How to take screenshot in jio phone? 2022 Step by Step

Do you also want to get the solution of how to take screenshot in Jio phone? If yes then you are at the perfectly right place to know about capturing images of screenshots of the Jio phone.

As you are knowing that many times, we need to capture the images of the screen on our Mobile. The Screenshot features are available almost on every smartphone nowadays.

But Jio phones are also being used by most people in India due to the features and functionality available almost as an Android smartphone. So, if you are also a Jio phone user then you will need surely to capture a screenshot of your jio phone.

How to take screenshot in jio phone

Firstly, many of the jio phone users are think that, Is that any function available on jio phone for capturing screen image? So, if you are also eager to know the answer to this question then you don`t have to worry.

Therefore, we will know below that whether that is possible or not? If it is possible then how to take screenshot in jio phone? So, let`s know about it.

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Is it possible to capture Jio phone screenshot?

Yes, you can easily take screenshot of your jio phone of every screen display but not in all models of jio phones. So, screenshot feature is not available for all the models of jio phones.

But if you want to take the Screenshot of any website under the browser of your jio phone then you can capture the all models of the Jio phone.

I would like to clarify that if you want to take a screenshot other than the browser app such as of setting, other apps, document, etc. then it can be done only one model of Jio phone.

But screenshots of any website under the browser app can be taken through any jio phone mobile. Now, i hope that it would have been cleared about the condition of possibilities of capturing screenshots in jio phone.

Finally, I would like to clear you that Jio Phone F320B latest model 2021 which supports screenshot features allows taking screenshots. Now, let`s know below about its procedure that how to take screenshot in jio phone?

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How to Capture screenshot in New jio phone F320B Model?

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As I have told above that this model of jio phone allows you to take screenshots of everywhere on a screen as an android smartphone. So, if you have to know about its procedure for taking screenshots then let`s know.

Before proceeding to the further steps, you have to note that you should have only a jio phone of the F320B model otherwise the procedure will not work o the other model of jio phone.

As you know that we need to press the power button and volume up for taking screenshots on smartphones. So, in the same way, you have to press button from the keypad of your jio phone for capturing screenshots.

Follow the below procedure for taking screenshot in new jio phone F320B model:-

  • Open the screen of your jio phone where you want to capture screenshots such as in any application, document, etc.
  • As you open the area you want to capture a screenshot, then press * and # Key from your jio phone once for a few seconds.

How to capture screenshot in jio phone

  • Within a few seconds, you will be notified that the Screenshot is saved to the gallery.
  • Open the gallery of your jio phone and there all the screenshot pictures will be stored. So, you can see your jio phone screenshot images from gallery.

By following the above procedure, you would have known well that how to take screenshot in jio phone of the new model F320B with the help of a button.

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How to Take Jio phone Screenshot of all model of any website by 3 ways?

If you have a jio phone other than the F320B latest model of jio phone then you can take the screenshot of only a website under the browser application on jio phone.

If you want to take a snapshot of other ay applications or settings or documents then you cannot take screenshots on jio phone.

By the way, there is possible to take screenshot in jio phone through the OmniSD by installing an external app on jio phone but that is unofficially and the procedure is too long.

So, I would like to tell you that there are many websites that provide a screenshot of any website by putting the website URL on the particular screenshot provider website.

As I told that there are various screenshot capturing website for jio phone are available. So, we have mentioned 4 websites for capturing screenshots and procedures.

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How to take screenshot in jio phone using

  • open the browser application on your jio phone and firstly, go to the website of which you want to take a screenshot.
  • Now, copy the URL of a website in which you want to capture a screenshot.
  • Then, type on your browser and visit this website.
  • Paste the link of the website which you have copied earlier on the “Type webpage URL” Box.
  • Select phone on the device type option for better size images in jio phone.
  • Scroll down below and click on the “Capture Screenshot” option.

How to take snapshot on all model in jio phone

  • As you click that then the screenshot will be ready. So, click on the download screenshot option and then you can see your screenshot on the jio phone`s gallery or download file.

In this way, you can easily capture screenshots of ay website on your all model of jio phone with the help of the website. Now, let’s know the below through the help of other websites.

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How to capture screenshot of jio phone using is a website that allows capturing a screenshot of any website by putting a URL of a website. By the way, you can use it on any device but the main purpose of telling here about it is for jio phone.

  • Open Website on the browser of your jio phone.
  • Enter the website URL or paste it into the box.
  • Click to the Shot button for taking screenshots on jio phone of the website.

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  • Scroll below and then you will be able to see the screenshot of a particular URL. So, click on the download symbol for saving screenshots on your jio phone.

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How to Take snapshot of website on Jio Phone using Web-capture.Net? is a very simple website that provides a snapshot of a website or URL and allows you to download that screenshot on your jio phone or any other phone.

  • Visit the website on your jio phone through the browser app.
  • Paste the website link on the box under the “Enter URL to Capture”
  • Finally, click on the “Capture web page” Option.

How to take screen shot images in jio phone

  • Now, you can see the snapshot of a particular. So, click on the download option to save the screenshot on the gallery of your jio phone.

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Faq on How to take screenshot in jio phone

Can I take screenshots from button on jio phone?

As i have told above the screenshot can be taken through the Keypad button on jio phone but only on the latest model of Jio phone which has launched in 2021.

The model of the jio phone which supports the Screenshot function is F320B model. The main reason you can`t take a screenshot on jio phone of old model because the operating system in which kaios are uploaded on your jio phone that software is not allowed for a screenshot.

In the old jio phone, screenshots can be also taken but there will be the need to customize the kaios operating system of jio phone for installing external applications for capturing screenshots.

Can we do screen recording on Jio phone on any model?

No, screen recording cannot be done on any model of jio phone anyhow because Kaios of the latest version also does not support this function.

This feature may be launched in the future but currently, it is impossible to do it on your jio phone.

How to take screenshot in Jio Phone using google assistant?

If you search on youtube for getting the procedure of screenshot on your jio phone then told the procedure through the google assistant. Even some of the blogs also mentioned taking screenshots on jio phone through google assistant.

But really, you cannot capture screenshots on your jio phone through google assistant. The screenshot is taken through google assistant but only in the smartphone.

They told the procedure that you have to keep pressing the mic button of jio phone and then say “OK Google”. Finally, you have to say take a screenshot of the google assistant according to their procedure.

But it does not work and you can try this if you want to try it on your jio phone.

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Conclusion on capturing screenshot in jio phone

I hope that you would have known well that how to take screenshot in jio phone which is mentioned by me in this article. We have mentioned each and every important piece of information about capturing screenshots on jio phone.

Finally, if you have the latest model of jio phone F320B then you can take screenshots of everywhere as a smartphone. But if you have other models of jio phone then also we have mentioned solution by taking a screenshot from the website.

As well as these, we have also mentioned Frequently asked questions related to snapshot in jio phone. So, that all the doubt can be cleared from you about screenshot jio phone. If you have any problem related to this topic then you can comment below.

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