How to check jiofi balance? 2021 Know JioFI Data balance

Are you also using a JioFi Router device for using the internet on your laptop and smartphone as wifi? As you are knowing that JioFI hotspot device is the best portable broadband device for using the net on mobile and pc.

Due to the great specification and function of this device, many of them have been purchased in India. But some of them are not able to know the balance, validity, and data usage of their JioFi device.

How to check JioFi balance

If you also don`t know that how to check JioFi balance? then you are at the right place. So, we have mentioned step by step procedure for knowing the internet data balance and other detail of your JioFi device.

There is most necessary to track the data usage, balance and other detail of mobile, broadband service, JioFi or any other device. Because according to that only, you will be ensured for next recharge and control of using the internet. So, let`s know.

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How to check jiofi data balance using 3 methods?

There are 3 ways through which you can know JioFi Internet data balance. They are through the jiofi.local.html website (JioFi management official website), website, and my Jio application on a smartphone.

So, if you want to check jio balance on a laptop or pc then you will need to follow the website method. And if you want to track data of your jioFi on your smartphone then you can follow any method from the given below.

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How to know jiofi balance using jio official website?

As you are able to check the validity, balance, usage, per day data usage and left, etc. data of your Jio mobile number which inserts in your smartphone.

So, in the same way, you will be able to know the balance and other detail of your Jio number which is inserted on your JioFi device. But checking the balance of jioFi device is a little different as compared to the jio number of mobile.

Follow the below procedure to know that how to check Jiofi balance using

  • Go to the jio official website on your desktop or Smartphone. (Since the procedure is through the website, so you can follow this procedure on desktop or pc)
  • Click the Sign-in option.
  • Click to the JioFi option as you can see in the below screenshot. (This is the step where there are minor changes in checking the balance of mobile and JioFi devices.)
  • Enter your Jio number which is inserted on your JioFi Hotspot Router device and click on the Generate OTP option.
  • Now, there will appear two options for receiving OTP for verification which are through the alternate mobile number and aadhar linked mobile number. (Whenever you would have purchased Jio Number then you would have given one alternate mobile number and aadhar Number)
  • So, select the anyone option to receive OTP which is available to you, and then click on the Generate OTP.
  • Enter the OTP which will be sent to your other mobile number and then click on the Submit button.
  • Now, you will be logged in jio website using jio number of your JioFi Router device. So, you can easily check that how much data you have used on a per daily basis, current plan, Data usage from time to time, etc.

By following the above procedure, you would have known that how to check the JioFi balance? So, just you need to login in jio official website by selecting the JioFi device and then you will be able to track the Data of your Jio number which has been inserted on your JioFi device.

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How to check JioFi Balance using My Jio app in smartphone?

As I have mentioned above knowing JioFi Internet balance through the jio official website, In the same way, You can also check JioFi data balance using My Jio Application on your smartphone.

If you want to check on your smartphone then it will be the best method. Remember that you can`t check jioFi balance officially through this application method.

In this my Jio app, just you have to log in by selecting JioFi option, and then you will be able to know the details of your JioFi sim number such as internet data, etc.

Follow the given below points for knowing JioFi Internet balance using my Jio App:-

  • Install my Jio application on your mobile from the playstore and open it.
  • Select the JioFi option.
  • These are three options through which you can login in my jio app from your JioFi Number:-
    • First option – You can log in by entering Jio number which is inserted on your JioFi and then receiving OTP in an alternate or aadhar linked mobile number.
    • The second option is by scanning the QR code.
    • The third option is through connecting the JioFi device to your mobile.
  • As you logged in then you will be able to know your JioFi Balance, validity, current plan etc.

In this way, you can easily know the Internet data detail of your JioFi device on my jio application.

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How to check jiofi balance in laptop & mobile using jiofi website?

There is also one website given by the jiofi which is specially launched for the user of JioFI device to manage it. Through the help of this website, many settings can be done by the user related to the network and internet.

As well as checking JioFI data balance can be also done. So, in this method, we will know that how to check jioFI balance using the jiofii.local.html website.

So, I would like to tell you that jiofi.local.html is a portal through which you can manage your JioFI device network and other setting related to the internet. So, let`s know for knowing data used.

Follow the given below procedure for knowing the data used of JioFi balance through jiofi.local.html:-

  • Connect your laptop or mobile to the jiofi device through the Wi-Fi. (This step is mandatory otherwise you will not be able to open the portal)
  • Open any browser on your device and visit the http://jiofi.local.html URL.
  • Enter username and password which will be a default of every jiofi device is an administrator.
  • Click to the “WAN info”.
  • Now, you will be able to know that how much data you have used of your jiofi device.

Now, you would have known well that how you can know that how much internet data have you used on your jiofi device? So, just you have to follow the above procedure step by step which is mentioned above.

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FAQ on how to check jiofi data usage, balance

Can we know the JioFi balance without putting SIM of JioFi in phone?

Yes, you can easily check the balance, validity, and other detail of your jio sim which is inserted on your jioFi Device. There is no need to take out your jio sim of jiofi device and to insert that in a phone for checking balance.

There are three methods through which you can check your jiofi internet balance without removing JioFI sim card. So, prefer to the above procedure which is mentioned by me in this article.

How to check the internet usage history of JioFi?

The procedure which I have told of how to check jiofi balance in 3 different methods, in that usage option is available through which you can know the history of your JioFi device.

You will get the data of internet usage from time to time and a day-wise as a list. So, you can easily know the internet data usage of JioFi devices.

Are the plans of JioFi the same as Jio plans for smartphones?

Yes, the plan which you need to recharge for a smartphone, that same plan is also available to recharge for JioFi device. There is no given another plan for JioFi Sim.

So, the same plan and same benefits are available for both smartphones and JioFi devices. There is a major disadvantage to the user of the same plan for smartphone and JioFi device is that,

If users recharge a plan for a smartphone then the users avail all benefits of voice and internet data but for the internet data, users of jioFi devices need to recharge the same plan of the smartphone but they are unable to avail the benefit of a voice call.

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Conclusion on checking Jiofi data validity, usage, balance

Now, I hope that you would have known well that how to check JioFi balance? We have tried to tell you in an easy way with the help of step by step procedure and screenshot.

There are 3 methods for knowing the Balance, Validity, Current plan, Internet usage, and other details of JioFi are mentioned in this article by us. So, you can know your jioFI balance and other detail by following any one method.

If anything is missing in this article then you can comment below and we will try to solve that problem as soon as possible. I hope that your purpose would have fulfilled for which you have come to this page.

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