How to call from jiofi in laptop and mobile? Voice & Video call

Do you want to know that how to call from jiofi in laptop and smartphone? By the way, most of them use jioFi devices to use the internet on their computer and smartphone.

But some of the jioFi users need to call using the sim card which is inserted in the JioFi device. So, you will know in this article that how you can make HD voice call and Video calls on your laptop and Phone?

How to call from jiofi in laptop

Just you will need to install an application to make calls from jioFi device which officially launched by the Jio Brand. So, the application or software which we will use is the Jio Call application.

By the way, this application is officially launched for the smartphone. It means to say that you cannot install directly this jio call software on your computer or laptop.

Therefore, You need to download the emulator which will help to run Jio call and other applications smoothly on a laptop or PC. So, just you will need to follow the process step by step which is mentioned in this article.

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What is Jio Call application and how it used for JioFi device?

What is jio call app and how to make call from jioFi to laptop and mobile using Jio Call app?

Jio call application is also known as Jio 4G Voice which is officially available for android and IOS smartphones. It is launched by the Reliance Jio brand to provide VoLTE 4G voice and video calling.

You can do 4G voice & video calling from the mobile sim card, JioFi Sim card, and Jio Fiber Sim. So, this application provides facility to make calls from JioFi Hotspot devices and Jio Fiber also.

You can not only do voice and video calling through this application, but also you can send messages from the JioFi and JioFiber devicess. Other than this Jio 4G application, there is not any application available to call from jio Fiber and JioFi Device.

With the help of this application only, we will know that how to call from Jiofi in laptop and mobile?

So, If you want to make calls from jioFi then you will need to install the Jio call application. But this application is not available for pc, therefore you have to install an emulator to use this app.

How to call from JioFI in laptop or PC?33

As we told that you need to install an android emulator software that will helps to use JioCall application and the other android application.So, following are the steps which you will need to follow to make call from jioFi to computer or laptop:-

  • Install any android emulator such as Bluestack, MEmu Play, etc. (There are so many available on the internet, but we will know through the most popular android emulator application which is bluestack.)
  • You have to Install Jio Call application from the playstore under the emulator software.
  • After installing Jio call 4g voice application, you can use it to make call.

Now, let`s know step by step that how you will do the above process. The above process will work for laptop and pc both and both operating systems of windows and mac.

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How to Install emulator and Jio Call Application on Laptop or Desktop?

Follow the given below following steps to install blueStack emulator and Jio call application :-

  • Visit to the website from chrome or any browser of your laptop or pc.
  • Click to the “Download BlueStack” option as you can see in the below screenshot.

Download bluestack to install jio call application on pc and laptop

  • Right click over the Bluestack.exe file which you downloaded and then click to the Run as administrator. (Instead of this process, you can do double click)

how to call from jiofi in laptop

  • Click to the install button to install the bluestack software as you can see in the below screenshot.

 how to voice call on laptop

  • Now, the downloading process will start of bluestack which will be of 513 Mb. (So, wait for few minutes until the process not completed)
  • After downloading, the installation and starting process will be going automatically and after few minutes, it will be finished. Now, you will be able to see the software on your desktop home screen.

Therefore, by the help of bluestack software only, you will know that how to call from jiofi in laptop or pc.

Follow the given below process to install Jio call application from the bluestack on laptop or pc :-

  • Open the bluestack software and then click to the playstore button.

voice and video calling using JioFi

  • Click to sign in option and then login by entering gmail id and password.
  • Search jio Call on the search bar and then install it.

Install jio 4g voice app on laptop and pc

How to Call from JioFi in laptop ? Voice and Video Calling?

You have to make sure that you have connected JioFi to laptop, then only you will be able to make call from JioFi.

  • Open the bluestack software and then click to the Jio Call application.
  • Select “JioFi” option to make call from JioFi to laptop.

How to make voice and video call from JioFi on laptop

  • Now, the OTP will be sent to your alternative mobile number of jioFi sim card.
  • Enter that OTP and click to proceed button.
  • Now, click to the Dialer option and enter the number to whom you want to call.
  • After enetring number, select the call mode. So, if you want to make voice call then click to the voice icon and if you want to make video call then you can click to the video call icon.

How to call using jio call app from jiofi on windows and mac

So, by following the above process you have known well that how to call from JioFi in laptop ? Therefore, in this way you can easily make voice and video call on laptop from JioFi sim card.

How to Make voice & Video Call on Mobile using JioFi?

We have mentioned above that how to call from jioFi in laptop or pc with the help of emulator. But the process of making calls from JioFi device to mobile is too much easy as compared to the laptop.

Because in pc or laptop, you need to install firstly emulator then only you can do other processes. But as we mentioned above that you can directly install Jio Call 4G Voice application from the playstore in android and the app store on IOS Smartphone.

How to Install Jio Call app on android and make call from JioFi device?

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  • Go to the playstore from your android smartphone and install Jio Call application as you install other apps.
  • Select the JioFi option which will be with your SSID of the JioFi device.
  • As you select it, you have to enter the OTP which will be sent to your alternative mobile number.
  • After entering the OTP, you will be entered to the main dashboard of the Jio Call application.
  • Now, you can call any contact number as you do regular calls.

After opening the Jio call application successfully on your smartphone, you can do voice call and video calls according to your wish. Therefore, this was the process of how to connect jioFi to android mobile?

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How to Make call from JioFi on IOS Device?

Since the little bit process of installation is different for the IOS (iPhone Operating System) and some of the process is same. If you are an iPhone user then already, you may be knowing that you have to install any app from the app store.

Therefore, you have to install the Jio Call application from AppStore on your iPhone Smartphone. Then, you have to select the JioFi option and then enter the OTP.

After entering OTP, you can call anyone with your iPhone using the Jio Call application from your smartphone. So, I hope that if you are finding to make calls from an ios device using JioFi then you would have got the solution.

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FAQ on How to call from JioFI in laptop and Mobile?

We have mentioned the below FAQ – Frequently asked a question that may come to your mind also. So, by mentioning some questions, all your doubts can be cleared.

Can I receive calls on JioFi?

Of course, you can receive calls even when the Jio Sim card is inserted on the JioFi device. Any people can call your jioFi Sim card from any sim card and you can receive that on your Jio call application.

If you are using the Jio call application from your smartphone then anytime can another person can make a call to you and you can receive it. It means that the ringtone will sound by connecting from the JioFi device.

But if you have installed the Jio call on a laptop using an android emulator then you need to open the app. If the Jio call application is closed on your computer then the ringtone will not sound.

Can we make a call in JioFi sim if another sim is inserted on Phone?

Yes, of course, you can make a call in JioFi sim if another sim is inserted on your smartphone whether it is an idea, Airtel, Vodafone, or any brand of the sim.

Just you have to make sure that you have successfully connected your mobile to the JioFi device. and well as with this, you should make sure that you have logged in with your jioFi number in the JIO Call application.

Therefore, after connecting the JioFi device to your smartphone and logged in JioFi number in the Jio call app, you can easily able to make calls to anyone even the other sim is inserted on your mobile.

How many people can calls and receive calls to JioFi Sim card on Jio call app?

There is not any limited amount for calling and receiving on the Jio Call application from the JioFi Hotspot device. As much as you can do voice and video calling to anyone from JioFi sung JIO 4G Voice app. As well as with this, you can send unlimited messages also.

You will be able to do unlimited voice and video calls until your Ji Sim recharged plan not expired. Therefore, there are not no criteria has fixed to make outgoing or incoming voice and video calls.

Can we use Jio phone Sim in JioFi Device?

No, you cannot use anyhow jio phone sim in a JioFi hotspot device. You will not be able to use the internet, voice calling, video calling, and message service by using Jio SIM in a jio Fi device.

As you might be knowing that you can not use any services of JIO Phone sim card on your smartphone also. So, in such condition, if you want to use a Jio Phone sim card on your Phone then you need to activate Jio Prime Membership.

As well as with these, you need to recharge a plan for a smartphone which is not for jio phone. Therefore, you have to follow the same process to use the Jio phone sim card in your JioFi Router Device.

Otherwise, you cannot use jio sim card in JioFi until you don`t activate jio prime membership.

Can I do a voice call on a Jio Phone through a JioFi device?

No, you cannot use any services except the internet on a jio phone through JioFi device. The reason behind this because Jio Call or Jio 4g voice application is not available on the Jio Store.

So, you cannot make voice calling through the JioFi device until you don`t install the Jio Call application on your jio phone. You can easily connect the jio phone to jioFi device to use the internet via wifi.

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Conclusion on How to make voice call from JioFi in mobile & Computer?

Finally, I hope that you would have well known that how to call from JioFi in laptop and Mobile easily? So, we have tried to explain in a better way by giving screenshots about calling on computers and smartphones through the JioFi device.

As well as with voice and video calling features, you can send messages to anyone through that Jio Call application. You can also check the past incoming calls even the sim is inserted on jioFi device.

We have mentioned the process of popular devices and operating systems to make calls using JioFi. They are laptops or computers of windows and mac, and the smartphone of android and iPhone.

So, if you have any doubt related to the JioFi calling then you can comment or contact us. If anything is missing in this article then we will try to add it, so you can comment below and tell your query.

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