How to check jio balance data, validity, Usage? 2021 Step by step

Do you also want to know that how much net balance has left? how much net data, calls, SMS you used? and when validity will expire? If you want to know the answer to such a query then you will need to know that how to check jio balance?

Reliance Jio is one of the most popular telecom operators in India. It has a massive number of users over 410 million + users. The number of customers of Reliance JIO is increasing day by day because of a low plan and high internet speed.

How to check jio balance

If you are a Jio Sim user then you will need to check the status of Internet balance, Usage of calls, net & SMS, and validity. So, that you will use it or be ready for the next recharge according to the status of the JIO balance.

Or you are not able to access the internet through Jio sim sometimes then you need to check balance, usage, and validity. Therefore, you should know about the checking the balance procedure on your Jio number.

So, if you want to know that how to check Jio balance then you don`t have to worry. Because we have mentioned step by step procedure on knowing the status of your Jio Numbers such as the Internet, Usage of voice & SMS, and validity. So, let`s know.

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How to check balance in Jio using 6 methods?

There are various ways through which you can know the balance of your Jio Number which we have mentioned in this article. So, we have introduced 6 methods for checking internet Jio balance, usage, and validity.

They are through the My Jio official application, online website, Missed call, IVR Call, SMS Services, and USSD Code. Therefore, with the help of such a method, we are going to tell you to step by step procedure.

You can follow any method which you wish to check jio balance. All the below methods will work on smartphones and Jio phones. So, let’s know the procedure of each method.

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How to check Jio balance, data using My Jio application?

Every Jio Mobile number user should use my Jio application because it provides many facilities which you need. There are many advantages that users get by installing and using my jio application on their smartphone.

You can track almost every essential data whatever you need as well as you can activate or deactivate many options whatever you need to do with the help of this application.

It provides to check Internet balance, Usage of Data, usage of calls & SMS, Validity, etc. You can recharge your JIO number with the help of this app also.

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Follow the below procedure for checking of Jio Net balance and validity of voice, data & SMS:-

How to check jio validity using my jio
  • As the app successfully installed on your smartphone then open it.
  • Enter your Jio mobile number and then tap the login option.
How to know jio internet data balance and validity
  • Then, OTP will be automatically fetched from your number and then it will be completely sign in and opened.
  • Tap to the “Go to Mobile” option as you can see in the below screenshot.
How to check balance in jio number
  • On the left side, you can see the cost of a plan that you have recharged and as well as the validity under the Current plan section. You can check the expiration date of your plan of internet balance, Voice, and SMS.
How to check Jio balance in my jio app
  • Now, you can see the Jio data balance that you have used in a day from the remaining (given data on a per-day basis) data under the Data balance on the right side.

As you know that a particular amount of internet data is allocated on a per-day basis according to the plan for a prepaid Jio sim.

(For example, If you recharge a plan of Rs.250 for a month then you get 2 GB per day for a prepaid Jio sim)

So, you can check here that how much internet data you have used in a day from the allocated data and when it will renew.

How to know jio balance in my jio app

So, you would have known well that how to check jio balance using my jio application. Just you have to my jio login and then you can know every detail related to balance.

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How to know Jio data balance, validity, and Usage using Jio website?

You can use almost all options as my jio application using a official website. So, you can easily check Jio internet balance, validity, and uses using the website online.

As well as you can do recharge through the website as my jio app and you can track other data also. The main difference between of website and my jio app is that you can use the website method on a laptop or computer also.

Whereas you cannot use officially the jio application on your desktop or laptop. As well as this difference, you need to download an app whereas you just need to hit the domain of jio in the browser.

So, let’s know about the procedure of checking the balance of jio through the website.

Follow the below-given points to see jio balance of internet and validity:-

  • Open any browser from your computer or mobile and enter the website.
  • Tap to the 3 bar menu.
How to check online jio balance
  • Then, click on the Sign-in option.
How to see balance of jio in online
  • Tap to the mobile option.
Know jio validity online
  • Enter your mobile number and click on the Generate OTP option.
check jio current plan
  • Then, enter the OTP and click on the submit button.
Check jio plan expire date
  • Now, you will be signed in to your jio account to check jio balance.  You can see the validity of your current plan and jio net balance on a per-day basis.
How to check balance of Jio number using website

You can perform the same steps on your computer or laptop also. Now, you would have known well that how to check jio balance using jio official website online through a browser.

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How to check Jio net balance, Plan validity using missed call?

you can know the validity, plan, and internet data balance just by giving a missed call at a particular number and then you will be informed through the message.

This missed call service is not provided by almost every other telecom operator. But Reliance jio provides the facility to know the data balance status just by giving a missed call.

It is one of the simplest and easiest methods to check the balance in Jio sim using the missed call. The most benefit of this method is that it takes very little time to give validity, Net balance, etc. as compared to the other method.

Follow the below procedure to know that how to check jio data balance using missed calls & SMS:-

  • Open the dialer of your phone and make a call to 1299.
How to know jio balance by missed call
  • As you make calls then it will automatically end within 2 – 3 seconds.
  • As the call end then you will receive a message from jio about the jio balance detail within 2 – 3 seconds.
How to get detail of jio balance using sms and missed call

A message which you receive in that every detail of balance-related are mentioned as the status shown in my jio app and jio website.

Such as your number, plan including time & per day data, Data usage today from allocated data per day, SMS usage from the total, and plan expiry.

Therefore, you get every essential detail of your jio balance by just giving missed calls as an online status through the app and website.

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How to check jio balance, validity using SMS?

You can also check your jio validity, plan, and data balance just by sending a message. So, you need to send a message to a particular number and then you receive a message in which every detail is mentioned related to jio balance.

So, there is 3 different Keyword through which you can check jio balance by sending in one particular number. If you use a postpaid jio sim then you will need to send Bill  to 199 for checking our jio balance.

For Message TO
Jio Prepaid Number balance detail Bal 199
Jio Postpaid & Prepaid Current Plan MYPLAN 199
Jio Postpaid Balance check Bill 199

Most people use the prepaid Sim of any operator. So, you have to send Bal to 199 for knowing detail jio balance such as data balance usage per day & left, current plan, validity, etc.

How to know balance on jio number using SMS

And if you only want to know the Current plan then you will need to send the MYPLAN to 199. Therefore, you can check Jio balance of Jio by sending Bal, Bill, MYPLAN to 199..

Just you have to send the message according to the above table. So, you would have known well that how to check jio balance by sending SMS.

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 How to see Jio balance using IVR Call?

You can know jio internet balance, SMS Balance, Validity, Plan, etc. other detail related to jio balance by just calling a particular Number.

You can follow this method on any mobile whether it is an android phone or keypad phone, you can do both because the calling service is there on every mobile.

There are 3 Numbers in which by calling you can know your balance which is in the below table:-

Jio Balance 1991
Jio Balance 198
Jio Customer care 1860-893-333

When you call anyone number from two numbers that are 1991 and 198 then you will listen to your jio data balance without following any instruction and talking to anybody.

How to check internet data balance using call

And the last number is customer care in which by calling, you will need to ask your jio balance to the support assistant of Jio. By the way, you have to follow the instruction if you call customer care.

So, you need to call 1860-893-3333 which is a toll-free number of Jio Customer care and you can ask the support assistant.

When you call to 1860-893-3333 number then select the languages and press 2 for jio connection related then you will be talking to the support assistant of jio after a few seconds.

How to check jio validity and net balance

Therefore, you can check internet jio balance and other balances by just calling in to a Number. 

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How to check Jio data balance, validity using the USSD Code?

You can also check Jio Balance and validity using USSD Code which is provided by Reliance Jio. Almost every telecom operator provides USSD Code for checking balance, plan, validity, etc.

So, you have to open the dialer and then press *333# Number and just dial it. Then, USSD Code running process will appear and after a few seconds, your Jio balance will appear.

In which, every essential data will be mention related to the balance of jio such as current plan, due date, internet data balance, SMS, etc. In this way, you would have known well that how to check Jio balance using Jio balance check code USSD?

How to check balance in Jio phone?

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You can check the balance of jio number in jio phone using the above-all method. You don`t need to follow the other method for checking the balance of jio phone except SMS method.

You can check Jio phone balance through my jio application because it is installed on every jio phone. You can also check jio phone balance through the Website as you can open through the browser of your jio phone.

Just you have to open my jio app which is pre-installed on jio phone and then sign in using your jio phone number then you will able to check jio balance. 

Or if you want to check balance through the website then you will need to open a browser on jio phone then enter the website and sign in using your number then you will be able to know jio phone balance.

Using the missed call, IVR Call, USSD Code also jio phone balance can be check easily.  Just you need to follow the above process which we have mentioned for a smartphone that in your jio phone.

Note:- You can also check jio phone balance through the sms but you have to type jiophone and send it to the 199. Whereas you have send Bal to 199 for smartphone.

If we talk about checking Jio balance on the other keypad phone then also you can check through various methods except for 2 methods. So, you cannot check jio balance on the keypad phone through my jio application and the website because this function is not available.

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FAQ on How to check Jio Balance

How to Know my Jio Number?

If you have purchased your new jio sim then you will want to know your jio number. So, the methods for checking jio balance through SMS and Missed call which I have mentioned through that also you can know your jio number.

As you follow the method then you get information about your jio balance including your jio number. You can also know your jio number just by signing into my jio app or through the website.

You can also know your jio number using *1# USSD Code but it is not working currently. Therefore, you can know your jio number in this way.

How to check Jio balance of voice call?

You don`t get a limit of voice calls in jio number of any plan from 1st January 2021. Before 1st January 2021, there is a limit in voice calls from jio to no-jio but after that voice call in every plan is unlimited.

Therefore, you don`t need to check the Voice call balance of jio because voice call is unlimited in every plan of Jio. If you are thinking about checking the top-up jio balance then you don`t get any voice call from top-up recharge.

So, if you want to check internet balance and validity then you can check by knowing the above procedure which we have mentioned on how to check jio balance using various method?

How to Transfer Jio Balance to another Number?

The Reliance Jio offers internet data according to the plan on the per day limit and unlimited voice calls on almost every plan. So, you cannot transfer that internet data or voice calls of the recharged plan to another jio or other number.

Reliance jio does not provide an option to transfer internet or voice call or SMS balance of recharged to the other number. But Jio offers to transfer from one number to another voucher plan which is additional than recharged plan.

You will need to buy a voucher pack from my jio app then you can transfer that to the other Jio Number. So, you need to purchase an extra voucher to transfer that to the other jio number.

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Conclusion on Checking Jio Net balance, Validity and usage

Finally, I hope that you would have known well that how to check jio balance using different various methods. We have mentioned  Every possible method for knowing the balance of jio in this article.

You can follow any method from the above 6 methods for checking jio balance, plan, validity, and other detail. We have tried to make you understand in an easy way through the help of step by step procedure with screenshots as well as videos also.

As well as these, we have also mentioned Frequently asked question`s answers related to jio balance through which every doubt can be removed from you.

If you have any queries related to the Jio Balance then you can comment and we will try to provide the solution as soon as possible.

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