Vodafone store near me | Check VI store near me

Are you finding a Vodafone store near me or VI Store near me? If yes then you are at the right place to know that how to check the nearest Vodafone idea store near me?

As you know that vodafone and idea telecom operator has been merged and known as VI. So, all the works or processes related to the Vodafone and IDEA are done in one portal and one center.

vodafone store near me

So, if you go to the vodafone or idea store then both vodafone and idea sim card`s process or issue are solved at only one store. Many of them searching that Vodafone idea store near me.

Therefore, we will know in this article that how to find the nearest vodafone store at your current location or VI Store? We have mentioned below step by step procedure for getting the address of the VI store nearby.

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How to find Vodafone store near me using 4 ways?

There are many different methods for finding the Vodafone store near me or Idea store near me at your location. So, we have mentioned a total 6 ways for getting the address detail and contact number of Vodafone mini store near me.

They are through the Vi official website, using the USSD Code, using the google map and VI application. So, you can follow any method from the given below for knowing the VI Store near me.

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How to Know Vodafone store near me phone number & location using website?

Just you have to visit to the website and enter your address detail or PIN Code then you can get the contact number of the nearby Vodafone idea service center and its location.

Follow the below points for getting contact & address details of nearby vodafone mini store:-

  • Visit the VI official website https://www.myvi.in/ from any browser on your smartphone or computer system.
  • Click on the three menu bars on the top right side.
  • Tap to the help option.
  • Then, click on the Store Locator option. (After clicking to the store locator, it will ask the permission to access the location of your mobile or laptop. So, allow it.)
  • Type your area pin code or city name
  • As you type the city name or PIN Code then you get the address detail and contact number.
  • If you want to get the location then you can click to the get direction option.

In this way, you can find the contact and location detail of the nearby Vodafone idea mini store online through the vi official website. Bow, let`s know for getting address detail through USSD Code.

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How to get address of  VI Store near me using USSD Code?

In this method, just you need to open the dialer pad of your mobile and then you have to dial a code then you need to enter the PIN Code of your area then finally, you get the notification of VI Store’s nearby to address.

You can get the address detail location through any type of mobile whether it is keypad or smartphone. This is only one of the way in which you can check without internet and keypad mobile also.

Follow the below procedure to get address detail of Vodafone mini store near me using USSD Code and message:-

  • open the dialer pad of your mobile.
  • Dial *199*6*2# from your VI Number.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the 6 Digit pin code of your area. So, enter the 6 Digit PIN Code of your area and tap to the send button.
  • Then, there will appear that you will shortly receive an SMS about the address of the store at mentioned code.
  • Finally, you will get a message in which a nearby Vodafone store address will be mentioned.

In this way, you can know the nearest VI Store office through the mobile using the USSD Code and message without the help of the internet. Now, let`s know through google map.

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How to find vodafone mini store near me using google map?

In this method, you have to open the google map app on your smartphone or google map website on your laptop then you have to search vodafone store then finally, you will get the location of your nearby vodafone mini store.

As you search on the google map that vodafone store then it fetches your nearby location and appear firstly of your short distance. So, you have to also make sure to Turn on the location of your smartphone or system.

Follow the below procedure for getting location of vodafone store near me:-

  • Open the google map app on your smartphone which is pre-installed or also you can open in the browser google map.
  • Search Vodafone store on the search bar of google map.
  • Now, the address will appear of your nearby vodafone mini store. Tap to the direction of the first address location.
  • Now, you can reach that location which is Vodafone office nearby.

In this way, you can find the VI Store near me using google map location.

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How to check nearest vodafone store using VI app?

As the process I have mentioned above for getting VI Store near me contact and address detail through the website, You can get the same data through the VI application also.

So, let`s know that how to get the contact and location detail of the nearby Vodafone Idea VI Store.

Follow the below points to get the VI Store near me using VI App:-

  • Install the My VI application from the playstore on your android phone.
  • Log in with your VI Number.
  • Tap to the Help & Support support option which will appear in Homescreen.
  • Click to the store locator.
  • Enter the pin code detail or city name.
  • As you will enter that, then the address of the Vodafone mini store will appear with the Contact Number.

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FAQ on VI store near me

How do I find a Vodafone store?

You can find the Vodafone store in your nearby area using the various method which is mentioned in this article. You can find the Vodafone store of your nearby location using the USSD Code, using VI official website, using Google map and using the MY VI app on a smartphone.

All the steps are mentioned step by step of each method by following which you will be able to visit the nearby vodafone idea office store.

What to do if i don`t find the VI Store near me?

If you are not able to find the VI Store nearby location then you can contact VI Customer care. The customer care of Vodafone idea contact number is through the circle like different contact number according to the circle means state.

For all-over India, the contact number is +91-79 6671 4000. But you should contact the circle of your customer care according to your state, so the contact number is mentioned in all circles on this page. https://www.myvi.in/help-support/vi-customer-care-number

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Conclusion on Vodafone store near me

I hope that you would have understood well how to find the contact and address detail of Vodafone mini Store near me using the various methods.

All the possible methods for finding the VI Store near me are mentioned by us in this article with the help of step by step procedure and a screenshot.

If you have any problem related to the Vodafone Idea store near me then you can comment below, we will try to solve your query related to the finding vi stores near me.

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