is successfully connected to the TV using the bluetooth services for mirroring the screen.
  • 4. Open the youtube or other OTT application and start casting. Let`s know to cast from youtube videos:-
    • Play any videos on your youtube that you like to cast.
    • Tap to the mirror icon which appears on the screen.
    • Now, your tv device will appear. So, tap on it, and then mirroring will start off your phone`s screen videos to your smart tv.

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2. Using HDMI Cable

You can mirror or cast the screen of your phone anywhere to your smart tv using the HDMI Cable. Now, you may be thinking that how you will connect the TV to the phone through the HDMI Cable. Right?

But don`t worry, let me tell. Since, the one adapter comes which is called ‘Type C to HDMI cable” which enables you to connect your smartphone through the HDMI Cable.

Nowadays, almost every smartphones have a Type C port and HDMI port on the Smart TV. So, just you have to purchase HDMI Cable and a Type C to HDMI Cable adapter.

Follow the below procedure to mirror your smartphone`s screen to tv using HDMI Cable:-

  • Have an HDMI Cable and Type C to HDMI Cable adapter which you can buy from online.
  • Connect the “HDMI Cable” of the one side to the one side of the “Type C to HDMI Cable Adapter”.
  • Connect the HDMI Cable to the SMart TV of HDMI port and Type C cable to the Type c port of the smartphone.
  • Switch on the Smart TV and select the HDMI options. Now, your phone will start casting its screen on your smart tv and you will be able to see the content of the mobile in TV with big size.

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3. Cast screen from phone to smart tv without wifi using Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is a device that is especially to stream videos from youtube, and other OTT apps like Netflix, Hotstar, sony liv, etc. from your smartphone to the smart TV.

Some smart TV also comes with Chromecast in-built which means it has already have a Chromecast device inside the TV so there is no need to put an external Chromecast device for streaming.

If your smart TV does not have Chromecast inbuilt features then you can buy a Google Chromecast device only through which you will be able to cast or mirror videos from a smartphone.

Follow the below procedure to mirror phone to tv without wifi using the Google Chromecast device:-

  • If there is no in-built Chromecast in your smart tv then you have to purchase it.
  • Insert the Chromecast on your Smart TV through the HDMI port.
  • With the Chromecast device, you also get the Chromecast antennae. So, connect it to the chromecast and the TV to USB port.
  • Install Google home on your smartphone and login in it and open it.
  • Tap to the three-line menu on the google home app and then tap to the cast screen options.
  • select the smart TV device on which you like to mirror your phone content to your smart TV.
  • Open the youtube videos or other OTP app like Netflix etc. and play the videos.
  • Tap the mirror icon and select the device and then streaming will start from phone to TV.

By following the above procedure, you would have known well to cast mobile screen to smart tv using the Google Chromecast device.

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4. Using USB Cable

You can also easily mirror your android phone to tv using USB Cable. You can share anything on your phone`s screen on your smart tv big screen size such as games, movies, photos, etc. any media you want.

In this method, just you have to turn on the USB Debugging options on your smartphone and then you have to connect your smartphone to TV using thr USB Data cable.

You can use any USB Data cable such as of your charger, means you don`t need to buy because it is available on most of homes in a mobile charger.

This method can be used in any smartphone whether it is android or iphone. So, let`s know about its procedure.

Follow the below steps for mirroring phone screen on Smart TV using USB Cable:-

  • 1. Enable the developer options of your mobile for turning on the USB Debugging options. Follow the below-given steps to turn on the developer options:-
    • open the setting of your phone and go the about phone options.
    • Tap the build number or version for the 7 times unless it appears that developer mode is on.
  • 2. Turn on the USB Debugging options. Follow the below-given steps to enable the usb debugging mode through developer options:-
    • Open the developer options which will appear on your phone`s setting.
    • Find the USB Debugging options and enable it.
  • 3. Connect your phone to the TV with the help of a USB Cable wire.
  • 4. Make sure to switch on the TV and then automatically phone will start casting on the Smart TV.

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FAQ on mirroring phone to tv without wifi

How can I mirror my phone screen to my TV?

You can mirror using bluetooth services, a google Chromecast device, an HDMI cable, and a USB cable. So, you can follow the methods for casting phone screens to tv with those methods and processes given in this post.

How do I mirror my phone to a non smart TV?

if there is non-smart TV and HDMI TV is given then you can easily mirror your smartphone to tv using the Chromecast device, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc. These are the devices that enables to mirror your phone to a non-smart TV

Can you connect phone to TV without WIFI?

Yes, obviously you can connect your smartphone to TV without Wifi through various methods which are given in this article by us. You can follow the procedure for connecting your phone to TV without wifi of anyone from 4 methods.

How do i cast my mobile games to Smart TV?

You can easily cast or mirror your phone`s screen while playing a game by following the methods given in this article – USB Cable method and HDMI Cable. There are also other methods for casting your games from phone to smart TV but we have given the two methods which are enough and that will work.


I hope that you would have known well to mirror phone to tv without wifi? using the various methods mentioned in this article.

All the procedures are mentioned step by step in this article with the help of screenshots which you can follow easily and able to cast.

If you have a smartphone and smart TV and you mostly watch videos then obviously you should mirror or cast your phone`s screen to your TV to get the awesome feeling by watching on the big screen.

If you have any query related to screening mirroring or casting then you can comment below and we will provide the answer to your query.