How To Use OYO Money While booking? What is OYO Money?

Have you been rewarded with OYO money? Now, you want to know how to use OYO money?. Then, you have come to the right place as we will guide you to use the OYO money when you are booking any room, in the hotel.

But before we start telling you about the OYO money, we would like to introduce you to the OYO hotels. OYO hotel is a chain of hotels that are founded by India’s young entrepreneur Ritesh Agrawal.

How To Use OYO Money?
How to use OYO Money?

If you stay in any OYO hotel, you get a chance to save your money while booking a room. Since this a promotional money, you can use it only within a limited time.

After the expiry period, the offer price that you could have while booking the hotel room can not be used by you.

In this way, OYO money ensures that you will get the maximum price off. Enjoy unforgettable hospitality in one of the OYO hotels. Read the following article to understand the use of OYO money in an effective way.

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What is OYO Money?

Let’s understand what is OYO in simple words. The acronym OYO stands for On Your Own Rooms. It is virtual money that the beneficiaries use while signing up on the OYO app or website.

This is used to get discount offers when you will book any room in the OYO hotel.

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Suppose the booking price of any room in OYO hotel is INR 700. But if you use OYO money via the OYO app, you will be given a maximum discount offer on your booking.

In this way, OYO money helps those visitors who would like to stay in OYO hotels again and again.

Furthermore, if you want to purchase any property in OYO, you can use OYO money easily and save your hard-earned money.

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How to use OYO money while booking?

Follow the following steps to use OYO money while booking or making payment:-

Step 1: Install the OYO Hotel Booking App on your Android or iPhone. You can complete this procedure via logging into the website of OYO hotels.

Step 2: Log in to your account by entering your user ID.

Step 3: Access the rooms and choose the preferred room in OYO hotel.

Step 4: Select check-out after selecting room in hotel.

Step 5: Get the option of OYO money to complete the payment process.

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Step 6: Follow the terms and conditions and pay for booking.

Step 7: Pay the remainder amount from the other payment options.

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How can you receive OYO Money?

If you want to receive digital OYO currency, you can receive it by following three ways:

  • By using the coupons
  • Refund money
  • By using any offer
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What is the difference between OYO Money and OYO Rupee?

S.No.Oyo MoneyOyo Rupee
1.OYO money is credited in your wallet when you install the OYO App first time. OYO Rupee is credited in your wallet when you refer OYO App to your friend/relative.
2.The validity period of OYO money is limitedThe validity period of OYO rupee is for a year.
3.The OYO money is refunded as per the current promotional scheme. The refunding amount does not vary.

What is the usage policy of OYO Money?

According to the usage policy of OYO money, the beneficiary can only get the discount of up to 30% on booking any hotel room/property.

But if you want to get more discount, you can choose the coupons to avail of its benefits.

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FAQ on How to use OYO Money

How can I use OYO money completely?

You can not use OYO money completely. You can only use it for getting the discount offer from 10% to 30%. The remaining money is paid by using other payment options when you are booking any room in the OYO hotel/ property.

Can I transfer OYO money to Paytm?

OYO money is a digital currency that can be used when you are booking any room in OYO hotel. Therefore, you can not transfer OYO money to PayTm. This is rewarded by the OYO hotels to use it for only OYO hotels and OYO properties.

Can I transfer OYO money to a bank account?

No, you can not transfer the OYO money to a bank account. OYO money is not that money that you have accumulated. It is a promotional money that you have got due to the promotional offers and coupons released by the OYO hotels.

How much OYO money can be used in one booking?

You can use a maximum amount of 30% of OYO money in one booking in the OYO hotels. If you want more than 30% discount, you should use coupons. The rest of the money is paid by the customers via other payment options.

Is OYO money refundable?

Yes, OYO money is refundable but the policy of redemption is varied from time to time. If you want to get it refunded in your OYO wallet, you have to accept the current redemption policy of the OYO hotels.

How can I get OYO rupees?

You can get OYO rupees in your OYO wallet when you successfully refer OYO App to your friend. When your friend uses that referral code, you will get OYO rupees in your OYO wallet. You can use it in the future for booking any hotel.

How to use OYO Rupee?

For using the OYO rupee, you have to install the OYO hotel booking app. You can do it via visiting the official website of OYO hotels. You will get the option of paying OYO rupee when you will book any hotel room.

What is the expiration period of OYO money?

The expiration period of the OYO money depends on the promotional offer that has been launched by the OYO hotels to attract the customers. You can not avail of its offers after the expiration period.

What is the expiration period of OYO Rupee?

The expiration period of the OYO rupee is of one year from the date it has been issued to the customer. You can use OYO rupee within one year while booking room in OYO hotels and property.

Can I use OYO money for all hotels?

You can use OYO money for all hotels. But the hotels should be of OYO group. If you want to use it for other hotels, then, we should say that it can not be used for making payment in other hotels.

How to earn OYO Rupee?

If you want to earn OYO rupee, you should refer OYO App to more friends. When they will use your referral code while signing up the account, you will get OYO rupee in your OYO wallet balance. In this way, you will be able to earn OYO rupee.

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Wrap up on How can i use oyo money

Now, you would be able to use your oyo money whatever amount having in your oyo money walllet on oyo application.

Along with the How to use oyo money? Also, we have told many things related to it such as About Oyo money terms & condition, What is Oyo Money? Oyo money vs Oyo ruppee etc.

If you have any issue in making payment of Oyo money then you can comment below.

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